The End of My Squirrel Story

So over a month ago now, my family and I rescued a baby squirrel. If you’re looking to know more about how everything started, please check out my first post Adventures in Squirrel-Sitting! I get into a lot of detail there so if you wanna catch up first and then come back, feel free to do so! 😊 On with my squirrel story!

I had been checking on Chip week by week until I received terrible news that he had to be euthanized. Honestly I was shocked. I think I received that call after leaving a voicemail to check on him about two weeks after we had dropped him off at the wildlife rehabilitation center. I cried that night and I find it funny that I was so emotionally invested in an animal I barely knew! At this moment, I thought my journey with this little squirrel was done. But oh my goodness, I was so incredibly wrong.

This past Thursday, I received a call from the wildlife rehabilitation center. They let me know that my little Chip was ready to be released and they would love if I was able to release him and one of his friends!! Receiving this call was the most shocking news of my life. I had gone a month now thinking that Chip was no longer with us. Now for a bit more background- the rehab center decided to call our little squirrel Theodore. So to us, he was Chip, and to them, he was Theodore. Turns out there was another squirrel at the center whose name was Teddy. There was a total mix-up with the call I got that one day back in September where I was told that our little squirrel didn’t make it. Teddy didn’t make it, but our little Theodore, or Chip, did make it and has been so healthy and so good.

squirrel story

So, yesterday, my mom and I drove to pick up our sweet little baby squirrel and his friend and released them back at our house around the trees where we think Chip fell from. It was wonderful to see Chip at a new stage in life. Yes, he is still so young, but he has a much better chance at life now thanks to the wonderful care provided by Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. That is truly a very special place that does incredible things for all sorts of animals in need. I’m so excited for Chip and his little friend and I truly wish them all the best in their little squirrel adventures.

This was such a rewarding end to a rather dramatic squirrel story. Again, I’m so thankful to the people that helped properly raise and rehabilitate our little Chip and hope that he and his friend live the best lives that squirrels can possibly live. If you want to see a bit more on the release, stop by my Instagram and say hi (anahorvathh)! Make sure to brake for squirrels when you can and have a great week. 🐿❤️

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