Check Out!

I hope you’re all having a great summer so far. I know it has been one crazy summer for me with all of my classes and everything, but it has still been a fun one. My sister just recently decided to update her website and fully commit to keeping up her blog (YAY) so I invite you all to check it out at!

She’s a fantastic creative writer and she’s planning on posting about regular-everyday stuff as well as her creative writing pieces like poems and some critiques. She has the full layout as to what she plans to post and she also plans to post more frequently than I do, haha. From what I can remember, Sundays will be regular blog days, Mondays will be movie and music reviews, and Thursdays will be short stories and poems. A lot of fun stuff is in store at 🙂 I’m most excited for the poems and short stories she writes!

She’s had the domain and website up for a long time. She just hasn’t been able to get around to writing and I’m SO EXCITED that she’s finally going to keep it up. She’s a super talented writer and sometimes I don’t think she believes that. I’m hoping you’ll all go show her some love and support and check it out.

Sorry this post isn’t all that exciting I just really wanted to give Allyson’s blog a shoutout today and give her some support. 🙂 I’ll see you all next Sunday!

Another Year of Blogging!

Well my friends. Here we are again. Another year, another blogiversary. Yay for more blogging! Including this post, we have reached 247 posts, a lot of pictures and way over 10,000 views. For all of that and for all of you I say thank you. 🙂

Thanks again for being here to read everything I have to say. Thank you for being here to listen to my rants and hear about my adventures and struggles and journey through life. Blogging really is just so much fun. If you’re bored and looking for something to do, I totally recommend blogging. There’s really a lot you can do with it!

It’s crazy to think that little, high school freshman me started this off and here I am now, a sophomore in COLLEGE still writing for the same blog. I’m clearly boot-free by now (anyone been around since then? haha), still have my sweet little, wonderful doggies Marty and Boo, gained a feathery friend (was Bobo in the last Blogiversary??), learned that chemistry is super hard and NOT a favorite class of mine, and of course continued to spend time and love life with my wonderful family and friends.

It’s crazy to think that this will be my last Blogiversary as a teenager too. The big 20 is coming up in October. It’ll be my golden birthday too! I’ve got two-and-a-half years left of college. My sister goes OFF to college this upcoming fall. I take the DAT for dental school NEXT summer. Life is happening so fast, wow. With that in mind though, it’s important to be thankful for what we have in the moment and cherish it all right as it happens.

With that in mind, I hope you all have a wonderful week. I’m so thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to pick up blogging and share my life and thoughts will you all. Don’t forget to live in the moment and be thankful for even the little things. 🙂 See you next Sunday.

10,000 Thanks

10000 thanks

This past Monday, this blog hit a big milestone in my opinion. We reached 10,000 views! To some of you, you may be thinking, “Yeah, 10,000 views, whatever. That really means nothing. Not that big of a deal.” That’s ok if that’s what you think, but to me, this was a pretty big deal. That means that people are reading this blog and what I write! And hopefully that means that you’re enjoying what I’m writing and feel inclined to come back every week. So for that, and for this week’s blog I’d just like to take some time to reflect on the life of my blog and say thank you, 10,000 times.

I really never thought this blog would amount to anything to be completely honest. I started doing this all for myself to share my love for writing and put my thoughts and feelings and ideas somewhere I could look back on later in life but I never really thought that others would get on board.

Disregarding my welcome post, my first actual blog post was published June 8, 2014 and it was about some tips for tennis tournaments. From there, I posted about a variety of things, that those of you who’ve been around a long time probably know about.

I wrote about my two injuries, both to my sesamoid on the bottom of my left foot as well as my peroneal tendon subluxation and eventual surgery on my left ankle. During the two years I dealt with injury and wasn’t really able to play any sport at the level I was used to at the time, this blog and my website were a great place for me to put my energy and time into. I was able to share my thoughts and love for the things I do and love in life here and I think that my blog really helped keep me sane during that time of my life.

