It’s Been a Bit

Helloooooo! It’s good to be back! I apologize for the long hiatus, but my first semester of dental school had me pretty preoccupied. So yes, it has been a bit! So let’s catch up then shall we?! Let’s talk about my first semester of dental school! 19.5 credits flew by and things went well! Could… Continue reading It’s Been a Bit

Back To School!

What a wonderful winter break it has been! After five weeks at home, I am headed back to school tomorrow. There are no classes tomorrow, but I do want a little bit of time to get settled back in and get all of my textbooks and materials. And in honor of the big “challenge” going… Continue reading Back To School!

Christmas 2018… Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas 2018 is coming in quick! I tend to leave these posts a bit shorter just because the holidays are always a busy time and this year, my family and I procrastinated BIG TIME. I still have so much shopping to do for my family and our neighbors. AH. It’s fine. Anyway, I would just… Continue reading Christmas 2018… Merry Christmas Everyone!

Done With First Semester!

By now, some of you are probably sick of hearing about my school life and all of the hullabaloo leading up to this past week. Sorry to disappoint you if that’s the case, but I promise, this is the last one of it’s kind for a while! Finals week was rough, but I made it… Continue reading Done With First Semester!