How to Write an In-Class Essay

Whether it’s a history class or an English class, in-class essays are becoming more and more common. When you aren’t prepared, and even when you are, writing an in-class essay can be stressful and chaotic. Here are a few tips on how to be successful while writing an in-class essay.

1. Take your time but pace yourself. This might sound confusing, but it really isn’t. I would suggest taking the first few minutes to plan and get organized. For some people this might be an outline or organization map of some sort. Others simply write down what ever helps them get their ideas on paper. Do what works best for you. After planning, keep your eye on the clock, take time to think about word choice and if the statements being made makes sense with the topic/prompt. You wouldn’t want to have rushed through the entire paper only for there to be grammatical and spelling errors all over the essay.

2. Make sure your paper gets in before the deadline. The deadline is usually the end of class. Some teachers won’t even look at your paper if it’s late, so work efficiently and save the last few minutes to get the essay turned in. If you’re typing your in-class essay, this is a good idea in case your computer has technical issues. You might have time to fix it and still get your essay in on time.

3. Come prepared for anything. It depends on the teacher, but sometimes they’ll give you the topic. If they give you the topic, practice writing your essay at home if you can. Work on your introduction, thesis, and conclusion. I suggest preparing your arguments too. If your teachers allow you to, bring in material that you can reference while you write and support your arguments with. Supporting your arguments with textual evidence helps make an essay better. If you aren’t given a topic, the in-class essay will most likely be on something you’ve covered recently in class. You can still prepare by going through your notes and past material.

4. Read directions and answer the prompt in your essay. Answering the prompt in your essay is crucial to receiving a good grade. Reading the directions will help you understand what you have to write about and help maximize your score.

I hope that these tips help you write a solid in-class essay. Remember to take your time, pace yourself, complete your paper before or at the deadline, prepare for the essay, answer the prompt, and read the directions. Good luck writing!

How to Write an In-Class Essay