The New Addition to My Family: Bobo


I just realized it has been about five months, and I haven’t posted about the new member of the Horvath family! Well, I guess better late than never… Anyway, in September, my family and I brought a 3-month-old green-cheeked conure home. His name is Bobo and he is one of the sweetest little things ever.

A green cheeked conure is a type of parrot, but it’s a smaller type of parrot. They only get to be about 10 inches long, tail feathers included. Bobo is a beautiful green color with a little gray head, a splash of yellow and orange on his tummy, and blue and yellow wings. He also has pink feet as opposed to the regular gray feet of green cheeks.

Bobo is about nine months old now and he’s lost most of his baby fuzz. He’s also learning to talk which is pretty great. He can say “pretty bird” in Russian, “I love you”, “baby”, and a variety of other things. We recently taught him how to play peekaboo and he absolutely looooooves playing that game. He also really likes to say “peeka peeka peeka” to get someone in the house to play with him.

In addition to chatting up a storm, Bobo is an avid climber and enjoys beating up his disco ball, chewing on things, sleeping in his fuzzy little blue nest, chilling on my shoulder, sitting in my hair, and also interacting with my mom’s laptop and various other electronics. He also really likes to listen to music from Frozen, Tangled, and Sleeping Beauty. Chasing my fingers around while I play piano is also one of Bobo’s favorite ways to pass time.

Green-cheeked conures can live up to 30 years so Bobo’s in the family for many years to come. Be prepared for many more stories of this sweet baby bird and possibly a couple of pictures! Have a good week! 🙂