My Samsung Watch 3!

Samsung Watch 3
Image: © Future. This is pretty much exactly what my watch looks like, minus the heart rate and battery icons. 🙂

For my 21st birthday this past October, my family got me a Samsung Watch 3 and now that it has been a little while, I wanted to go ahead and give my review! Honestly, I’ve been pretty impressed with all of the things that my watch can do and I’m so thankful that my parents and sister are the wonderful, generous, amazing people they are because I’m in love with my watch.

I have the 41 mm Samsung Watch 3 in mystic bronze (OoOoOoo). It also comes in a silver color in the size I have and then if you want a larger watch face, there is also a 45 mm size that comes in black and silver. It supposably has at least a 2 day battery and water locking features. It tracks my heart rate, stress levels, oxygen levels, steps, sleep, exercise, and various other health related things. While I have really loved having my fun new accessory for the most part, I’ll share both the ups and downs of the Samsung Watch 3, just so if you’re interested in getting it, you’re getting more of the full picture!

I’ve really enjoyed being able to track workouts on my watch. I can see how many calories I’ve burned and what my heart rate has been throughout my workouts. Whenever I set my watch to track a workout, it has a couple of faces I can flip between. One shows the duration of the workout and total calories burnt and another shows where my heart rate is and then it classifies a few different heart rate zones including: low intensity, weight control, aerobic, anaerobic, and maximum. I think it’s helpful to see what exercises and workouts really get my heart rate up there so I find it useful to look at all of that.

There are a couple of cool settings on the watch, one of my favorites being “good night mode”. When I’m ready to go to sleep for the night, I just hit the little moon icon on my watch and it shuts the face off for the night and prevents me from activating anything that would regularly turn on my watch face. It’s super nice because I don’t wake up during the night from the bright light of my watch face or from notifications. Thank you for that!

It’s pretty customizable! I’ve never been a big watch person in the past because I feel like I just get a little bored with the same thing being on my wrist all the time. I say this and yet I wear the same two necklaces every day, haha. Oh well! Anyway, I really like that I have the ability to customize my watch face and widgets to use my watch to its fullest potential and get it to fit the looks I want. I consider myself a pretty organized person and I love having the ability to organize so many different things on my watch, and like I said, truly set the watch so that it fits my lifestyle to the best of its ability. In addition to being able to customize everything I’ve mentioned so far, I think it’s super cool to be able to customize notifications on the Samsung Watch 3. I can choose when and how I receive notifications and what specific apps I do and don’t receive notifications from. I’ve found it very helpful to have text notifications on while I’m away at school and not near my phone, so that if I get something from family, I can see it and respond right away if needed.

Battery life hasn’t been as amazing as was promised but I’ve honestly still had very few issues with the battery life of my watch. I think the watch’s battery life is advertised being around two-ish day but don’t quote me on that! I often find that if I try and go without charging it for around two days, I usually HAVE to charge it partway through that second day. That’s really not too bad at all and like I said, this isn’t the greatest issue for me but I was still a little bummed to see that it doesn’t fully live up to what I had heard about the battery life of the Samsung Watch 3. I’ve found workarounds by seeing what can optimize the battery and I charge it when I go to shower or really don’t need it on and I’ve found that everything works just fine that way!

I’m not sure if I just have really small wrists and there isn’t always an accurate reading but sometimes I feel like my heart rate isn’t accurately read when I do workout. As mentioned earlier in this post, I love love love being able to track my heart rate and burned calories but it doesn’t exactly help when my watch says that my heart rate is around 150 when I know it definitely isn’t and then it incorrectly determines calories burned from there. If anyone knows a way to ensure that your Samsung Watch 3 more accurately records heart rate more frequently, please let me know! This isn’t a huge issue that I have, again, but it does bug me knowing that my calories burned may be an overestimate. At least I’m aware of that!

In general, I really like the size and look of my watch but sometimes the bezel makes it feel a bit bulky. Again, this really doesn’t bother me too too much but when my watch gets caught on my jackets it kinda does. We got my sister the Samsung Watch Active 2 for Christmas and that doesn’t have the bezel that my watch does and sometimes I wish that I had done more research and asked about that but I’m overall so so happy with my watch and I don’t think I could switch it, even if I really wanted to.

If you’re a Samsung user and you’re looking to dive into the world of smartwatches I HIGHLY recommend the Samsung Watch 3! It has the look of a real watch, it looks classy, and it really isn’t too bulky. Yes, I did say that my watch sometimes gets caught on my jackets but that issue comes up so rarely. If I’m being honest here, putting together the dislikes part of this post was really hard and I feel like I had to be quite nit-picky when determining what it was that I’m not totally happy about regarding my watch.

Overall, I’m so happy I have this fun little gadget to help me keep track of me and I really hope that it continues to be a properly functioning and helpful little watch. It’s a stunning little accessory that works for when I go to workout AND when I need to dress myself up a little. I love it so so so much. 🙂

I hope you all have a great week and I’ll see you next Sunday. Stay safe and stay healthy!!

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