I shared experiences from my numerous trips to New Mexico and also Omaha, Nebraska, New York, and most recently Hawaii. I’ve talked about all of my breaks during school from getting off of summer break, to spending time with family during Thanksgiving break, to the joys of winter break, and also spring break, which I recently came back from. Even just my adventures around Colorado are written about here on my blog, and those have been a lot of fun to go back and look through.

This blog has been a place for me to share stories of times with my families and my sweet, amazing little dogs, Marty and Boo. And when Bobo, my green-cheeked conure became a part of my family, you all heard about that too.

From the time I started high school, to graduating near the top of my class, you’ve been with me. From the beginning of my college experience to March 31st, 2019, you’ve been here too. From every goofy, random post about polar bears and my favorite foods to eat on rainy days, you’ve been here and listened to what I have to say and I really, really appreciate it.

So thank you. Thank you all for being here to hear what I have to say. Thank you for sticking around, through good and bad posts and good and bad times. Thank you for hopefully enjoying what I write and giving me something to get excited for. Getting ready to post on Sundays has become one of the highlights of my weeks and thinking of post ideas has become a really fun part of my week too.

So here’s to the next 10,000 views. I’m excited to see what’s in store for this blog and my website and the future in general! Thanks again for being the amazing people you all are. Thank you for taking a little bit of time out of your day to read this blog and spend some time with me. Have a good week everyone. 🙂

My Dance History

Here’s the song that my solo was to. The dance was only two minutes but the song itself is around five. Enjoy 🙂

Hi everyone! Just a quick note before this post: this piece is something I put together for my honors seminar on movement and dance. So, there might be a couple of quotes and also a works cited at the bottom of this. Haha sorry but plagiarism is no joke! I also have to cite myself to avoid self-plagiarism. What a world! Anyway, we were asked to reflect on our movement history and for this, I focused more on dance. Honestly, if I involved everything, this would be a 400 page novel. I hope you enjoy!

At the age of four, my parents enrolled me in ballet classes at the School of Ballet Nouveau Colorado. It was no surprise that I began ballet classes at a young age considering that my mom also took ballet classes until she was fifteen. Ballet has always been a passion of my mom’s and tennis and volleyball have always been my dad’s passions so there was absolutely bound to be activity in my life. My mom wanted a place for me to be active, make friends, and develop good posture and flexibility, so ballet was the first activity for me to try. I was always on the move as a child and so my mom figured ballet would be the perfect place to become connected with my movement and experiment with the different, more graceful movements associated with ballet.

As a toddler I excelled in my basic, baby ballet classes. My teachers praised me for my long legs and posture and quickly advanced me. I soon found myself working on tendus, battements, and pliés at the barre with the six year olds, which was quite intimidating considering that some of the girls were a foot taller than me. I feel that I was at an advantage because of how my parents raised me. I was a very sheltered and protected child who received a lot of love and care from both of my parents. The love, care, and attention from my parents, all “environmental factors”, contributed to how aware I was of my body as a four year old and helped me pick up ballet and all other activities I participated in easily. The attention and support from my parents allowed me to understand that I was taking ballet classes for fun and to enjoy being a kid over anything that some ballet school or society expected of me. I danced at Ballet Nouveau until I was six and then I wouldn’t dance again for another four years.

When I turned ten, I began taking hip hop classes at a local dance studio. The new loud, different music and quick, sharp movements proved to be much more challenging for me, but I stuck with it. This time around I was much less afraid of the older kids and I used being the youngest to my advantage. When we first began learning dances, I acted as a copycat to the girl standing in front of me. Her movements became my movements and her expressions became my expressions. The hip hop world appeared to be quite different from the culture and background I was accustomed to but it was fresh, exciting, and fun to explore. Like with the girl in my hip hop class, I became a mini replica of the hip hop dancers I watched on the internet, following their every move. This technical approach allowed me to “copy a dance technique that [was] identified and valued as worthwhile for training”  and once I became more confident in my abilities, I added my own expression and personality to my movements. After my first hip hop performance on stage at my studio’s recital, I felt so invigorated and proud. I knew that I wanted to continue dancing. The following dance season, I made the competition hip hop team at my dance studio and loved every second of it. That team went on to win gold and platinum for both of our dances at two of the three competitions we competed at in the spring. I competed with the same hip hop team for another dance season and even added tap to my repertoire.

