Last Week of School!

We are finally here! Finals week, whoop whoop. But then again, that means four days of more stress and awful tests, but it’s fine.

Looking back on junior year, it. was. hard. I’m not even joking. I remember being a sophomore and thinking that junior year was going to be easy-peezy. I was very wrong. I remember talking to some of my junior friends and asking them about junior year. Some of them said it was going to be easy. Most of them said it was going to be easy, now that I think about it. Haha, they were wrong too. I did take three AP classes, so I guess that factored into the difficulty of the year but still. Oh, man was that rough.

I spent so many nights crying and studying and crying some more. I had so many headaches and I’ve never seen myself more sleep-deprived in my life. I didn’t cry because of friend drama or anything like that, I was actually crying over my homework. I had a wheelbarrow of it every night, it felt like. But other than dealing with the academic stress, this year was actually the best. I had so much fun.

I was in multiple organizations and clubs at school and those helped make my year amazing. I was healthy this year for high school tennis and finally got to play singles, won first in my region, and got to go to state for a third year in a row! Yay. 🙂 I was in NHS and had fun working with different volunteer groups to make my community a better place. In BLUE Crew, which is a group that helps the incoming freshmen transition, I enjoyed getting to know my little ninth-grade nuggets and guide them on the start of their high school journey. In student council, I had a blast planning events and I feel honored to be able to serve as one of the three co-presidents on the executive board for next year. I also was a part of Circle of Friends which is a club that partners students with students in the intensive care learning. I got to eat lunch with one of the sweetest and most amazing kids for the past two years now. I never saw myself doing anything like that, but now it’s something I’m passionate about and look forward to every week. The kid I eat lunch with has brought a whole new perspective of life to my life and I’m so thankful for the opportunities I had junior year. I’ll get to serve as one of the presidents for Circle of Friends next year too, and I’m pumped to do that as well.

I kept the friends I’ve made over the past couple of years, grown close with some, and even made new friends that I look forward to spending senior year with. It’s insane that I’m going to be a senior soon. I helped escort yesterday at my high school’s graduation and it’s so hard to believe that I will be graduating next year. AHH!

And so I should probably leave this post here, because I need to go finish studying for my physics final. Have a good week and best of luck to everyone taking finals! 🙂

Last Week of School

Top Ten Ways to Prepare for Finals

Top Ten Ways to Prepare for Finals

Finals week is here! For a lot of students this can be the most stressful week of the first semester. Here are the top ten ways to prepare for finals:

10. Be organized with your school materials. Have your class materials organized so that when you go to study, you aren’t scrambling through your backpack and folders. I do my best to color code my folders with my notebooks so that when finals come around, I know exactly which notebook goes with which folder.

9. Dress appropriately on finals days. It has been proved that when you dress up nicely for a test, you do better than when you wear just a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. It gets your mind in the mood that you are doing something important and it tells your brain that the test really matters. You don’t have to come to school wearing a full on tuxedo or a business dress but you want to dress nice and comfortable.

Top Ten Ways to Prepare for Finals

8. Eat a healthy breakfast. You want to be well nourished when you take a test, especially a final. This helps your body function properly and helps you think clearly when you take a test.

7. Coming in at number seven, I would highly suggest checking your grade daily, about a week prior to finals. By doing this, you are keeping a close eye on your grade and you know exactly what grade you have going into the final. Additionally, know what grade you need to get on the final to keep your grade or boost it. I suggest the app, Exam Calculator. You just plug in your grade, the grade you want, and then the weight of the final.

Top Ten Ways to Prepare for Finals

6. Communicate with your teachers. At least a week or two before finals, talk to your teachers about your grade and see if there is anything that can be made up or turned in if it is missing. This not only shows your teachers that you care, but it also helps you study and prepare for finals in advance.

5. Stick to your normal routine. If you’re the type of person that always comes home from school, takes a nap, and then stays up doing homework or studying, stick to it. If you’re the type of person the drinks coffee every morning, then stick to it. If you try to adjust your normal routine by suddenly going to bed later or drinking coffee in the morning, you are mentally psyching yourself out. You are confusing your brain and you just won’t perform as well on the finals.

Top Ten Ways to Prepare for Finals

4. Relax during the test. During the test, let your knowledge take over. Since the first day of school you have been learning and preparing for the final in one way or another. Believe in your education and trust that you know what you’re doing. If you don’t pay attention in class and if you don’t study, then I would be worried. Good luck in that case!

3. Pace yourself. There are always time limits for finals so make sure to keep an eye on the time. You want to make sure you finish the test in a comfortable amount of time.

Top Ten Ways to Prepare for Finals

2. Get plenty of sleep. Sleeping is a good time to rest your body. Also, by getting a good amount of sleep, you feel fresh and ready to tackle your tests. For teenagers, it is recommended to get about 9-10 hours of sleep a night.

1. Study! Unless you’re a super genius and you memorize everything the minute you see it, you should study for your finals! How would you expect to do well if you don’t prepare for the test? Studying boosts your confidence in the materials and helps you keep good time on the test.

Top Ten Ways to Prepare for Finals

Good luck to everyone this week! I hope these tips help you succeed during finals!