Why I Keep a Gratitude Journal

Hello hello! Happy weekend. I hope this week was a good one. I’m feeling like talking about things that reminds me of the positives in my life. There are so many and I truly have so much to be thankful for. As I’ve taken time over the past year to focus on my health, specifically with all the gut stuff going on, I’ve found that a gratitude journal has been a great way to help me reflect on my days/weeks and find little things to be thankful for.

I wish I could be the type of person that can regularly keep a journal of some sort, but I’m not. Sometimes I wish I was that girl though! I can keep a journal going fairly regularly for like a week or two and then who knows when it’ll see me again.

The thing I like about I how keep a gratitude journal is that when I’m feeling like it, I write down 3 things I’m thankful or grateful for in a day. If I just want to write a word or phrase down, that works. And if I also want to write a whole paragraph or more, I do that!

Especially when days are harder at school, I find that it can be good for me to look for little things during the day that made me smile or feel good and I write those. On tough days, sometimes it’s hard to think of things though. In cases like that, I keep a gratitude journal because it’s something I can look back on that always makes me smile. It always reminds of the good things in my life even when life doesn’t feel so great in the moment.

Like recently I was just looking through my journal, and on one day in November I said I was grateful for sugar cookie almond milk lattes and on a day in January I said I was thankful for olives. HAHAHA. Oh what was I going through?! Of course I’ve included some things that are more meaningful to me, but I think it’s fun to look back and see what I’ve been grateful to have. It really can be the little things, like olives. No joke though, if you like olives, I really like these olive snack packs by this brand called Oloves, and they have a couple of different flavors. I take them to school almost every day as a part of my lunch. Not sponsored by Oloves, but I wish!

Anyway, I think it can be really good for my mental well-being to keep a gratitude journal so I will continue to work on it. In the past I have kept a physical notebook as my gratitude journal but since school, I’ve been using my iPad so much that I just keep it on there. So that’s a little bit on why I keep my gratitude journal.

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