Sugar, Spice, and Everything Ice

I know you’re sitting there looking for something fun to do. I also know that you’re wanting to get in the Christmas spirit. And oh my goodness, look at you sitting there looking at your screen somewhere in Colorado. Wow. I have a recommendation for you!! Check out Ice at the Gaylord! This is the… Continue reading Sugar, Spice, and Everything Ice

A Weekend in Colorado Springs

So remember that Colorado Springs trip I said was coming up? I’m just wrapping it up right now! The Springs is such a fun town in my opinion and if you’re ever looking for a true Colorado gem, please visit!! My sister, dad, and I drove down on Friday morning, meeting my aunt and uncle… Continue reading A Weekend in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Trip!

We had family in town this past week and for one last little getaway, we decided to spend a couple of days in Colorado Springs. I can’t recall ever truly vacationing in my home state, but from this experience, I found that it is so much fun. And more importantly, I got to spend time… Continue reading Colorado Springs Trip!

I Go to Argo and We Spend Time in the Mountains

This past week, my aunt and uncle visited from New Mexico and it was wonderful to see and spend time with someone other than my dad, mom, and sister for a change. While they were here, we spent some time in Idaho Springs and Georgetown and also at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. I go, you… Continue reading I Go to Argo and We Spend Time in the Mountains