My Sister, My Best Friend

My sister, my best friend. From the minute she was welcomed to the world, our friendship and bond would sprout from the earth, growing bigger and more beautiful each day. We’d run into our boulders and steep mountains, but we knew that life was meant to be conquered together.

I vaguely remember having my sister sit on my tiny almost two year old body and bite my thumb. Who knew that little sisters could be painful! I remember the day I told her that regular chairs served the same function as rocking chairs and this caused my sister to crack her head open on our fireplace, oops. I remember the year at Halloween when we dressed up as a pair of princesses from our favorite Barbie movie and pranced around our living room singing with sheer joy. I remember playing with dolls and stuffed animals and pretending to be fairies and different animals for hours and hours in our backyard and really just anywhere we traveled.

Together we discovered that hair doesn’t grow back on Barbies and that gum doesn’t make a good headband and that a bottle of Coke makes a good explosion if it’s shaken up enough. We’ve learned that tables make good hiding spots from heel-nipping dogs and that I’m a good hairstylist when it comes to chopping off bangs. We’ve seen that tennis rackets can cause major damage to the face and that becoming good at roadtripping is crucial if eight-hour car trips come as a perquisite of being in the Horvath family.

Allyson and I learned to treasure our time together when I moved to a new school as a high school freshman. We learned to be thankful for our health and good fortune when I hurt my ankle and couldn’t play tennis for almost two years. Allyson and I learned to fearlessly navigate the rough waters of high school and life together. We learned that being each other’s best friend is the most wondrous part of our lives.

Sometimes, people ask my sister and me how is it possible that we get along so well. They share stories of how they tease and fight with their siblings, and even hate them. Some people yearn to be away from their brothers or sisters and some wish they were not related. It should never be this way. I tell people that it takes time. It takes time to get to know our brothers and sisters. Siblings should support, love, and care for each other. They act as the cheerleader, the coach, the tutor, the Devil’s advocate, and one of the closest people a person knows in life.

Regardless of where I go and what I do in life, my sister will always be with me. She may not always be right beside me or just down the hall, but she’ll be in my heart. Her goofiness and curiosity and outgoing personality have left a permanent mark on me like the mark we inscribed on the giant peach tree in my grandpa’s backyard. We will forever be tennis doubles partners, dish-washing partners, traveling companions, video directors, best friends, and most importantly sisters.

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova. Tennis superstar, fashion icon, and successful businesswoman. At seventeen, Sharapova wowed the world with a victory over Serena Williams in the finals at Wimbledon and since then, has claimed several Grand Slam titles and claimed number one in the world multiple times. Had it not been for the hard work and positive influences of her parents, Maria Sharapova might not be the iconic, outgoing, and wonderful person that she is today.

At the age of 5, Maria and her father moved to the United States. Her family did not have a TV and Maria played very little tennis during her childhood. Because of this, she spent a majority of her time with friends from school and with her parents. When she did pick tennis up, her coaches influenced her character and preached the importance of dedication and hard work to her. These fundamentals remain clear in Sharapova’s character today as she is a resilient and mentally-strong woman who has bounced back from a multitude of injuries and a-little-over-a-year long suspension from tennis. Maria Sharapova demonstrates hard work and dedication off of the tennis court through her highly successful candy business, Sugarpova, and work on her recently released book titled Unstoppable: My Life So Far.

Sharapova’s parents have had a strong influence on the tennis star in that they promoted education, being well-rounded, and positive thinking. Maria often shares stories about her mother and the impact and influence her mother has had on her. When Sharapova came to the United States with her father, her mother was very much still with her. Sharapova reports that her mother was always very keen on keeping her educated in her English studies and Russian studies. Yelena Sharapova also inspired and pushed Maria to spend time away from TV and tennis and visit places of art, music, and history like museums and performing arts centers for musicals and symphony performances. Sharapova has learned that education is important to succeed and recently decided to further her education at Harvard Business School. Not only is she working to improve her education but she promotes education for all and the idea of having a well-rounded life. The tennis star frequently shares her love for fashion and shopping and music concerts and art museums on social media. Several years ago, Sharapova founded the Maria Sharapova Foundation which sends scholarships to students in Belarus and her hometown in Russia to attend the Belarusian State Academy of Arts and the Belarusian State University.