After those two dance seasons, volleyball and dance overwhelmed my schedule so I was unable to dance with my studio’s competitive teams, but I was able to perform a solo at the recital. As “Dancing Shoes” by DEV played at the recital, I gained more air off of each leap that I performed. My heart pounded to the beat of the music as I looked out past the bright lights to find my parents and sister in the crowd. As my solo came to an end, I could really do nothing but smile. I had truly missed dancing for a year and so having the opportunity to perform a solo I had worked so hard on was incredible. Dance was no longer just a hobby to me, but it had become an art form. Dance had meant something special to me with my past competitive dance seasons but it had become something powerful after my solo. Dance had evolved to become a celebration of experience and progress. Dance could “function as entertainment [or] therapy” for when I felt bored, sad, angry, or even happy. This gave me a deeper appreciation of the sport and art that I had spent hours practicing and dedicating my life too.

The next competitive dance season, I was able to join my studio’s competitive teams again. I had added jazz and lyrical to my list of classes too. In addition to all of these classes and training, I was also taking ballet and technique classes in order to strengthen my muscles and perfect every little movement to appear flawless onstage. One of my most vivid dance memories was from my Thursday night technique class when I had already been in the studio for three hours and was finishing my night. I was exhausted and my teacher had us working on tours en seconde. I was struggling to get the rhythm down and kept losing momentum. All of the other girls in my technique class were executing tours en seconde beautifully and I was not. As I was getting ready to leave the studio that night, my teacher pulled me over and we had a conversation about my struggles. She noticed that I was frustrated and talked with me about my tours en seconde. My teacher told me that I shouldn’t compare myself to the other girls or stress about the situation. She helped me feel much more relaxed and less worried about how I danced in comparison to others. Society often builds us up to compare ourselves to others when looking at flawless people in magazines and on TV and social media, but that is not the real world. Realizing that the only person I need to compare myself to is me was enlightening. This helped me realize that I need to let go of my tensions when dancing and working on new skills. I learned that the mind will “guide the body through the imperfections of the movement” and this idea enabled me to feel more confident in my dancing abilities and allowed me to grow my passion for dance because I was dancing for myself, not for the approval of others.

Unfortunately, that competitive season of dance would be my last. During competitive season, I injured my foot either in ballet or jazz class. I performed all season in pain thinking that the injury was no big deal. My injury was unfortunately no pulled muscle or overworked joint but a bone fracture that eventually wiped out my possibilities of ever going on pointe. (Those of you that have been around know about this one!) It also made dancing competitively at the level I previously danced at practically impossible because of all of the strain and impact my foot and ankle would suffer. So from that point until now, I have danced but not like I once did. I have worked to come back to dance as best I can but even through training, my ankle will never be the same. I’ve learned to accept that “some differences between [physical capabilities] need to be celebrated rather than fought” and I’ve come to appreciate the experiences and opportunities dance gave me while I was still a healthy dancer.

Through dance, my mom was able to live through me and my dad was able to experience a sport he’d never dealt with much. My sister was able to have a friend to dance alongside and I was able to share my passion for dance with my family and friends when they asked me to perform for them at family get-togethers. While I may not be able to dance as well as I used to, I still play tennis and maintain the high level of activity and discipline that dance instilled in me. I still enjoy the sense of rhythm and ability to explore movement as well as the many wonderful cultures dance is associated with. I may no longer be the little Polichinelle I once was or ever become the Clara I could’ve been, but I can still watch both girls on old videos and the internet and love the movement and music and art for what it is.

Horvath, A. (2019). Every Body Has a History. Unpublished manuscript, Colorado State University
Nadel, Myron Howard, and Marc Raymond Strauss. The Dance Experience Insights into History, Culture, and Creativity. Princeton Book Company, 2014.
Schrader, Constance A. A Sense of Dance: Exploring Your Movement Potential. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2005.

