A Pretty Piece for Your Sunday Afternoon…


I was recently helping my sister write a descriptive piece for her AP Lang class and fell upon this. I wrote this describing a friend of mine and it was a really awesome thing to make someone feel good about themselves. I hope you all aspire to go out and make others feel pretty and confident about themselves! 🙂 Enjoy.

Rolling gracefully over her shoulders, her golden, almond brown hair frames her sun-kissed, gentle face and soft, rosy cheeks. Between her straight, cute, button nose, outlined by long and playful lashes, sit two perfect gemstones. Ambers that glisten magnificently and display beautiful flecks of milk chocolate, hazel, and gold. Her lips appear as delicate, pink rosebuds popping out of the snow. When she smiles, those roses blossom and she paints a ray of sunshine all over her face, revealing twin rows of river pearl. Her contagious, warm laugh sounds like wind chimes dancing in the wind or bubbles flying away from a soda can once it’s been opened. She is a butterfly, flying gracefully and fearlessly through the challenges and obstacles of life. She is adventurous and curious like a young child, eager to learn everything she can about the big, crazy world she lives in. She stands strong on the highest peak in the world taking in the sights of everything that surrounds her. From that point, she appears to be at the summit, but she knows that there is more to see and more to learn and more to feel and more to do. She is a ray of sunshine, she is like art, and she is a golden treasure inside and out.