Sharapova’s parents and wonderful coaches have helped make her the independent, strong, beautiful, intelligent and hardworking woman she is today. Her parents’ drive to excel in everything and their desire to be educated have surely influenced their daughter to help spread her love of art and fashion. They have helped Sharapova be a sports role model for children and teens. Most importantly, they have helped the tennis superstar inspire many to be educated and be an advocate for themselves.

Maria Sharapova

Did You Know: Bees

Funny story, so I was walking Marty and Boo this past week a little after dinner and we passed these flower bushes we always pass by toward the end of our long walk and all of the sudden, something flew at my face. I immediately closed my eyes, thinking that whatever it was flew into my eye and felt this little creature on my face. I opened my eyes, threw whatever it was off of my face, and freaked out. Thank goodness my mom was with me and she pulled out the stinger that the little bugger had left right below my left eye. We aren’t even sure it was a bee because I recall the evil little flying creature being black and my mom pulled out a black and green stinger. That was definitely a painful experience and I hope I’m never stung by anything again. Honestly, I’m not even sure I did anything that would’ve appeared threatening to a bee, so why did it sting me in the first place??? My sister and I did some research and think it was a bee of some sort and for that reason, today you all are going to learn some things about bees.

-Bees’ brains defy time. When aging bees do work that is typically reserved for younger bees, their brains stop aging and actually the aging process reverses. HOW DOES THAT WORK?!

-Bees can recognize human faces. They put faces together the same way that we humans do, through configular processing.

-The queen bee is the only bee that lays eggs and can produce up to 1,500 eggs a day!

-Bees have been on earth for over 30 million years! There honey was even found in the tombs of mummies in Egypt and was still good.

-Honey produced by bees comes in many different colors. The different colors are a result of the different nectar gathered from flowers.

-A bee has an oval-shaped brain and its brain is only the size of a sesame seed. This is amazing because bees have the ability learn, remember things, make distance and travel calculations, and be extremely efficient in foraging.

-Each honey bee colony has a different and special odor for members’ identification.

-Honeybees are very clean creatures. If something dirties their hive, they freak out and do whatever they can to immediately clean the hive.

-Bees are responsible for 80% of the pollination that occurs. Even though many people hate bees, we actually need them to have all of the wonderful fruits and vegetables we have!

So whether this information is new or not, now you know a few things about bees. They’re actually pretty amazing creatures!

Did You Know: Bees

How to Hit a Slice Shot in Tennis

In the tennis world, we have a variety of shots to change up the pace on the ball and mix up things for our opponents. There’s lobs, regular groundstrokes, flat shots, shots with a lot of topspin, dropshots, tweeners (which are impossible for me to master, haha), slice shots, and the list could go on forever. Hitting with slice can be challenging, and I know that I struggled to get it at first but with time and practice, I think my slice shots are pretty effective. Here’s how to hit a slice shot.

When you hit with slice, you are putting backspin on the ball and your goal is to keep the ball low and out of reach for your opponent. Nowadays, a lot of people play with a big Western grip which allows for them to get great topspin on the ball. However, when the ball is hit lower, they struggle to keep the ball in play because their racket face is almost parallel to the court and it’s difficult to stay in the point.

  1. When you want to hit a slice shot, either an Eastern grip or continental grip will do just fine. I am successful hitting forehand slice with an Eastern grip and on my backhand slice, I find positive results with the continental grip, which is also what I use for my regular backhand. Hitting with these grips maximizes the underspin or backspin you get on the ball.
  2. As you prepare to hit your slice shot, it’s crucial to get a good shoulder turn. You’ll want your upper body turned with your chest facing one of the sidelines. As with all other shots in tennis, use your non-dominant arm to guide and track the ball into your racket.
  3. You’ll also want to make sure your knees are bent. This will allow for you to hit through the ball and get a good swing at the ball as your racket comes under the ball.
  4. Finally, you’ve made contact with the ball and your swing begins. Take a nice, relaxed, and long swing. A slice shot is a pretty and smooth shot and is not meant to be hacked or chopped at. Even if a slice shot is a more delicate tennis shot, you should still be accelerating through the ball. On slices, you’ll also want to start high and finish low and as you come through the ball, transfer your weight forward.

Another thing to remember with slice is that it often is NOT used as a winning shot or put-away shot. Many players, especially those on the tour, like Federer, Murray, and Nadal use their slice shots to move their opponents off the court and create openings for winning shots. Be smart with your slice shots and they will do great things for you.

