Happy Birthday, Mom

So my mom’s birthday was yesterday. We got to celebrate on Friday when I got home from school and then went out for a late lunch/early dinner on Saturday and had cake. It was a good weekend. 🙂 Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Happy Birthday Mom

On my mom’s birthday, we received a package from some of my cousins in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was so wonderful to receive something from them and I’ve really enjoyed connecting with them over Skype and Instagram. I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful family. 🙂 My cousins are both working on their English and I’m also working (but not very consistently haha) on my Russian, so we talk over Instagram and on Skype when I’m home and they’re not asleep. They sent matroshkas (which are the cute little Russian nesting dolls), some marmalade chocolate, some beautiful little jars, some cute magnets, and a little bag with St. Petersburg written on it in Russia, of course. It was just so fitting that the package arrived on my mom’s birthday. It was like another birthday present!

We got two beautiful flower bouquets and cards for my mama and when she was home from work, we went to lunch/dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill which is definitely a family favorite. 🙂 We tried the bison nachos as an appetizer for the first time and I have to say, they were pretty good! If you’re looking to try an appetizer at Ted’s I do recommend the bison nachos. It was nice to be able to go to a restaurant again. We’ve been a couple of times since things started opening back up but the restaurants we like to go to have been fairly limited. I am just thankful we have the opportunity to go out and that we are all healthy.

My mom and I went for a walk after our big meal and then later in the evening, we had a delicious lemon bundt cake sent by my aunt and uncle in New Mexico. Always a fun tradition. 🙂 Kinda funny story with the cake though, the cards on top of the cake were mixed up and instead of it saying happy birthday to my mom, it was some congratulatory card for some other woman who was going to have a baby soon. Didn’t know my mom was expecting!! Haha! The cake was so good and that wrapped up our birthday festivities for the day.

I will go back to school a little bit after lunch today and then that’s kinda it! I hope that my mama had a great birthday. She means a lot to me and I’m so lucky to have such a good listener and such a supportive, genuine, and wonderful person in my life. If you’re reading this Mom, I love you so so so much.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will see you all in March! It’s crazy that tomorrow is already going to be March.

Boo’s Ninth Birthday

Time sure flies when you’re having fun with some adorable, wonderful dogs. This past week, our sweet little boy, Boo, turned nine. His birthday was this past Wednesday, and honestly, that’s been the hardest thing about college, missing out on family birthdays. It all worked out though because my family did a great job spoiling him and I had a chance to get some hugs and kisses from Boo this weekend at home.

I remember when we first went to see Boo. He was just a couple of weeks old and he was so little in comparison to the rest of his siblings. He was the little runt of his litter, which is funny in my opinion because Marty was the alpha of his litter! When Boo was old enough for us to take him home, which was around two months of age, he was the most precious adorable, sweet little baby ever.

Whatever Marty did, he did. And he learned very quickly that the way to get what you want, is by barking. He’s not annoying or misbehaved when he barks, but he definitely does allow his voice to be heard if he’s wanting a carrot or some cheese, or even to just go outside. He might not be the biggest fan of my grandpa’s blue heeler, but that’s a story for a different time… 🙂

One of my favorite things about Boo is his ability to sing. Yes, you read that right. He sings. When I play piano, he howls along, but he’s different in that he changes his howling and tone based on the song I’m playing. If I’m playing at more of a fast and intense tempo, Boo sings louder and his howls are more choppy. When I play a slower song, his howls become deeper and longer and it’s precious!!

He’s always been the baby of the family and always will be. His kind demeanor and sweet, sweet, sweet personality make him such a lovable and wonderful dog to have and I’m so lucky that I’ve been a part of his amazing little life. Him and Marty get along so well and my family and I are so lucky to have worked with an amazing breeder to have two amazing little dachshunds.

May there be many more belly rubs, jam sessions on the piano, carrots, cheese, and squirrel chases in his future. Have a good week everyone!

Early Birthday Celebrations

This weekend, I went home again. After my first lab practical and 300 level class exam, it was well-deserved, let me tell ya. In addition to that, my mom’s birthday is this upcoming Wednesday, and since I won’t be there for her actual birthday, I wanted to celebrate this weekend!

It’s always good to go home and escape the food of college dining halls as well as the clutter and small spaces associated with residence halls. I have a very nice room at school but still, a change of scenery and a chance to get away is nice. 🙂 My dad and sister came to pick me up Friday night and our drive home was accompanied by a lovely snow storm and slow, slow, SLOW traffic on I-25.

We eventually got home and I was greeted by my mom, grandma, Marty, Boo, and Bobo. There was a lot of good food. Woohoo! On Saturday, I spent a good majority of the day with my sister and we even had the chance to play tennis together again. Haha, it was funny to play with her again mostly because she’s been playing all winter, and the last time I really played was a month ago. She kicked my butt that’s for sure. I really am thankful to be able to play in a warm, indoor facility in the winter with some wonderful people, especially my dad and sister. Allyson and I played Mario Kart too which is always fun (especially Mario Kart 8 on the Nintendo Switch!) and I really enjoyed being with my best friend for a while again.

Sunday was where the true festivities were. On top of grocery shopping for me, my mom, grandma, sister, and I went prom dress shopping for Allyson and also found my dress for the Miss Colorado USA pageant in October (yes, I’m competing again!). We meant to buy some popcorn while we were at the mall but that didn’t happen. Oh well, the Starbucks drinks were still yummy. The day honestly flew and before I knew it, I was eating ribs and salad with my family and a delicious salted-caramel, chocolate cream pie in honor of my mom’s birthday. And now, here I am back in my room at school preparing for another week at school.

Only three more weeks until spring break and then before we know it, my first year of college will be over! Time sure flies when you’re having fun. Mom, if you read this post, I love you so much and wish you the best on your birthday. You truly are the best mom in the world and I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and are getting a break from the cold, snowy weather. Also, if you have an idea for a blog post, have any questions, or just wanna say hi, feel free to leave a comment or contact me on my new page up above in the menu. See you all next week!