Welcome to anahorvath.com and my blog, These Are a Few of My Favorite Things! This is a real big accomplishment of mine that I’ve spent about four years working on now, so I really appreciate you taking the time to be here!

There’s a blog that I update every Sunday if you’re interested in that. I post about a variety of things including tennis, health, sports, tips for all kids of stuff, and just life in general. Point is, there’s plenty to read so feel free to explore!

And if you’re looking for photos, I’ve got a photography page with some pictures taken by yours truly. I used a DSLR Olympus camera as well as my iPad mini. This page hasn’t been updated in a while and the pictures were taken by high school freshman and sophomore me, so they’re decent but by no means professional.

Happy reading and enjoy!

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these are a few of my favorite things