Carpe Futurum

Carpe Futurum- seize the future. For my leadership conference I will be attending during the presidential inauguration, we had the opportunity to post a video on YouTube answering a question given to us. I chose to answer the question of “What does carpe futurum mean to me?”.

To me, carpe futurum means to take advantage of the opportunities you are given and never be afraid to take chances.

In my video, I mentioned the opportunity I have this summer to attend IMTA with my modeling and talent agency. Of course I took the opportunity because I know that it’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Attending IMTA will boost my confidence, help me gain different leadership skills, as I will learn how to observe and listen to people in a different way. I will also better develop my communication skills in a professional, more business-like manner. The opportunity with this leadership summit I will be attending also applies to carpe futurum. I know that I want to be in charge of my own dental or medical practice some day and the skills I’ve learned throughout my years in school and in student council as well as what I learn in this summit will prepare me to be the person I see myself as in my future.

This video is kind of embarrassing to me, but my mom insisted on me sharing it with everyone, so, if you feel like watching it, please go right ahead.

Have a good week everyone!