Heading into Orientation for Dental School

To say that I’m excited is an understatement. The same could be said for how nervous I am. My new life starts tomorrow! I will be starting my dental journey at CU School of Dental Medicine tomorrow morning bright and early. Orientation starts!! Also, I finally have fixed the issue with images on my posts… Continue reading Heading into Orientation for Dental School

A Weekend in Colorado Springs

So remember that Colorado Springs trip I said was coming up? I’m just wrapping it up right now! The Springs is such a fun town in my opinion and if you’re ever looking for a true Colorado gem, please visit!! My sister, dad, and I drove down on Friday morning, meeting my aunt and uncle… Continue reading A Weekend in Colorado Springs

It Takes Guts

Something I’m learning as I work on my overall health is just how important a healthy gut is. To feel your very best, it takes guts! And good guts at that! While I’m no functional health doctor or nutritionist or dietician, I’m learning a lot by reading books by functional health doctors and nutrition specialists.… Continue reading It Takes Guts

About My Time at Epcot

Hello, hello! I hope you are all doing well! Thanks for coming back. 😉 Let’s talk about Epcot, one of the four parks at Disney World! While I was in Orlando, we spent two days at Epcot, May 19th and 20th! We picked the perfect time to be in Epcot too! The Flower and Garden… Continue reading About My Time at Epcot


Happy Sunday! I hope you are all doing well and that summer is off to a good start for everyone! So, I spent the last week in and around Orlando, Florida! The biggest part of my trip was a wonderful four days at Disney World (yay)!! Beside Disney World, we also visited Cape Canaveral to… Continue reading I Went to DISNEY WORLD!

Going Gluten and Dairy-Free

So, it’s May now! That’s pretty crazy. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve had some health-related issues recently and in response to everything, I decided to look to a functional health doctor for some guidance and help. From our first appointment, she determined that I need to go gluten and dairy-free for a bit.… Continue reading Going Gluten and Dairy-Free