Some Wisdom for Wisdom Teeth Surgery

So this Thursday, I’m finally getting my wisdom teeth out… Yikes. My mom’s a dentist and works as a dental hygienist, so I’m accustomed to knowing about the mouth and teeth, but the idea of having surgery in my mouth scares me. Based off of what I’ve learned from my mom and some common sense, here’s some wisdom for before and after getting your wisdom teeth out. And quick side note: In no way am I saying that I am a doctor or professional on this subject, this is what I’ve learned from my surgeon-to-be, mom, and personal knowledge…

  1. Do not eat 6 hours prior to your surgery. Most people typically get their wisdom teeth extracted in the morning so dinner would be your last meal. You are also not allowed to drink water 6 hours prior to your surgery. This is just to ensure that the anesthesia and other medications they give in your IV are not messed with and your system is clean. You also have a less-likely chance of throwing up.
  2. Ice, ice, ice. There will for sure be inflammation and swelling from the surgery. Icing will bring down the swelling and help you feel a lot better quicker.
  3. Eat soft foods and drink a lot of liquid.¬†For about a week, your diet should consist of smoothies, shakes, and other easy-to-swallow foods. You want to keep the surgery sites clean and prevent any infection or damage from occurring. On the bright side, know that you can still eat ice cream, so at least there’s that to look forward to!
  4. Stay on top of your pain medication. Pain killers and prescriptions may vary from oral surgeon to oral surgeon, but just take what they recommend. The doctors know best and they want you to heal quickly and properly.
  5. Listen to your oral surgeon. The oral surgeon is the expert and they know what it will take to heal. Like the last tip, just take their medications, ice, and rest to allow your body to heal and get back to normal.
  6. Take time off from work or school or activities. Your body will need time to heal and there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be delirious and not-quite yourself for some time, so just give your body a rest. Sleeping often and doing very little will be¬†something important you need to heal your mouth!

If you haven’t had your wisdom teeth out, it’ll probably happen and if you have, you’re a lucky person. Happy recovery to you, when you need it of course, and wish me luck with my surgery on Thursday!

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