My Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

There goes another year! This one’s been a good one, now that I’m not wearing that silly boot anymore! (We all know how much I enjoyed wearing that stupid thing.)

School has been hard this year but I think you already knew that based on the piles of homework I come home with and the lack of sleep I get. Yeesh! Despite that, school has been awesome and I’ve loved all of my teachers and classes this year. If you could though, I’d really appreciate if you found a way to get my teachers to give out less homework. Thanks in advance!

Tennis has been a lot of fun and I’ve really enjoyed spending all of the time I have on the court with my dad and sister. This past summer and winter have been a lot of fun. Can’t wait for more! 🙂

I’m really excited to go to D.C. in January and I also can’t wait for New York this summer. I hope I learn a lot and have fun. Please wish me luck there!

And for the record, two homecomings is a lot of work. I didn’t know that if you attend two separate homecomings, you have to buy TWO different dresses. There’s good stuff other than finding the area under a parabola and SAT prep vocab that you learn in high school.

Thanks for all of the amazing things you’ve done for my sister and I over the years and for being the amazing, magical person you are. Safe travels!

Ana Horvath

My Letter to Santa

Simple Gift Ideas

Christmas is officially a week away! When getting a gift, remember that it isn’t always about the price, but the thought. As long as it’s something that you feel can be useful and meaningful, it will be a good gift. For those of you who aren’t quite sure what to get for someone special in your life, here’s a few simple gift ideas.

  • A handmade fleece blanket. All you need for these are two large pieces of fleece, some open space, some scissors, and people to help you tie the blanket. These are always really fun to make and useful to the person you’re making them for! Finding fleece with something that the person enjoys or likes can help make the blanket a little more special.
  • A drawing or photo. For this semester of school, my sister and I took a photography class and some the pictures could make great Christmas gifts! A pretty drawing that you did or a nice picture framed can also be special and easy gifts to wrap up and gift to someone.
  • A book or movie they might like. Depending on the book or movie, the price can range, but these are always easy to find and can be used over and over again.
  • Candle or lotion. Once again, depending on where you get these items, the price can range. A good-smelling candle or some nice lotion can be a great gift for a girl or woman in your life. You can never have too much of this stuff!
  • Giftcards or money. Sometimes, a giftcard or money can seem impersonal. Sometimes though, they aren’t bad ideas for gifts because people can choose what they buy with the giftcard or given money. For someone preparing to do some traveling or a college student in need of some money, these two are never bad ideas.

You’re definitely not limited to this very short list of gifts to get someone for Christmas. Get creative and have fun with it! When shopping for gifts, don’t get to caught up in whether or not someone will like it. That can be important but people should learn to be grateful for all that they get, even if they don’t exactly like it. Happy Holidays to everyone and have a great winter break and Merry Christmas and New Year!

Simple Gift Ideas

Merry Christmas!

I know it isn’t Sunday, but it definitely is Christmas. So, Merry Christmas!

Christmas isn’t all about the presents under the tree, it’s about the birth of Christ and the quality time you get to spend with the people you love. It doesn’t matter how expensive or fancy a gift is, it’s the effort and thought into it that makes it special. Gifts are nice because they give you the opportunity to show your appreciation and care towards friends and family, but your attention and time are much more important and valuable.

Today is a  great day to eat good food, make new traditions, play in the snow (if you have any), be silly, relax, play games, and have a good time. My family gets together in New Mexico every Christmas and we’ve been doing a fun gag gift game for the past few years. This year my aunt and uncle started a ping-pong tournament which was super fun, got everyone involved, and it is something we plan to continue doing every Christmas from here on out. Traditions like these are what make time with family and the holidays really special for everyone.

Anyways, I just wanted to wish you all the best today. Stay warm, or cool (depending on where you are) and enjoy yourselves! I hope you and your families have a fun, memorable, and wonderful day. Merry Christmas and Happy upcoming New Year!

Merry Christmas!

A Holiday Letter to Readers…

It’s that special time of year! Every year my family sends out a Christmas letter to family and friends updating them on how we’re doing and our journey throughout the year. My dad always writes the letter and he does a great job making it entertaining and worth reading. I figured I might write my readers a holiday letter, so here goes!

Dear readers,

This year has been quite an adventure! Those adventures ranged from making new friends and being with family and old friends to having surgery on my ankle and other crazy events.

My sister is a freshman and I am a sophomore in high school. We’re both doing well school and keeping up good grades. I’m glad to be at the same school as my sister again. Go Eagles! We are each other’s best friends and we get along well. My two dogs Marty and Boo, are still running around, barking, singing to the piano, and being the most adorable dachshunds I’ve ever met. They enjoy begging for carrots and whatever else they can get to eat from my grandma who is visiting us from the Republic of Georgia.

My parents are keeping busy with work and running my sister from practice to practice. My mom is working as a dental hygienist and selling her children’s book Lola and Sir Germs-a-lot. There may be a few more books coming out soon, so keep an eye out on Amazon or Xlibris. My dad is working from home with business and economic research. He also coaches my sister and I in tennis and is busy working with my sister and getting her to club volleyball practices. As mentioned earlier, my grandma from Georgia (not the state) is staying with us for a few months. She is a wonderful, sweet person and it’s been great having her with us the past few months.

This year has been filled with some lows but mostly highs. I had to have surgery on my ankle to resolve some issues I had with it and that caused me to miss another season of high school volleyball which was a bummer but I was able to really focus on school and take time to recover. Because of my ankle issues, I was able to meet some really amazing people that I now consider good, close friends that I hope I can keep in touch with for a long time. My birthday this year was my sweet 16 and it was a good, memorable day. I made some new and really good friends at school this year and I feel like I’ve been able to make a difference in my community through sports, school, and my blog.

My blog hit over 2,500 views this year and that means a lot to me. I’m glad that people are reading my blog and I hope that you all enjoy reading it! I hope that my blog is something you look forward to reading and it encourages you to try something new or learn about something you didn’t know how to do or didn’t know about.

My ankle is recovering well, I know the rest of the school year is going to be great, and I’m looking forward to high school tennis season! I wish you Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year.

With love,





Ana Horvath