A Couple Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

So Valentine’s Day is here once again! If you’ve been on the hunt for a good Valentine’s Day gift or a sweet, fun, or romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day, look no further. Here are a couple of ways to spend Valentine’s Day.

  • Chocolate- Chocolate is always a favorite, and personally it is my favorite. There’s a variety of sweet types to get and chocolate is always a sweet way to show your love and appreciation for the sweet ones in your life.
  • Jewelry- For the special girl in your life, you could get her a nice piece of jewelry. Whether it’s earrings, a delicate bracelet, or a lovely necklace, jewelry is always a safe and fun option. Personally, Alex and Ani bracelets make a great gift and there are so many options to truly fit your special someone’s personality and likes.
  • Some lotion, perfume, and a candle- This gift idea can get a little repetitive but it tends to be a great idea. Something with a vanilla, flowery, or citrus scent is always a great idea for something fresh and clean smelling. Honestly though, get creative with these types of gifts. There are plenty of wonderful and yummy options for smells out there!
  • A handmade Valentine- While a nice card can really mean a lot, I feel that cards have lost their value. A lot of people read it and then either throw it away or put it with their pile of cards from other holidays to collect dust and clutter. Something I’ve found to be really fun is making hearts for people I love. I put their name on it and then deck it out with glitter, stickers, and cute little messages. This way, the “card”, so to speak, feels more personal and it’s something that a person may feel more inclined to hold onto.
  • Dinner- And back at it with another classic. Taking time to spend an evening out with a loved one at a favorite restaurant is always a lovely gesture. You get to enjoy each other’s company and hopefully some good food.

While I may have only listed five options for Valentine’s Day, you could really do a lot with this holiday. And remember, even though a gift can be really nice, it’s more important to show your loved ones you care through your actions and how you treat them. I wish you all the happiest of Valentine’s Days and happy chocolate eating!

The New Addition to My Family: Bobo


I just realized it has been about five months, and I haven’t posted about the new member of the Horvath family! Well, I guess better late than never… Anyway, in September, my family and I brought a 3-month-old green-cheeked conure home. His name is Bobo and he is one of the sweetest little things ever.

A green cheeked conure is a type of parrot, but it’s a smaller type of parrot. They only get to be about 10 inches long, tail feathers included. Bobo is a beautiful green color with a little gray head, a splash of yellow and orange on his tummy, and blue and yellow wings. He also has pink feet as opposed to the regular gray feet of green cheeks.

Bobo is about nine months old now and he’s lost most of his baby fuzz. He’s also learning to talk which is pretty great. He can say “pretty bird” in Russian, “I love you”, “baby”, and a variety of other things. We recently taught him how to play peekaboo and he absolutely looooooves playing that game. He also really likes to say “peeka peeka peeka” to get someone in the house to play with him.

In addition to chatting up a storm, Bobo is an avid climber and enjoys beating up his disco ball, chewing on things, sleeping in his fuzzy little blue nest, chilling on my shoulder, sitting in my hair, and also interacting with my mom’s laptop and various other electronics. He also really likes to listen to music from Frozen, Tangled, and Sleeping Beauty. Chasing my fingers around while I play piano is also one of Bobo’s favorite ways to pass time.

Green-cheeked conures can live up to 30 years so Bobo’s in the family for many years to come. Be prepared for many more stories of this sweet baby bird and possibly a couple of pictures! Have a good week! 🙂


My Hair Care Routine

Living in Colorado, I deal with a lot of crazy weather, and that also takes a toll on my hair. It’s been difficult finding a solid routine and solid products that work well with my hair, but I’ve finally got it! Here’s my hair care routine.

Recently, I just finished a custom shampoo by Function of Beauty, which is an online brand of shampoos and conditioners. When you go to their website, you take a quiz, and based on your hair type, Function of Beauty creates a personalized shampoo and conditioner that will best suit your hair. My hair tends to be frizzy and is somewhat wavy. For my custom shampoo, those were two things that I focused on as well as adding shine, volume, and helping it grow. I purchased a 16 oz bottle of my shampoo and a 12 oz bottle of the conditioner. Honestly, at the time, that was the best shampoo I’ve ever used. My hair responded extremely well to the products, and I loved the smell (a variety of Essential Oils).  Before I finished these products, I didn’t do much else with my hair except use my custom products when I washed it. That’s changed and I’ll explain that in a little. If you’re interested in checking out Function of Beauty, click here!

