How Was Homecoming?

My school’s homecoming was yesterday, which is kind of late for a homecoming. I am definitely tired today and I slept in until around noon which was really nice. Homecoming was great!

My school does an entire celebratory week around homecoming with spirit-dress-up days, Llabtoof (Powder-puff football), a huge homecoming assembly, and the big home football game on Friday.  This year, our theme was games, board games, video games, really any type of game (not including sports). We called it “It’s Your Move: A Week of Games” and our spirit days revolved around the theme. We had Cranium Day where everyone dressed like a nerd, Dance Dance Revolution Day where everyone dressed in Jazzercise attire, school-spirit day, Game of Life Day where everyone dressed as either a baby, toddler, frat boy, mom, dad, or senior citizen, and then class color day. The days were easy to dress up for as well as a lot of fun. Who wouldn’t enjoy wearing leg warmers and fuzzy green dance spandex to school? (I definitely wore leggings under the spandex.) It was cool to see most of the students participate in the spirit days.

Throughout the week we also had our llabtoof game which is the powder-puff football game. The junior and senior girls played flag football and the junior and senior guys were the cheerleaders. Freshmen helped cheer for the juniors and sophomores cheered for the seniors. Before llabtoof, student council helped put on a tailgate and a lot of people came to hang out and eat some good food. It was really cool to see the entire school come together and have some fun. This all took place on Wednesday.

On Friday we had our homecoming pep-assembly which was sweet! We called it “Battleship” because the whole week was like a battle between the classes, like the game Battleship in a way. So clever… Anyway, there were several games that were played and there was a lot of cheering during the assembly. People seemed really excited about homecoming and I heard that many people think it was one of the best homecoming assemblies yet! At the big football game Friday night, we won 54-13 (YEAH!) and announced our homecoming royalty. Another special thing done that night was a presentation of roses to all of the alumni.

After all of the excitement during the week, on Saturday we had the dance which was themed Candyland, still tying into our theme of games in general. Even though the dance floor was small and our DJ could’ve been a bit more enthusiastic and passionate about his work, the dance was so much fun. We had a photo booth, jumbo chess, checkers, Connect 4, and even Dance Dance Revolution at the dance. There were a lot of activities for people to do besides dance and I think that helped make it a packed and successful homecoming.

I’m so glad homecoming went well and I hope it went well for all of you that attended it! I hope you all made smart decisions and made some lasting memories at homecoming. Most schools don’t have many dances, and homecoming is a special time in high school. Until next year! I’m probably going to go take a nap now. 🙂