Why is the Crosscourt Game So Important?

In tennis there are many strategies and ways to play the game. My personal favorite and favorite of most if not all professionals is going crosscourt with the tennis ball. Here’s why having a strong crosscourt game or at least developing one is important.

– A crosscourt shot is the highest percentage shot you can hit. By hitting crosscourt, you have a high chance of getting the ball in and an even more likely chance for your opponent to error.

– Most of the time, when hitting crosscourt, you are swinging across your body. Swinging across your body is one of the most natural and smooth ways to hit groundstrokes. You can hit inside out crosscourt shots and those can be pretty awesome and fun to hit, but simply going crosscourt can be good enough.

– Crosscourt shots allow you to recover to a closer spot behind the baseline. After every shot, you should recover to the middle of the angle of possible return, which is in the middle of where your opponent could hit the ball. When you hit a crosscourt shot, you can recover slightly off-center from behind the baseline. You want to be slightly diagonal from where you hit the ball. If you hit the ball down the line, you would have to recover a lot faster and a lot further from the middle of the baseline. Hitting crosscourt is efficient.

– By hitting crosscourt shots you can set yourself up for other shots that can help you be successful. You could go crosscourt several times and then when your opponent is cheating crosscourt you can hit hard, slice, or with top spin down the line. And if you get pulled wide on the court, you could hit a hard angle or buggywhip-like shot crosscourt. Hitting crosscourt is strategic and sets you up for success in points.

Having a good and solid crosscourt shot is very important to your game. It is a high-percentage shot, feels natural and smooth, is efficient and allows for a quick recovery, and is smart, strategic, and sets you up during points.

Why is the Crosscourt Game So Important?