I would consider myself to be an artsy person so I love all things involving art like photography and drawing. When I first started this blog, I was super focused on learning how to use a DSLR camera through an online course and take really high-quality pictures with my iPad mini. Here’s some pictures that I’ve really enjoyed over the years. Keep in mind that 14/15 year old me was really proud of some of these pictures so don’t judge my photography skills too hard.

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Project 1

This project features shots of lightning. The same day that I was just beginning to learn to use the DSLR camera, there was a great lightning storm going on outside. I decided to experiment with the camera and see what I could get of the lightning.

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Project 2

This project features pictures of the city of Broomfield’s annual fireworks show. It was my first time trying to photograph fireworks. I ran into a lot of challenges and also learned from shooting the show.

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Favorite Photos Firework Show

Project 3

This project features pictures of food. Who doesn’t love food? The challenge with shooting pictures of food is the focus on the details and getting super close-up to the food.

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Project 4

This project features flowers. We’re rolling right through spring and summer and the flowers are beautiful and great to take pictures of!

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Project 5

This project features scenery, from trees, to clouds, to the mountains. Most of these pictures were taking through the lens of my iPad mini.

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