A Few Things To Do on a Road Trip

This past Thanksgiving weekend, my family and I traveled 400 miles by car from Colorado to New Mexico. It can be hard to find something to do and stay entertained. Here are a few things to do on a road trip.

1. Take a nap. Sleeping in the car can be uncomfortable but it is very good for you. It can definitely help pass time and when you arrive at your destination, you’ll feel rested.

2. Watch movies. Prepare movies that you can watch to make the trip feel shorter. For this, you will need a car DVD player or an iPad or tablet that you can watch movies on.

3. Play a game, like the obstacle game. To play the obstacle game, you need to two people, your imaginations, some paper, and two different colored writing utensils. The objective is to stop your opponent from beating you to your goal. To do this, you create obstacles for them to overcome and they do the same for you. You can’t kill off their character and you can’t repeat an obstacle or way of escaping an obstacle. After that, anything else is fair game. This is a wonderful way to pass the time and in the end, you have pretty funny story to share.

4. Read a book. Reading a book is always an awesome way to eat up time, especially on a long road trip. Make sure you have several books handy, in case you finish the one you’re reading or you just want to read a different one. Just make sure you don’t get carsick!

5. Spend time talking to your friends or family in the car. Talk to them about all kinds of things. Just make sure to keep your mind off of the long journey ahead. By doing this, you don’t focus on the long amount of time you still have left in the car. Spending time in the car on a long road trip is a good time for family bonding so make the most of it!

To sum things up, here are a few things you can do on a road trip. These are just a few things off the tip of the iceberg, so explore with many other ideas to entertain yourself for the time-consuming journey. Have a safe trip and have fun!

A Few Things To Do on a Road Trip