How to Hit a Slice Shot in Tennis
Here is a guide to understanding the different grips and hand positions on the racket in tennis.

And here is a video on how to hit an effective backhand slice shot. There are plenty of other great videos on how to hit slice and there are plenty that focus on the forehand slice if you’re interested.

Not a Big Fan of New York, New York

I’ve been really lucky to do more travelling than usual this summer and this past Friday, I got home from New York after spending a week there, competing at a modeling and acting convention. I will definitely agree with most that New York is a really cool and different city, but I think I’d prefer my Rocky Mountains and 300 days of sunshine in Colorado.

New York
The view from our hotel room

My mom and I arrived in New York on the 9th, early in the morning. Our trip began with a thirty-minute taxi ride from JFK to the Hilton Midtown in Midtown. Wow, was that an adventure. Taxi drivers in New York City are RUTHLESS. The man we had driving us was super sweet but once he got behind the wheel, he became an aggressive, hardcore racecar driver. It was kinda cool to see how he dodged cars and semis and sped down the highway. We got some pretty good air hitting a jump one time too. What a thrill ride!

New York

Once we arrived at the hotel, the week was a whirlwind. There were a lot of outfit changes, late nights, hairspray and makeup, and quick runs to grab food. I wish that my schedule at the convention allowed for me to do a little more sightseeing and wandering around the Big Apple, but it is what it is. The convention itself, was fun, but not nearly what I expected it would be. I think that for some people, it opened doors, but for the most part, it seemed fake. There were a lot of promises made by agencies and the convention themselves that were not followed through on and that’s ok. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot from the experiences I had and I’ll never forget that adventure.  Something I learned from my experience this past week and the whole experience I had with my former agency was that you have to be really careful in the modeling and acting industries because there are a lot of real, good people and there’s also a bunch of sneaky people who might seem like they are legit but actually aren’t.  They could care less about who you are and are only concerned with how much you’re willing to pay to sign their “contract”. I respect who I’ve worked with in the past and I wish them all the best and I’d just like to say that it’s tough to discern who the real people are but after this interesting journey, my eyes are more open than ever, and I know what I have to do.

New York

When I had time to be outside of the hotel, my mom and I had a lot of fun. We visited the Rockefeller Center and took a tour of the NBC Studios which included seeing the sets of the Tonight Show, SNL, and the Late Night Show with Seth Meyers. That was super cool. It was exciting to get to be in the same room and even step in the same places as some famous and talented people. My mom and I even got to make our own late night TV show at the end of our tour and we enjoyed that. That was probably the highlight of my NYC trip.

New York

We also visited Central Park and Times Square while in the Big Apple and those were both cool places to visit. I honestly imagined Times Square, specifically where the ball is dropped on New Year’s’, much bigger and wider than it was. There were a lot of sketchy people and pushers making attempts to sell my mom and I stuff or get us to take pictures with them. That was definitely uncomfortable. Also, it was incredibly hot and humid while we visited Times Square and that made it a struggle to do a lot of walking. We spent about thirty minutes wandering Times Square and then frantically searched for the nearest Starbucks or air-conditioned place to cool off and head to Central Park. After a quick trip to get some iced tea, we walked to Central Park and I enjoyed seeing nature and trees and endless (not really) green. It was a nice escape from the dirty, crowded, and crazy place that New York City is. I enjoyed getting to see the many different people in Central Park and see a variety of plants and trees, because trust me, there were soooo many different types of trees. It was pretty cool.

New York

At some point during our stay in NYC, we also managed to find a few good places to eat at, like Fresh & Co, an artisan bakery with really yummy sandwiches and coffee, and a great pizza place called PizzArte. Food, well actually everything, was EXTREMELY pricey in New York and it was crazy how much we spent on food. At PizzArte, one of the pizzas we got was $24!! Holy cow, was it expensive, but it was also probably one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. We also found an ice cream truck chilling right by our hotel one day, and that half-and-half ice cream cone was one of the best ice cream cones I’ve ever had. I never wanted it to end.

New York

I did enjoy my time in New York City, but I will honestly and confidently say that it’s not my favorite city. I wish I did a little more sightseeing, as mentioned earlier, and I hope to go back in the future and see more of the city. I could do without the gross smells and the unhappy people and the sketchy people and the trash constantly fluttering the streets and the awful traffic and sound of sirens every hour or so, but not every city is perfect. Actually no city is perfect! The time I had in New York was worth it and I’m ready to go back (whenever I do) and have another adventure.