A Bit More About Me

about me

These kinds of posts are always fun for me to write. I wish that there was a way for me to able to get to know all of you, my readers a little better, but I’m not quite sure how! There’s a post I wrote in 2017 sharing a couple of facts about myself, and I feel like there’s a lot you still don’t know, so here’s some more stuff about me that you might wanna know! Check out the link that I’ve attached to read that post too. 🙂

  1. I’m 5′ 8″. When I was younger, I also grew waaaaay too fast. My body had a lot of fun adjusting to that.
  2. I’m a biology major at Colorado State University. I’m in the honors program also and I’m on the pre-dental track.
  3. The Selection by Kiera Cass is my all-time favorite book series ever.
  4. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 17. I was sick the day I went in for my picture also, so it’s a terrifying little card to look at. Haha.
  5. I love boots. My favorite brand currently is Freebird but I also enjoy a good pair of fuzzy, warm UGGs. Ankle boots, combat boots, knee high boots, you name them and I probably have them… I actually want to get a job at Freebird over the summer so I can get discounts on their boots and just be around a super cute store. 🙂
  6. I’m missing a tear duct in my right eye. I can still cry out of my right eye, it just means that it’s constantly teary. So I get the question, “Have you been crying” or “Are you okay?” frequently. Thanks genetics!
  7. I still hate oatmeal. The texture is just not a favorite. I also have a really hard time eating yogurt. It’s just something about the texture as I eat it over time…
  8. I made the Dean’s List my first semester of college. Woohoo!
  9. Holographic things intrigue me a lot. I can thank one of my favorite YouTubers, Simply Nailogical for that.
  10. I’d love to see Maria Sharapova, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic play in person. I’ve seen them play on TV and they’re just amazing players, but I would just be over the moon if I had the opportunity to actually watch them play. Also, this might totally be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t like Serena Williams as a tennis player! Her style just doesn’t impress me. I respect her, but I just don’t like her.

So I hope you enjoyed these ten facts about me. Some of them are pretty random, but they’re kinda fun and silly and I hope you enjoyed them and learned something new on this Sunday haha. Have a wonderful week everyone!

Knowing What’s Real in the Modeling and Acting Industries


Before I get started on this post, I would like to make it clear that I am not trying to trash any particular agency or group. I am simply sharing my experience and hopefully helping those who are interested in the modeling and acting industries stay away from scams and fakes. There are a lot of great agencies and people out there who will truly help you get what you want and there are also a lot of agencies and people who are completely in it for the money.

If the modeling and/or acting industries are something you are interested in getting into, I HIGHLY recommend doing as much research as you can on the various agencies in your area and in your state or country. I recommend learning about which agencies are legit and which are not. I recommend reading about the strengths of each agency and seeing if they are the best fit for you and what you want. Remember that you SHOULD NEVER be asked to pay to attend an audition or casting if the agency is legit. You should also never have to pay to join an agency. Any contracts signed or deals made should involve no payments on your part.

Onto my story now. I’ve been a part of an agency in Denver for the past couple of years that required me to pay to attend a “modeling” school for 60 hours. That part should have IMMEDIATELY been a red flag to my family and I but we went on with it because the deal seemed very legit. You attend the modeling/acting school every other Saturday until you complete the course and then you get a contract with the agency tied to the school and then you have the opportunity to get local work as a model or actor. This agency also attends an “international” modeling and acting convention which gives aspiring models and actors the opportunity to showcase themselves before casting directors and various agencies from around the world. To this day, I still question the legitimacy of many of the agencies that attend the convention. There are a couple of agencies that attend this particular convention that I know are real but I’m still a bit iffy. And guess what? If you’re selected to be a part of this “elite team” to attend the convention, YOU HAVE TO PAY TO GO. Hmmmmm. Even more fishy now, right?

Ever since that trip in 2016 (I think?) I have been on the hunt for a better agency and I’m working on it, but I have to wait until my contract finishes with this agency. This past year, I dealt with some extremely odd incidents with them. About part way through the year, my mom received an email that they had dropped me. There was no explanation. So my mom called the agency and they explained that my contract had expired and that I was no longer with them. They told me that they would still love to represent me though and see me again in classes. Interestingly enough though, my contract had not expired… We moved on from that and continued with the agency and that brings me to yesterday now.

