Top Ten Disney Songs

Before starting this blog, I’d just like to say happy birthday to my mom. It was her birthday yesterday, and I love her very much. Happy Birthday Mom!

Now on with this week’s post. Disney has a pretty good reputation with making good soundtracks for their movies. Each Disney song is unique, catchy, and wonderful in its own way. Here are the top ten Disney songs in my opinion. There’s no possible way I could rank these ten songs, so for this top ten list, these top ten Disney songs will be listed in no particular order.

Let it Go from Frozen: This song made another top ten list of mine, and it’s now making this one. This song has a powerful message and the instrumentals as well as Idina Menzel’s voice are spectacular.

When Will My Life Begin from Tangled: Tangled is one of my all-time favorite Disney movies and all of the songs are great to listen to. This one is really upbeat and makes me happy.

I See the Light from Tangled: Also from Tangled, this song is beautiful and an adorable love song. The first

You’ll Be in My Heart from Tarzan: This song is a very well known Disney piece. It’s a very special and beautiful song. Phil Collins did a wonderful job singing it.

Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas: Pretty instrumentals, pretty vocals. This is another classic Disney song, and it sounds good on the piano too!

Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid: I feel like this song has a lot of emotion and passion in it and that’s what helps it make my top ten list.

Bet On It from High School Musical 2: When I was younger, High School Musical was big, and so was this song. Sung by Zac Efron, this song was upbeat, memorable, and just great.My sister and I used to dance full out to this song. It was intense. 🙂

When You Wish Upon a Star from Pinocchio: This song is sweet, inspirational, and a part of every Disney movie in the opening credits. It’s won many awards and has been recognized multiple times for being one of the greatest pieces of music ever.

The Bells of Notre Dame from The Hunchback of Notre Dame: This movie is famous for its great music and actors. This song is a powerful song that opens up the movie in a good, dramatic way.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight from The Lion King: The Lion King is another movie by Disney with many awards and achievements for the music as well as the actual movie. This song, Can You Feel the Love Tonight is a well-known, beautiful love song. It’s a song that makes me really happy and relaxed at the same time.

And there you have it, the top ten Disney songs! All of the songs made through Disney are good songs, but these ten songs each have special meaning to me and are the best, in my opinion. Did any of your favorite Disney songs make the list?

Have a good week!