New York
I took this picture near Carnegie Hall on the way to Central Park. What’s with the giant pile of trash?!

New Adventures in Omaha, Nebraska

Now, now. Some of you might be thinking, why go to Nebraska? All that state has to offer is endless fields of corn and cows! You might be partially right, but for the part of Nebraska I was in, you’d be wrong. Last weekend, I visited Omaha, Nebraska with my mom to go see Creighton University and wander around as tourists. Here’s how our trip went.

My mom and I arrived on Sunday, July 2nd and arrived in Omaha around noon. We stayed at the Homewood Suites by Hilton in Downtown Omaha, and let me tell you, those were some sweet suites. Best hotel I’ve stayed at, by far. Anyway, we unpacked our things and then decided we were going to the zoo.


Omaha has an AWESOME zoo and the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is one of the best zoos in the world, not only in my opinion but also according to TripAdvisor. It was raining when my mom and I got to the zoo, so the crowds weren’t too bad and we had a lot of fun. The animal exhibits were spacious and fun to look around and the animals themselves seemed to be quite happy and healthy. We spent several hours wandering around the massive zoo. My favorite part of the zoo was the desert dome. At Henry Doorly, the desert dome was home to all creatures and even plants living in a desert. When we walked into the desert dome, it was like we were in an actual desert and my mom and I really enjoyed ourselves in there. Right below the desert dome, the zoo had an exhibit called “Kingdoms of the Night” which was home to all of the nocturnal creatures housed at the Henry Doorly Zoo. There were naked mole rats and alligators and bats and so many more animals that called the nighttime their daytime. The zoo also had great people working there and great food. I definitely recommend the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium if you’re ever rolling through Omaha.

The same day we visited the zoo, while hunting for a Starbucks, we stumbled upon a cool little national park called Pioneer Courage. All throughout this park, there was a variety of pioneer statues which made great photo opportunities. The park showed a significant part of Nebraskan history and how the state came to be and that was really cool. We also got to see the building for the Omaha World Herald,  which is the newspaper for Omaha.


On our second day in Nebraska, we toured Creighton University, which I loved and went and walked around Old Market afterward. Creighton University and a nice campus and I really enjoyed the feel of it. I’m still not sure if it’s where I’d like to go to college, but it seemed like a good fit for me and I liked Omaha, so we’ll see. As mentioned a little earlier, after our tour, we journeyed to Old Market, which is a historic and old neighborhood in Omaha that has been turned into an array of shops and restaurants. There, my mom and I had really good (but cheesy, like super cheesy) calzones at a great pizza place, bought some really good taffy and chocolate treats at an old candy shop, and just had a good time walking around. Old Market was cool because the streets were all cobblestone, which honestly made me feel like I was in a Disney movie. It was cool.


Omaha was fun to visit and I was honestly quite surprised with how green the city actually was. Nebraska in general was actually much more green than I thought it was going to be and that was a positive. On the 4th, my mom and I left to return to Colorado, and I think I can say that we both had a good time and plan on making trips back in the future. 🙂

Top Ten Things to Do in Colorado

I absolutely love my home state of Colorado and I think that if you’ve never been to the Centennial State, you should make an effort to stop by sometime. Living here my entire life, I would say that I’m comfortable giving suggestions on what you should come do.

10. The Cherry Creek Mall. The Cherry Creek area of Denver is definitely a more upscale area and it’s always fun to wander around the Cherry Creek Mall. They’ve got a variety of great stores to shop at and some really great food places at the mall and around it. If you get a chance to, you should definitely stop at the Cherry Cricket. They’ve got great burgers and it’s an iconic restaurant in the area.

Top Ten Things to Do in Colorado

9.  Butterfly Pavilion. If you enjoy seeing bugs and being around them, this is a great place to visit. The Butterfly Pavilion has a large variety of creepy crawlies and cool little bugs for all to see. You can even pet and hold Rosie the Tarantula if you want to. I think the coolest part of the Butterfly Pavilion is the big pavilion where all of the butterflies are actually held. You get to walk into this giant room and you’re surrounded by butterflies. Just be careful not to step on one! They’re literally everywhere.

