Dead Week Part 2: Finishing Freshman Year

dead week

This week is going to be a lot, so for my sake and sanity, I’m gonna keep this one short. Dead Week is here again! This time around I have a dance performance, two different speeches to prepare, a five-page paper to write, a practical to study for, as well as my three final exams to study for. Full plate over here!

This semester has been a wonderful semester and I was fortunate to have so many wonderful professors and lab teacher assistants. The semester had its ups and downs (particularly my chemistry grade) but I’ve pulled through and challenged myself to overcome all the adversity I’ve faced. I’ve made it this far and I only have another two weeks to go so I need to dig down deep, find the strength to finish strong, and get outta here!

My experience in the dorms has been interesting nonetheless and I’ve made a lot of wonderful friends on my floor, but I am honestly SO ready to go home for the summer and then live on my own next semester. I’ll get my own space and won’t have to worry about accommodating and bending my schedule to benefit others.

Dead Week really is a lot about finding the mental capacity and strength to finish everything out on a good note and I’m praying that all of my finals and performances and speeches go well. If you’re interested in seeing my dance performance for my honors seminar, leave a comment and maybe I’ll post it in a future post! My honors seminar is about everyday movement and dance and this final dance is a fun project my professor has us doing.

To those of you also dealing with Dead Week this week, you got it! Stay positive and finish strong. Stay organized and allow yourself some time to relax and get away from the books and papers. If you’re interested in reading my blog post about my first experience with Dead Week, I’ll link the post right here. I hope you all have a great week and I’ll see you next Sunday! (Haha, hopefully…)

Take Time to Appreciate Dance

As many of you may know, dance has been a big part of my life in addition to tennis and also volleyball. I really enjoyed dancing when I was younger and ever since my honors seminar started, which is on dance and everyday movement, I realized just how much I miss dance. I’ve gained so much respect for dancers and the art of dance itself and have come to appreciate dance so much. It’s a beautiful, wonderful, and fun aspect of movement and life too!

Regardless of who you are, I believe that you can all find some way to appreciate dance. I know that many athletes have been a part of some dance class during their life. It’s good for coordination, strength, and balance. Most children nowadays even take some form of a dance class when they’re little! In one way or another, we’ve all danced during our lives and enjoyed it.

So on that note, I’d just like to ask you all to take some time to appreciate dance. Whether it’s helped you move better, was a hobby, is something you’re doing currently, or is even something you’re not really into, I want you to take time to explore dance. Tap is really fun and personally a favorite of mine. Ballet is beautiful and it’s amazing to see the strength in the dancers. Jazz is high-energy and so much fun to watch. And also hip hop is really fun and different with its isolated and sharp movements.

As I’ve discussed in my honors seminar, dance is for everyone. Any person with any body type can dance, and that doesn’t mean that they have to dance professionally. As long as you’re having fun and expressing yourself, you’re dancing. As long as you’re connecting your movements with your thoughts and feelings, you’re dancing. As long as you’re moving with some rhythm, you’re dancing.

James Howe once said, “Life is short and there will always be dirty dishes, so let’s dance.” Keep that in mind this week and go have fun. And as always, if you have a question or idea for a blog post, let me know! I’m always happy to hear from you all. 🙂 Have a wonderful week everyone! Also, spring break is upon us! WOOHOO!