Eighteen Lessons I’ve Learned So Far…

My eighteenth birthday just happened on Friday. Yay, adulthood! With the arrival of this wonderful occasion, it seemed like a good idea to reflect on my life so far. I’ve seen a lot and been through a lot with my time here on earth already, so here are eighteen lessons I’ve learned so far…

  1. Chairs that aren’t rocking chairs shouldn’t be rocked. Rocking an unrockable chair may result in you or a loved one saying hello to the edge of the fireplace and cracking their head open.
  2. Tennis rackets should not be used to hit people in the face. Not trying to call anyone out on this one, but there was a girl at a tennis camp my sister and I went to back when I was maybe seven or eight. This girl wasn’t paying any attention and she hit my sister in the lip with her tennis racket and my poor, sweet little sister had to get stitches in her lip.
  3. Gum does not make a cute or pretty headband. It gets in your hair that way and then your grandma has to cut off a solid chunk of hair.
  4. You can get Coke to reach the top of a car if you shake the bottle hard enough. There’s a nice stain on the inside roof of my dad’s car to prove that I did that, if anyone wants to see!
  5. Grasshoppers make great pets, just know that they don’t live incredibly long. RIP Sensei Bobby.
  6. Climbing trees is quite fun. If you ever decide to try this, be careful, have a good grip on whatever you’re climbing, and watch out for weak branches. My sister and I used to (and rarely, but sometimes still) climb our grandpa’s peach trees in his backyard. SO FUN!
  7. Be careful when picking pictures off of the internet for PowerPoints. One time, I was making a PowerPoint off of Microsoft and I went to select a picture. When I clicked on the picture, it downloaded a whole bunch of viruses onto my laptop and that was the end of that laptop… Just be careful on the internet.
  8. Sisters make the best of friends. It might be evident after that last post, but my sister is actually my bestest friend ever. Whether you have a brother, or a step-sibling, it’s really important to establish a great relationship with them, so please do. It makes life so much more wonderful and enjoyable.
  9. Try so many things. This might sound kinda vague, but it really isn’t. My parents have done a wonderful job teaching me to be open to trying a wide variety of activities and hobbies. This has helped me become the well-rounded (at least I hope I am) person I am.
  10. Know that change is okay. When my parents surprised me with the fact that I was switching schools for high school. I thought my life would be over. I thought a new school would be awful and I wouldn’t make any friends and that I would always be miserable. Wow, was I wrong. Going to the school I’m about to graduate from changed my life for the better. I’m out of the drama that built up at my old school and I’ve learned so much more about myself and life in general. Whenever you get the chance to try something new or if something like a new school is thrust upon you, know that you will be okay. Everything that happens, happens for a reason.
  11. Patience is key. For those of you who have been around my blog for a while, you know I went through the wringer for about two years with my foot and ankle. For stuff like that, you have to know that healing and recovery takes time. And not relating to injuries, things like learning new material in school or trying a new sport or hobby will also take time. You can’t master something right off the bat and the beautiful but messy process of trying and becoming better is what truly helps you in the end.
  12. Help your community. I have been extremely involved at my high school and through various non-profits in my area. It feels amazing to know that doing something is helping others live a better and safer life. I find satisfaction in volunteering especially in knowing that my hard work will make someone else’s job or life easier. Being selfless is one of the best feelings.
  13. Dogs are great creatures to talk to. Honestly, Marty and Boo have been the best little dogs I think I’ll ever know. They are both so loyal and so understanding. Even if they can’t understand a lot of the things I say, dogs can definitely pick up on emotions and they are amazing creatures for the support and happiness they bring to us. Talking to my dogs has given me a lot of comfort and if there’s ever a secret I need to spill, I share with them because how could a dog ever share it? And even if Marty is pretty sure, considering he is a dachshund, he gives the best hugs. Boo gives the greatest little kisses and his wagging tail is always a pick-me-up.
  14. Let go of the past. I almost feel like I live by “Let it Go” from Frozen. I dealt with a lot transitioning from middle school to high school and with my freshman and sophomore year as well. Something that has become very important to me is the idea that you should forget what hurt you in the past but never forget what it taught you.
  15. Work hard in school. Now that I’m wrapping up my grade school career, I’ve really seen how hard work can take you places. Being a straight-A student all the way up until sophomore year of high school, I’ve done a lot to put myself ahead of my peers by taking advanced classes, asking questions, and taking responsibility for my work and actions. Working hard in school will prepare me for college and then a job after college.
  16. Bullet journals are fun and a great way to organize your life. At the beginning of this month, I decided to start a bullet journal and they are honestly so much fun! They’re a great way to keep track of your goals and plans and homework as well as track your lifestyle habits and mood. I’ve also found that working on a bullet journal is a great stress reliever too.
  17. Little kids make life so much fun. After acquiring a childcare staff position at my church, I realized how happy little kids make me! They’re so goofy and innocent and happy all the time and that has aspired me to be more silly and think more positive. Something I also admire about little kids is how creative they are and how honest they can be. Sometimes the truth hurts but its a good kick in the right direction, so sometimes you need the truth.
  18. Have courage. When I switched schools, I had no idea who anybody was and vice versa. I feel like I went from the confident, social butterfly I was to a shy, awkward new girl. Freshman and part way through sophomore year I was pretty afraid to speak up or do what I wanted because I didn’t know anyone. Regardless of that, it’s important to not be afraid of what others think of you and it’s important to have courage and say what you want to say. I’ve gained back the more outgoing side of myself and I’m so glad I did. There have been a lot more opportunities and I’ve enjoyed my life so much more because I’m not afraid.

Wow, that was a lot of writing and a fairly deep reflection on my life. There’s plenty more things that have made my life the life it is and that have made me the person I am today. Have a good week! 🙂