Top Ten Things to Do in Colorado

8. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. I’m going to be honest here and let you know that I have yet to go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, but I’ve had enough friends go to tell me that it’s a great zoo. I’ve heard the exhibits are great and you even get to feed giraffes if you want! That would be a lot of fun.

Top Ten Things to Do in Colorado

7.Red Rocks. Red Rocks is another beautiful place to visit in Colorado. Concerts are held at Red Rocks frequently and in the mornings they even have work-out sessions and yoga sessions if you’re interested. Sometimes, I’m pretty sure they even have movie nights at Red Rocks. Red Rocks is one of the most stunning venues in Colorado and I highly recommend seeing a concert of some sort here.

Top Ten Things to Do in Colorado

6. Mesa Verde. I haven’t been to Mesa Verde in a long time but the last time I went, my family and I had a blast. Mesa Verde is a national park and it was the former home of the Anasazi Indians. They built beautiful structures and homes into the rock and what’s left of them is absolutely amazing. Mesa Verde is a place that does require a lot of hiking and even climbing so I would recommend bringing your good walking shoes here. The views are breathtaking and I think you’ll be impressed with all that Mesa Verde has to offer.

Top Ten Things to Do in Colorado

5. Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. As a child, I spent hours on end at both of these places and with them being right next to each other, I felt like they had to be a package deal. The zoo is AWESOME. Not too long ago, they added an Asian tropics complex which is now home to the elephants and several other animals. In the past few months, they also added a sweet new tiger exhibit. Our zoo has a lot to see and exploring the zoo is a fun way to spend the day. The Museum of Nature and Science is also a lot of fun with a variety of exhibits ranging from dinosaur bones to a bunch of animal exhibits to a fun health and discovery zone and much more. Every so often we have special exhibits which travel around the nation and those are a lot of fun to go through. In the past we’ve had special exhibits on the Mongols and Genghis Khan, the Mayans, pirates, and most recently Vikings.

Top Ten Things to Do in Colorado

4. The Denver Botanic Gardens. There’s a lot of pretty places in Colorado and I would say this is one of the prettiest. The botanic gardens are home to a HUGE variety of plants and exhibits. The gardens are all gorgeous and this is a fun place to relax and take a scenic walk. I think the rainforest dome and building is the coolest, partially because some of the plants are so big plus there’s a cool tree house to scope out the area.

Top Ten Things to Do in Colorado

3. The Denver Center for Performing Arts. The Center for Performing Arts hosts a variety of shows from big shows off of Broadway to symphonies to operas and also ballets. The complex is beautiful and the theaters themselves are pretty as well. Definitely see a show if you come to Denver.

Top Ten Things to Do in Colorado

2. Boulder, the Flatirons, and the Pearl Street Mall. Ok, Boulder can get a little weird, I’m gonna warn you. For the most part, Boulder is pretty great though. I would recommend spending time walking around the Pearl Street Mall which has a good variety of shops and places to grab some food or a sweet dessert, like the Cheesecake Factory. Boulder is a beautiful city in that our mountains are literally right by Boulder and the view is absolutely gorgeous. If you have time while in Boulder, you should try and squeeze in a hike to Chautauqua Park which is absolutely beautiful.

Top Ten Things to Do in Colorado

  1. Garden of the Gods. Garden of the Gods is the most amazing park in the state of Colorado, well at least in my opinion. The landscape is beautiful and the rocks themselves are magnificent and gorgeous. I would recommend walking throughout the park and if you do this, make sure to bring lots of water, good walking shoes, and a jacket, just in case the weather takes a turn. Also, bring your camera or phone to take plenty of pictures, because you’ll definitely want to take pictures.


Truly, this is just the tip of the iceberg in all that you can do if you visit Colorado. If you’re interested, you could also visit the Capitol building, Mile High Stadium, Coors Field, and really the list goes on. There’s so much to do in Colorado and I hope you come to see the beautiful Centennial State! 🙂

Taking Care of the Skin I’m In

Being a teenager, acne and breakouts are common. I deal with a lot of stress and being in sports, I sweat a lot. As a teenager, and I hope that many of you teens out there can relate, but our bodies undergo some pretty big changes in the teen years and our hormones are up and down and all over the place. This puts our bodies out of whack and we’re left with a struggle. Being the active person I am, it’s also very important that I wear sunscreen to protect my skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Here’s how I take care of the skin I’m in and control my acne.

