Zest is the Best

This is the last trait for theĀ 8 Ways to a Happier You series, zest. After this, I hope that you will be able to apply this trait as well as the seven previous character traits to become a happier person and make a difference in the lives of those around you. Here’s zest.

Zest is the ability to tackle life and all that is in it with energy, enthusiasm, and eagerness. It’s having an optimistic attitude and perspective in all that you do.

Having zest matters because those who are zestful are generally more satisfied, successful, and enjoy what they do with their lives. Zestful people “tend to see their work as a calling” (Janes), in a good way, and use their positive energy to work hard and brighten others’ days.

To become a more zestful person, do what you love. It’s hard to be optimistic and eager to go to do something if you don’t enjoy it. Become a more social person. This may be somewhat difficult for those who prefer not to be social but you can still do it. Interact with people that are close to you and be welcoming to people you meet. You don’t have to say anything but a simple smile or gentle wave will usually help boost social skills and confidence. Another way to improve on zest is to surround yourself with other zestful people. This trait is very contagious so surround yourself with others that have a lot of enthusiasm, energy, and are interested in you and life.

Zest truly is the best! You can become a more social, optimistic person by improving this trait. Don’t worry if you are overwhelmed by zestful people or working on the trait for yourself. Take a walk, get some air, and allow yourself some space to breathe if you are feeling overwhelmed or “hit by the blahs”. Becoming more zestful won’t come over night but it will come over time with work.

This has been a very interesting series to work on. With every blog post on each of the eight traits, I’ve been trying to apply them to my life.


Janes, Beth. “8 Ways to a Happier You.” 2016. Print.