Chili on a Chilly Day

This past week, we were hit by a cold front that single digit temperatures and snow. It was the first cold spell of the year! The bad news was that it was terribly cold, but the good news was that I got to break out the Crockpot. Here’s the recipe for the chili that warmed my spirits and my tummy for the cold, winter-like week.


La Paloma green chile enchilada sauce (2 cans- mild and hot)
505 roasted green chiles medium (28 oz. bottle)
Pinto beans (2 cans 15 oz)
Fresh mushrooms (any kind)
1 lb. of hamburger meat
2 lbs. of stew beef tips
2 Ziploc bags of frozen tomatoes from garden

TOPPINGS (some ideas for toppings- not all are required)
Sour cream
Mexican shredded cheese

Frying pan
Soup spoon
Can opener
Jar opener
Tasting spoons


Start early in the day! You want to make sure the chili is ready for dinner time!

Make sure to wash your hands before starting to make the chili. Also make sure to wash your hands after handling the raw hamburger meat and beef tips.

1. Plug in the Crockpot and clear away any items that are close or come in contact with it.
2. Open all of the jars and cans carefully using the can or jar opener.
3. Meanwhile, turn on the stove and put the frying pan on the stove. Put the hamburger meat and beef tips in the frying pan and break the hamburger meat into smaller pieces with the spatula. Cook the meat to your liking and then turn off the stove and leave the frying pan on it.
4. Place the contents of the hot La Paloma enchilada sauce and turn the Crockpot on and press cook for eight hours.
5. Put the hamburger meat and beef tips in with the enchilada sauce. Make sure the liquid is mostly drained from the meat. It removes the large amount of fat from the liquid.
6. Wash the mushrooms, drain the water, and then put the mushrooms into the chili.
7. Drain the liquid from the pinto bean cans and place the beans in the Crockpot.
8. Open the microwave and place the two bags of frozen tomatoes on a plate. Push the “sensor heat” button. Let the tomatoes sit in the microwave until they are somewhat warm and squishy.
Next, place the tomatoes into the chili and break them apart with the spatula.
9. Gradually allow the 505 green chiles into the chile. Empty the bottle using a spoon.
10. The fill up the rest of the Crockpot, pour the mild La Paloma sauce on top.
11. Slowly and carefully stir the chili using the spatula and then taste test the chili. It might be a little cold, but it will definitely heat up after cooking for eight hours.
12. Allow the chili to cook for eight hours and taste test it using your designated testing spoon throughout the cooking time.
13. After the eight hours are up, grab your soup spoon to pour your desired amount of chili into a bowl.
14. Add the toppings you want to your chili and enjoy!

Chili can be made many different ways but this by far, is the best way to make chili. It will keep you warm and happy on a cold winter day. Stay warm and happy eating!

Chili on a Chilly Day