A Review of the Galaxy S7

Both Samsung and Apple came out with their 7th version of smartphones this year. Personally, I am more of an Apple person but my parents have a plan with Samsung smartphones and finally decided to upgrade their own phones and allow Allyson and I to join their plan. This is the first smartphone I’ve ever had and I’d like to say that I’m pretty impressed with it. Here’s my impression on the Samsung Galaxy S7 phone.

I really liked the color choices on for the phone, even if black and gold were the only choices. They’re simple and classy. The screen is big enough to see pictures or watch videos and also view and send texts without having to squint or struggle to view them.

One thing I really like about the Galaxy S7 is how fast it runs and how high-quality the camera is. It takes really nice pictures and also offers many cool options for panorama pictures and even food pictures! The “selfie” camera is not my favorite, however because it makes your subject appear somewhat distorting, giving a person a bigger forehead or bringing out certain features in a weird manner.

Unlike Apple’s iPhone 7, the Galaxy S7 still has a headphone jack, allowing people to still listen to music through headphones you have to plug into the phone. Honestly, I think airbuds look kind of funny, so I prefer to use earbuds or headphones that you have to plug in.

The battery lasts for a long time, not that I can tell you exactly how long, but it lasts me throughout the day and even two as long as it was fully-charged.

The Galaxy S7 is easy to navigate as the apps are easy to locate and settings and other information are easy to access. Another really great thing about the S7 is the security options. I know that Apple also uses fingerprint ID to lock smartphones, but the technology with that is really cool. On top of setting a fingerprint ID on the S7, you can set up a passcode to maximize protection on your phone.

In addition to these many features of the Galaxy S7, it is water-resistant, meaning it will not be damaged if you drop in water or spill a liquid on it. I would not recommend submerging your phone in water for a long time, just because that doesn’t sound like a good idea, even if the phone is water resistant. What you could do is purchase a life-proof case and then use your S7 underwater if you like. The idea of phones and water just don’t mix with me, but it’s so cool that the technology today allows people to do things like that!

If you’re looking for a new smartphone that has a good battery life, good storage, high quality camera, and many other good features, I would recommend the Galaxy S7. It’s a neat phone with a lot of great features to help make your life more simple!

Galaxy S7