It Takes Guts

Something I’m learning as I work on my overall health is just how important a healthy gut is. To feel your very best, it takes guts! And good guts at that! While I’m no functional health doctor or nutritionist or dietician, I’m learning a lot by reading books by functional health doctors and nutrition specialists.… Continue reading It Takes Guts

Going Gluten and Dairy-Free

So, it’s May now! That’s pretty crazy. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve had some health-related issues recently and in response to everything, I decided to look to a functional health doctor for some guidance and help. From our first appointment, she determined that I need to go gluten and dairy-free for a bit.… Continue reading Going Gluten and Dairy-Free

5 Pounds Away

It feels so good to move, doesn’t it?! Well, I really think it feels good. And yesterday, I found myself 5 pounds away from my goal of bench pressing 100 pounds! I think that’s pretty cool. After whatever it was that happened earlier this month, I find myself more and more grateful to have a… Continue reading 5 Pounds Away


Well, based on the title of this week’s post I think you all have a pretty good idea of what’s going on. I’m going to dental school!! I am so excited to announce that this past Wednesday, I received an offer from the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine to start in the fall.… Continue reading I’M GOING TO DENTAL SCHOOL!!

Meeting Goals!

This past week, I finally met a goal of mine that I have had for an incredibly long time: I hit my goal weight. While this used to be something so meaningful to me, I have come to realize that there are other places where meeting goals are much more important. There are bigger and… Continue reading Meeting Goals!

The Perfect Protein Shake

I’m definitely no nutrition expert or dietician, but I feel like I have also learned a thing or two trying to work on what I eat. While I definitely am still figuring a lot of things out, I have found one thing I really like: peanut butter chocolate banana protein shakes. There was never a… Continue reading The Perfect Protein Shake

A Breakthrough!!

I don’t know what it was, but something amazing happened this past week and I think I’ve made a breakthrough! I’ll just go ahead and share what I wrote in my workout journal. 🙂 I might edit it so it makes a bit more sense formatting-wise and for this post as I upload it today.… Continue reading A Breakthrough!!