Yesterday, I attended a pre-casting for our upcoming fashion week at my agency. They were worried about sending too many models to the actual audition so they help a pre-audition. Fair enough. I arrived and walked before the agency director and her secretary and all of the other models in the pre-casting. I have been practicing my walking for months and I know that I’ve been putting the work in, since I competed at Miss Colorado USA last October. After all of the models walked, the director made a decision and I was not selected to attend the actual casting.

That part didn’t bug me. It was the comments after. My director stood before all of the models after the decisions were made and said that she was highly disappointed in some of her previous convention attendees (like myself). She mentioned being embarrassed and then recommended I come back for more classes! I know that I’ve worked hard to have the body I currently do and I know that my runway walk was better than half of the models that were picked to attend the real casting! And while I do want to give credit to some of the girls that walked at that precasting that should walk at a big fashion week event like the one coming up, many of the models there would NEVER be cast for something like that if they were with a legit agency.

I find it extremely frustrating that I allowed myself to get into a situation like this and I hope that those of you reading this who aspire to be actors or actresses or models learn to be careful and not make the same mistakes I have. I feel that somehow, I belong in either the modeling or acting world and I will continue to put my best foot forward and put myself out there. Now though, I know that I will never allow what happened to me to ever happen again. Have a good week.

Turning 19

And just like that, another year is gone and now I’m 19. This year has been a year of good and bad times, like all and I learned a lot going into my first technical year of “adulthood”. So here’s to 19 and all the wonderful memories of being 18.

  • For one, shortly after my birthday, I got my wisdom teeth out. Woohoo! (I hope you’re picking up on the sarcasm here.) And guess who got to fill out her own paper work? This girl!
  • I ended my career in juniors’ tennis. 🙁 While I haven’t been able to play as much tennis now that school is in full swing, I plan to stay around the sport for the rest of my life. There’s no time to be sad about this though! With the end of my junior career comes the beautiful opportunity to kick some booty in the women’s divisions. This past summer I won the Longmont Open in the 3.5 singles and the Boulder Babolat Open in the 4.0 singles divisions. I started low just to see where I truly fit in, and I think I’ve figured that out now. I love tennis!
  • I graduated from high school! That was pretty cool and I also got to speak at graduation which was such an honor. And shortly after graduation, my aunt and uncle took me on the trip of a lifetime to Oahu. I am forever grateful to them for that beautiful trip. So many wonderful memories and also I’m totally not addicted to Maui Sweet Onion Chips or Honolulu Cookie Company cookies now.  

This 18th year was spent with family and good friends and just good people in general. I hope that I’ve been able to have an impact on their lives in the same way they’ve impacted mine. I can’t wait to see what this next circle around the sun has in store for me. I’m so thankful for the wonderful life I’ve been given and there’s a lot I have to accomplish. Here’s to 19! Have a wonderful week everyone! 🙂

Here’s to Another Year of Blogging!

Wow it’s already July! Summer has flown by. I also realized that after a crazy June and my big chunk of Hawaii posts, I totally forgot about my blogiversary which was in early June. This post actually marks my 201st post too!

I just wanted to thank you all for reading my blog and taking time out of your day to visit my website. I truly hope that you’ve enjoyed the content because I’ve enjoyed putting in the work to make it all happen! I feel that I’ve come a long way as a writer and person. It’s crazy to also think that I started this blog as a rising high school freshman. At that time, this blog was a good way for me to do something since I was trapped in that stupid boot. At that time, I was dealing with a sesamoid fracture and I feel like I was really struggling. I honestly wasn’t excited about going to a totally new school that was HUGE compared to the small charter school I had been at my entire life.