Typically, I don’t do much to style my hair. I often leave it down in its weird wavy/straight manner. To tame frizz and give my hair extra shine, I use a Moroccan Oil product, after I shower and towel dry my hair. It helps a lot with frizz. It also makes a decent detangler. Another product I sometimes apply after showering is a volumizing mousse from my hair stylist’s salon. There isn’t a specific brand for the mousse I use, as it’s produced by the salon, but I’m sure that there are similar products available out there. Not only does the mousse give my hair some volume, but it hydrates the roots and keeps them nice and healthy.

After finishing up my custom shampoo, I moved over to Living Proof products. While this line of hair care products is on the more pricey side, it is definitely worth it. I use their Perfect Hair Day shampoo and conditioner as well as their overnight protector sealant. All of their products smell really good and leave my hair feeling clean, strong, not frizzy (YAY), and silky. I’ve noticed extra shine in my hair too with the Living Proof products, plus when you order off of their website, you get free shipping! As mentioned earlier, Living Proof products are much more expensive than other hair care products, but it’s worth it for the healthy, happy hair you get from using it! If you’re interested in checking Living Proof out, here’s their website.

So these are the products that I use in my hair to keep them nice and happy and healthy. Some days are better than others as far as “good and bad” hair days go, but whatever happens with it happens!

Have a great week everyone!

Hair care routine

Here Comes 2018: Happy New Year!


This blog will officially go up 3 hours before midnight and 2018, woohoo! That also shows you just how much I have going on for New Years’ Eve… Anyway, I just wanted to wish you all a very happy new year. Let this be the best year yet! 🙂

For 2018, there’s a couple of resolutions I plan to actually stick to this year. New Year’s resolutions tend to fail, but I’ve set up a plan for how to keep myself accountable and be successful.

For one, I want to work on my hair. I’m planning on growing it fairly long over the course of the year and in order for that to happen, it’s also going to have to be healthy. Through a variety of hair care products, including Living Proof PhD shampoo and conditioner, Keranique products, as well as hair vitamins, and supplements, I think I can be successful. Drinking plenty of water and applying less heat to my hair will also help keep it healthy and strong.

Another resolution of mine is to completely banish soda from my life. This one is definitely going to be tough, but I know it’ll be for the best. Soda just is not good for you, regardless of whether or not it’s diet, or sugar-free, or “zero” as some brands call it. This resolution will rely on self-control mostly, and it’s not like I can have a set plan for it, but I plan to follow through on this.

One other resolution I have this year is to get in shape and see my body in a positive way. Ever since my foot and ankle injuries, I’ve struggled to get my body back into the form it was, and that’s really damaged my self-esteem and confidence. I’ve really struggled to like the way I look, but it’s getting better. I’m so thankful I’ve been healthy for the past two-ish years now, and I’ve had the opportunity to be active again, but I’m just not quite where I want to be. I already have a gym membership at a new, nearby gym, and my family is members of our local country club, and with hard work, I hope I can improve myself physically and mentally.

So these are some of my resolutions. I’m excited to see my transformation over this year and I hope that you all have the chance to follow through on your resolutions. See you all in 2018 and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas

This won’t be a long post at all, but I would just like to wish a very Merry Christmas to all. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy time with family and friends. This is a time that comes only once a year and I hope that you make the most of it! 🙂 If you’re off of school for the next two weeks or off of work for the next couple of days, enjoy the break. It’s probably well deserved!

