Happy Homecoming!

Homecoming week is one of the busiest and most enjoyable weeks of high school. There’s a big football game, many activities, and also a huge dance. My homecoming was last night and it was amazing and also exhausting! Here are a few tips on how to make your homecoming dance and week a success.

1. Attend school activities. School activities during homecoming week are highly-attended most of the time and they’re super fun. Why not enjoy time with friends and classmates and show some interest in your school? Events like powder-puff which is the girls’ flag football game, the homecoming dance, pep assembly, and the big football game are special, exciting, and memorable. If you don’t go, that’s okay but you’re missing out on a lot! You’ll value high school a little bit more if you go to these events!

2. Participate in spirit days. This goes along with the first tip. At most schools, there is a theme for homecoming and during the week you dress up to get in the spirit of the theme. For example, at my school the theme this year was Vegas and throughout the week we dressed up like flamingos (Flamingo Hotel), Romans (Caesar’s Palace), and tropical (Mandalay Bay. We also did two spirits days for school pride and class colors. Getting involved in spirit days is really fun and silly. A majority of people think that they might look ridiculous wearing a toga to school, for example, but when the whole school gets involved, you can all look silly together and have fun.

3. Make smart decisions. Most often at the homecoming dance or on the way to the dance, students think it’s okay to break out the alcohol and drugs and do whatever they feel like doing. I strongly disagree with these ideas and believe they’re insane. There is never a good time to do illegal and inappropriate things like drugs or alcohol as a minor, in my opinion, let alone a school dance. You should avoid drugs, alcohol, and other dangerous or risky behaviors. There are plenty of other ways to have fun at a school dance, like dancing (what a concept), playing games, and so on.

4. Have fun! Homecoming is a special time of the year and take advantage of it! You only have four years of high school and homecoming only comes once a year so make the most out of the time you have.

To make homecoming week one of the best weeks of the school year, just remember to attend school activities, participate in spirit days, make smart decisions, and have fun! Happy Homecoming!

Happy Homecoming!