It took me forever to find something that actually helped shrink my pores and keep the acne on a down-low. I first sought out a dermatologist who recommended Cera-Ve products and a prescription lotion called Clindamycin, which would supposedly attack the acne and help dry it out and then vanish eventually. While that did work for a little while, I found my skin becoming easily irritated and more dry than ever. I floated around with a bunch of different prescription lotions and products that were less sensitive and more effective than what I was previously using, but the acne just wasn’t controllable.

Finally, one day, I found my fit with a toner and exfoliant by Paula’s Choice. (Sidenote: The toner is specifically for dry skin.) My mom and I were strolling the makeup aisles of Nordstrom and there it was. I really like Paula’s Choice because it doesn’t irritate my skin, helps clean out my pores, and get rid of acne and flare-ups. Another product I found to be extremely helpful is a lotion you can get at Walgreen’s called Differin gel. Differin gel is pretty awesome in that it helps dry out whatever yuck is on your face and it’s gone the next day. I was really surprised with this product actually.

Taking Care of the Skin I'm In

So to take care of my acne,  after I wash my face, I apply a thin layer of Differin gel with a q-tip in the morning and then apply moisturizer. In the evening, before bed, I wash my face (typically without a cleanser) and then apply the toner with a cotton ball and then the exfoliant with a cotton ball. After those have dried, I moisturize with a Cera-Ve moisturizer and it’s off to bed.


As you probably know by now, I play tennis, and most of the time,I’m outside, and that means I’m exposed more to the sun. SUNSCREEN! I always apply sunscreen before getting on the court and even most of the time when I know I’m going to be outside for a while.

Also, living in the desert that is Colorado, I drink A LOT of water to stay hydrated, hydrate my skin, and flush out any toxins. Drinking water is like a detox for your skin to keep your skin clear and happy.

It’s always good to have some fun in the sun but you don’t want to get sunburnt let alone increase your risk of skin cancer. Make sure to apply sunscreen multiple times when outside regardless of what you’re doing. You want to keep your skin healthy and happy.

Have a good week and enjoy the great summer weather, everyone!

Get to Know Me

Happy Father’s Day, everyone! I hope that you all have a great day hanging out with your dads. They deserve the day off. 🙂 I just realized that in my three years of blogging, I’ve never really told you all too much about me and my personal life, my likes and dislikes, and some of my favorites. Well, I guess that’s kind of what this blog is dedicated to, but still. Here’s some facts about me and now you get to know me!

I’m left-handed despite both of my parents being right-handed.

Get to Know Me I live in Colorado and absolutely love it.

I picked up a tennis racket for the first time when I was six months old.

Get to Know Me

I used to tap dance competitively. I was also training for pointe in ballet until I hurt my foot. 🙁

My sister, who is a year-and-a-half younger than me, is my best friend.  I don’t know what I would do without her. XOXO

Get to Know Me

I love hanging out with my family.

I hate oatmeal. The texture is disgusting.

Get to Know MePolar bears are my favorite animal.

My favorite color is like a pastel or icy blue.

Get to Know Me

Winter is my favorite season.  I’m weird.

I love soft pretzels.

Get to Know Me

When I was four, I told my parents I wanted to be a pirate.

I hate spiders and any bug that moves really fast.

Get to Know Me

Weiner dogs are the best kinds of dogs to own, in my opinion.

I competed in a pageant called National American Miss for two years.

Get to Know Me

I love student council and community service projects. Volunteering is also a lot of fun.

People tell me I’m mature for my age.

Get to Know Me

I want to either become an orthopedic surgeon or orthodontist.

I can do a decent impression of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch and also Kristen Chenoweth.  I’m gonna cram two facts in one here and also say that I love Disney movies and really all things Disney.

Get to Know Me

When I was seven, I really wanted to change my name from Ana to Sheridan. I really liked the name after watching a Bratz movie.

I finished my last semester of junior year with a 4.4 GPA. I should’ve finished with a 4.5, by I just couldn’t hold onto my A in calc…

Get to Know Me


My poetry is mostly published. Yay! 🙂

I find crocheting challenging.