Thank you all for your support and time reading my blog over the years. I really appreciate it and it means a lot that you would take the time to visit this site. It’s getting close to four years on anahorvath.com and I honestly can’t believe it! I love you all and once again, Merry Christmas! <3

merry christmas

What the Holidays Mean to Me

The holidays are upon us, and I feel like every year, Christmas especially, becomes more and more commercialized. Businesses and companies press on people to buy this and buy that. There are pre-Christmas sales and after-Christmas sales, and I understand that these places have to make money, but society has absorbed the idea that gift-buying and money spending are the best ways to have a good holiday season. This, I think is wrong.

To me, the holidays, especially Christmas, are about being with family. Since I was born, my family goes to New Mexico to spend time with cousins, my aunt and uncle, and my grandparents. We’ve always been to my great-aunt’s Christmas morning breakfast, and we always spend the morning with family that we don’t see all year. That’s really special and really important to me.

The holidays are also about making new memories with the people I spend time with. Every winter break, I know a lot of kids take that time to sleep and catch up on their games and spend time away from everything. While that isn’t always a bad thing, I believe that it’s important to make the most out of the time we have with others when we have it. My sister and I spent time together training our bird, going to the mall, and messing around at our grandpa’s house. I enjoyed long conversations with my aunt and uncle and grandpa while in New Mexico. Some people in our lives won’t always be in our lives, and it’s crucial to take time to be with them and make the most of that while you can.

The holidays are also a time for being outside in the cold, winter air, taking time to be in the snow and if there’s no snow (@Colorado SO FAR THIS WINTER), just the cold. Personally, I love snow and the cold and in case you didn’t know, winter is my favorite season. Going for walks with the fresh, crisp winter air is one of the most refreshing and wonderful things. Watching snow fall and seeing snowflakes melt on the warm sidewalk or on the car window is beautiful to me. Being out throwing snowballs at my sister or chasing Marty and Boo through the snow is so much fun.

I know that we all have our different religions and traditions and ways of spending the holidays, and this is what it means to me. To those of you going through finals week, I wish you the best of luck. To those of you on break already, you’re so lucky. I wish you all a very Happy Holidays and best wishes in 2018!


Gonna Be a Rammie: My College Decision

This might not be the most exciting post to some of you, so if it’s not, sorry! But to me, this is quite important and I felt like I could share this news with you all. 🙂 As most of you know, I’m a senior in high school and college is coming up pretty fast now. With first semester almost over, college is more of a reality than ever before.

With that in mind, I have officially committed to Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. Go Rams! I am honored to have the opportunity to CSU and was accepted into their honors program, so that’s the plan!

As of right now, I plan to major in biological sciences with a focus on anatomy and physiology so that one day, I can go into orthodontics and help people feel more confident with themselves and their smiles.

I think I knew that CSU was the right university for me when I took time to tour the campus. I went during a time that all the students were there, and I immediately knew that’s where I was meant to be. It’s a hard feeling to describe, but being there just felt right. I could picture myself living in Fort Collins and enjoying college there! I’m glad I made the decision I did. I’ll still be able to play tennis, even if it isn’t at a highly-competitive and intense level, but I know that it’ll be fine.

I really look forward to what the future has to hold and hope that I can continue to write to you all and share my life adventures as I take on college. Thanks again to all of my readers. I really appreciate that you take time to visit my website and read what I have to say! It means the world to me and I hope that you are able to come away from here with something to think about and at least a smile and a little happiness. 🙂 And once again, go Rams!

Gonna Be a Rammie: My College Decision

Some Simple Christmas Gift Ideas

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and sometimes, it feels like gifts are hard to find! Here are a couple of simple, cheap, and always thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for the people in your lives:

