Sugar, Spice, and Everything Ice

I know you’re sitting there looking for something fun to do. I also know that you’re wanting to get in the Christmas spirit. And oh my goodness, look at you sitting there looking at your screen somewhere in Colorado. Wow. I have a recommendation for you!! Check out Ice at the Gaylord! This is the… Continue reading Sugar, Spice, and Everything Ice

Christmas 2021

I know this is a day late but, Merry Christmas 2021! I hope you all had a wonderful, restful day with family and friends yesterday. Yesterday my family and I pretty much did nothing. It was fantastic. We had a nice breakfast in the morning which featured my great aunt’s cheesy potato casserole recipe. Since… Continue reading Christmas 2021

Reflecting on 2019

This year was quite the year. A lot happened. A lot always happens, but I feel like this year was especially good and also especially sad and hard. With that said, I’m reflecting on 2019 and looking back on the year I had. January: My family and I rang in the new year from our… Continue reading Reflecting on 2019

Back To School!

What a wonderful winter break it has been! After five weeks at home, I am headed back to school tomorrow. There are no classes tomorrow, but I do want a little bit of time to get settled back in and get all of my textbooks and materials. And in honor of the big “challenge” going… Continue reading Back To School!

Christmas 2018… Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas 2018 is coming in quick! I tend to leave these posts a bit shorter just because the holidays are always a busy time and this year, my family and I procrastinated BIG TIME. I still have so much shopping to do for my family and our neighbors. AH. It’s fine. Anyway, I would just… Continue reading Christmas 2018… Merry Christmas Everyone!

What the Holidays Mean to Me

The holidays are upon us, and I feel like every year, Christmas especially, becomes more and more commercialized. Businesses and companies press on people to buy this and buy that. There are pre-Christmas sales and after-Christmas sales, and I understand that these places have to make money, but society has absorbed the idea that gift-buying… Continue reading What the Holidays Mean to Me

Left-Right Gag Gift Game

Every year for the past few Christmases, my family has done a left-right gag gift game. The idea is to pass wrapped gag gifts around a table with your family or friends according to directions of a special story. Usually my sister and I find one on the Internet, but this year I forgot to… Continue reading Left-Right Gag Gift Game