Get to Know Me

My favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip made by Tillamook. (That’s a brand.) 😉

I have a keychain collection and one of my goals in life is to visit all fifty states in the U.S. and collect one from each state. So far I’ve visited Colorado (duh), New Mexico, Florida, California, Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. I haven’t been to Nevada or Ohio but I have keychains from there too. 😉 It’s not the greatest list but I’ll also be adding New York and Nebraska pretty soon.  I love travelling and I hope that’s something I get to do a lot of in my life.

Get to Know Me

I hope you all have a great week and an awesome Father’s Day today. I hope you also enjoyed getting to learn some stuff about me. See you next week. 🙂



A Trip to Water World

Tons of sunscreen. Crazy kids. The smell of deep-fried twinkies. And of course a whole lot of water. Today, I went to Water World and my family and I had an absolute ball. Here’s how it went.

I had to work in the morning and as soon as I got off, my family and I packed our towels and swimsuits and headed to Water World which is maybe twenty minutes away from where I live. Convenient, right? Anyway, we got there around noon and it was great because the clouds overhead scared away most of the crowd. The lines for security and tickets were super short which made getting into the water park much easier. We also grabbed a tube valet pass which cost an additional $60 to our admission tickets, but they really are worth it. Tube valet at Water World is similar to the Fastpass at Disneyland, where you get to basically cut the rest of the line and get on the ride faster. Also, what’s nice about the tube valet is that you don’t have to haul the huge family tubes up the hills to get to specific rides. You get to pick up the tube at the top of the ride and then get on the ride shortly after. While the tube valet does cost more, I say it’s worth it. After doing all of that stuff, we then headed toward our favorite spot by the wave pool to set our stuff down.

A Trip to Water World

One of the really cool things about Water World is its ginormous wave pool. Every five or ten minutes, something triggers huge waves to start rolling in and everyone goes wild to get their inflatable tubes and attempt to stay afloat as the huge waves come crashing in. I’ve been in the wave pool a few times and it is pretty fun to swim around  in the deeper area where the waves really come crashing, but you REALLY, and I mean really have to be a good swimmer to keep up with the waves. I’ve got another story for another time about how my sister and I almost drowned in the wave pool, hahaha. So if you plan on going to Water World, and plan on hopping in the wave pool, be a good swimmer or at least be smart about where you put yourself when the waves start rolling in.

A Trip to Water World

Once we got into our swimsuits, we made the journey to my sister’s favorite ride, Lost River of the Pharaohs. It’s an ancient Egyptian themed ride and it’s pretty fun. There are some mild drops on it and a few big twists and turns, but overall, it’s a pretty chill ride. It was relaxing to get to sit in a tube surrounded by my family, enjoying a fun ride on a hot day.

A Trip to Water World

As the day moved on, we also went on several other water rides, two of which were Voyage to the Center of the Earth and Storm. These two are probably my favorite. Right off the bat, Voyage to the Center of the Earth had a steep drop and there were several others that occurred throughout the ride. The animatronics and cool scenes throughout the ride were fun and enjoyable to look at. I remember going to Water World when I was a few years younger, and I was absolutely terrified of all the dinosaurs and darkness in the ride, but going on it as a seventeen year old, it was quite fun. Unlike Lost River of the Pharaohs or Voyage to the Center of the Earth, the ride, Storm, didn’t have any animatronics or cool little settings to look at, it was just a super fast, twisty, and dark ride down a long, long enclosed tube. To really live up to it’s name, Storm, the ride incorporated some lightning and thunder and also dumped water on my family and I at the beginning and end. Fun times.

A Trip to Water World


Another memorable ride we went on was the Ragin’ Colorado River. Being from Colorado, I saw it fitting to go on this one, haha. This ride was designed to emulate the Colorado River and it was pretty fun. There were a lot of twists and turns and we definitely got wet on this one. This was one of the few rides we went on that didn’t take the tube valet, but it was okay, since we didn’t have to drag the tube too far uphill.

A Trip to Water World

When we felt like we had been soaked enough and were ready to go home, my family and I grabbed some funnel cakes (which are super good at Water World, by the way) and made our way home. Water World is a super fun water park and I recommend it for anyone who wants to do something fun in Colorado and escape the harsh summer sun. Definitely get the tube valet if you go, just to save yourself the struggle of taking the tube up to the ride you plan to go on, because trust me, it’s a looooong walk to the top of some of the rides. Bring lots of sunscreen, bring your own towel, and don’t forget to try the funnel cakes. It’s a lot of fun at Water World!

A Trip to Water World