Going Gluten and Dairy-Free

So, it’s May now! That’s pretty crazy. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve had some health-related issues recently and in response to everything, I decided to look to a functional health doctor for some guidance and help. From our first appointment, she determined that I need to go gluten and dairy-free for a bit.… Continue reading Going Gluten and Dairy-Free

5 Pounds Away

It feels so good to move, doesn’t it?! Well, I really think it feels good. And yesterday, I found myself 5 pounds away from my goal of bench pressing 100 pounds! I think that’s pretty cool. After whatever it was that happened earlier this month, I find myself more and more grateful to have a… Continue reading 5 Pounds Away

My Mom’s Birthday

So today just so happens to be my mom’s birthday and I find that pretty exciting. Happy Birthday, Mom!! She doesn’t usually read my blogs but from time to time she does, so I really hope she gets a chance to look through my more recent posts and see this one. 😊 More than anything,… Continue reading My Mom’s Birthday

Lessons Learned Playing Tennis

People often call tennis a lifelong sport. I can tell you that so far, it has been a lifelong sport for me. There are literally pictures of me as a baby next to a tennis racket. It was bigger than me at the time. When I first started walking, I would wander around the tennis… Continue reading Lessons Learned Playing Tennis

Stop Making Excuses

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and I’ve come to realize that people who complain and then do nothing about what bothers them really bothers me. In other words, making excuses has become a big pet peeve of mine. That being said, stop making excuses. Just stop. Now, I can understand when a… Continue reading Stop Making Excuses

Star Puff Pastry Recipe

My mom recently stumbled across this fun and very pretty looking star puff pastry dessert that we definitely tried and really enjoyed! I’ll just cut to the chase right away with the recipe and if what you see in the picture below interests ya, then stick around!  Ingredients:-2 packages of puff pastry (we use the… Continue reading Star Puff Pastry Recipe