As high school progressed, I wrote more and learned more, and this blog became such a big part of who I am. I love writing and thinking of fun things to post. I love coming up with ways to keep my website looking clean and professional and reflective of my personality. Sometimes I struggle to get posts up on time but I work extremely hard to make sure I get content up as soon as I can. I plan to continue this blog as my journey in college begins and I’m excited to see where this takes me!yay for the blog

The Ending of My High School Tennis Career

Regionals finished this past week and for the first time, I’m not going to state. Some of you might think, “Yeah, whoopee, big deal,” but to me this is a huge deal. Since before my freshman year, I told myself that my goal for high school tennis would be to qualify for state for all four years. Despite my injuries, I worked my tail off to get to where I wanted to be. After some reflection, here’s what I wrote as my last entry in my tennis journal for high school season. It’s honestly pretty sad, but it’s how I was feeling.

I honestly prefer not to comment on this match like I usually do. (Sidenote: I usually talk about what I did well, what I need to work on, and my opponent’s playing style.) After hoping I’d get a playback match, I sadly and unfortunately write that I will not be going to state this year. After all my hard work, I missed my dream and goal. Gone. Finished. After losing, I needed some time to think, and clearly even a day or two after, I am really still not emotionally ready. My dad tells me I was “this close” but for something like regionals, “this close” doesn’t cut it. What did I do wrong? Did I not work hard enough? What could I have done to actually make myself proud? I really didn’t want my season to end this way, nor did I expect it, but it is what it is now. I really saw myself going to state one last time. I really pictured the next patch on my letterman jacket. I really saw myself walking into Gates Tennis Center ready for another fun time with my teammates. I know I can’t take it all out on myself and I truly do recognize that she played phenomenally. I guess she wanted it a little more than I did. I guess she’s just a little more in shape than me. I guess that’s just how it was meant to play out. My high school season is over, and yes, it SUCKED, it watch the rest of my team play at the second day of regionals. I felt that I belonged out there with them. I wanted to go to state with our 2, 3, and 4 doubles as well as my sister. Everything happens for a reason and I hope that I’ll eventually see the good in me losing this match. Thank you to everyone who made my high school tennis career what it was. I’m sorry it ended this way but thank you for making it what it was, regardless. Thank you for making me the player I am today and thanks for believing in me, even when I didn’t. Goodbye high school tennis. It’s been a wonderful experience.

After reading over my own writing, and taking some time to think about it, this experience was very humbling. Regardless of what my results are, I’m SO incredibly proud of the girls on my team that did qualify for state. I know they’re gonna crush it this next week. I’ve also learned that there’s just some things and dreams you can’t completely control and you shouldn’t destroy yourself over things like this. If things always worked out the way we want them to, we’d never become better people or learn from our mistakes. I’m going to miss high school tennis a lot, but I look forward to all of the other opportunities tennis has in store for me. It’s a lifelong sport and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

Broomfield Holy Family Girls Tennis
Picture credits to Cliff Grassmick at the Daily Camera


I’m Competing in Miss Colorado!

Not too long ago, I received mail from Future Productions and the Miss Universe Organization, which are the companies that put on the Miss Colorado, Miss USA, and Miss Universe pageants. They wanted me to send in my pictures and information to see if I could compete in the Miss Colorado pageant. I am very excited to announce that October 26 and 27th, I will be competing for the Miss Colorado crown in Greeley.

For those of you who didn’t know, I used to compete in pageants. When I was in 3rd and 4th grade (I think) I participated in the National American Miss pageants. My second year, I got the Spirit of America award, which had something to do with my performance in multiple divisions. That was cool. I never finished top 10 but I always finished very high in each of the categories which was exciting for me and my family.

For the Miss Colorado pageant, there will be a swimwear, formal, and interview round and we’ll just see how it goes! I’m definitely going to be on the younger end of this pageant since the ages range from 18 to 28. It’ll be fun to see the different levels of experience and the different girls and women that are there in general. I’m also very excited to see how my experience from modeling and acting will contribute to this experience. The Miss Universe Organization lives by their motto, “Confidently Beautiful” and personally, I’ve struggled to like my body and its image. I hope that through this experience, I build confidence and figure out how to love myself a little more.

I’ll keep you all updated on how this experience goes for me and I’m so honored to have been picked to fight for the Miss Colorado crown. I honestly never thought my pageant days would make a return, but haha, here we are. If you’d like to stay updated with the pageant and other pageants under the Miss Universe Organization, click here. Have a beautiful week you beautiful people!