  1. Self-care items. Ranging from a spa set to lotions, body washes, and soaps, there are so many options here. For those who are into bath bombs, that’s even an option. These gifts are great because you give someone the gift to pamper themselves and relax.
  2. Fuzzy socks. Some of you might be saying, “Socks? Really?” Actually, a cozy pair or two of nice fuzzy socks is a wonderful gift! They’re useful, comfortable, and perfect for a cold day to wear around the house or with a cute pair of boots.
  3. A box of sunshine. I recently found out about this and it’s a super cute idea! For this gift, all it takes is a variety of yellow items, ranging from candy to socks to candles and so on! Then you write “Box of Sunshine” on the box lid and whoever you’re giving the gift to has a wonderful and adorable little care package! This is sure to make them smile.
  4. A bullet journal starter kit. As far as I know, there isn’t an actual kit that can be bought but you can make one yourself! All you need for this gift is a journal, which doesn’t have to be freakishly expensive, some pens, and some stickers and washi tape! Journaling, and bullet journaling specifically, has exploded this year, and this would be a great gift for a friend that’s interested in it.
  5. Good smelling things. From candles to perfumes, this is always a great gift for someone. The options for scents are endless!
  6. Makeup or nail polish. For the makeup lovers and nail polish lovers in your life, this is always a good option. There are SO many options as far as colors and finishes go and you can rest assured that your gift will go to good use.

So there’s a couple of gift ideas. Keep in mind that it’s always the thought that counts. While expensive gifts can sometimes show a person how much you care about them, it’s the time you spend with them that matters above anything else. Have a wonderful week!


Senioritis is Kicking in Hard and It’s Not Even Winter Break Yet

So finally Thanksgiving Break is upon us and I couldn’t be happier. School has been wonderful so far, I just always feel the desire to not do anything. Lately, I’ve really just been wanting to sleep and if I have homework that’s due but not due the next day, I typically don’t do it. I’m still working super hard in classes and my grades are the best they’ve ever been, it’s just that I’m pretty sure senioritis is upon me.

I’ve already applied to the four colleges I’m looking at and I’ve been accepted into three of the four (still waiting to hear back from the last one). So at this point, it’s just the scholarship applications, yay?! Those are honestly, so much more work than I expected, but that’s okay. I’ve already written so many college essays and additional essays and stories about my life and extracurricular activities, that this feels like nothing. But I just wanna be done! Done with all of the writing and the stress that comes with it. That’s senioritis for ya.

All I can think about is going off to college next year and what it will be like living without my family. I plan on only going to college about an hour’s drive away from my home, but the thought of living without Marty and Boo, my dogs, and my parents, and Allyson, my best friend and my sister is odd. Life will be so different. I think about what it will be like to live in a tiny room with another person that I’ve most likely never met and spend a whole year with them. I’m sure we’ll get to be great friends and it’ll be awesome. I think about what classes I might take and how that will get me into dental school so that I can eventually become an orthodontist.

I’ve truly stopped caring about what other people think of me and spend most of my school days in leggings with a comfy t-shirt from a tennis tournament on. Freshman year, I told myself, “Ana, you’re not going to be like those seniors that stopped trying to dress nice and cute senior year. You aren’t going to be the senior wearing leggings and a t-shirt almost every day.” I laugh thinking about that, because that’s exactly what I became. I still have my days where I wear a cute dress, display my array of Alex and Ani bracelets, or wear some cute jeans with a nice top and some boots. I also have an increasing amount of days where I just don’t care what I look like. Frizzy hair? It’s fine. Same pair of leggings in one week? Honestly, no one will notice. Wear that shirt too much? Not an issue any more. That’s senioritis.

I know I’m gonna miss the people I’ve made friends with and I’m going to miss the amazing school I’ve called home the past four years, but it will be great to spread my wings and see what the world has to offer. I think I’m ready for it.


teenage girls, this one’s for you

dear teenage girls of today,
the clothes we wear do not define us as a person.
our weights and sizes should not cause us to hate ourselves.

our hair colors,
our eye colors,
our body types,
our money, do not determine whether we are perfect or worthy of society’s acceptance.
society says to “be ourselves” but then shuns us for being ourselves the wrong way.

there is no wrong way to be the beautiful girl you are.
there are no amount of likes or followers on social media that should dictate your self-confidence.
there is nothing that shouldn’t make you feel worthy, welcome, or beautiful in today’s society.

teenage girls of today, there is no reason to scramble for people to like you. there is no reason for you to compare yourselves to others. there is no reason to hide behind a fake person, a mask.
be who you want to be, don’t search for approval. you are an individual, you are beautiful, and you are amazing. 🙂

dear teenage girls of today...