Tips for Starting and Keeping a Bullet Journal

Diary meets planner meets to to-do list. Bullet journals have become quite popular recently. So many of the kids at school as well as my teachers have started using bullet journals to organize their thoughts and lives. I too, have started a bullet journal and it is one of the most fun things I do. Bullet journals make great planners and the possibilities are honestly endless as to what you can do with a bullet journal. Here’s a few tips for keeping a nice bullet journal.

  • Get a nice journal. You should pick a journal that reflects you and your personality. I recommend something smaller, that is easier to carry around.
  • Get a collection of pens, calligraphy pens, markers, colored pencils, etc. Having a variety of writing utensils to work with makes working on your journal so much fun. Color-coding things is a great way to stay organized too.
  • Keep a daily/weekly/monthly planner in your bullet journal. Currently, I use my bullet journal as more of a monthly planner because I’ve established a separate system for my planner. There’s a lot of people that use their bullet journal as their planner, and honestly, I think that’s the best way to go. This helps you stay super organized and on-top-of your schedule from a day to day basis. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to create each weekly and daily planner.
  • Create a key and stick to it. This adds to the organization aspect of the journal but also helps with consistency of it overall. With my journal, my key is set up that certain highlighted things represent different parts of my life like: tennis, work, school, and so on. Different symbols also mean different things, like a light bulb may represent an idea or a heart may represent a birthday or special occasion. For tasks, and this goes specifically with my to-do lists, I typically use boxes and when they are completed, they are checked off. If there’s an appointment, that typically gets a box as well, but then it receives a special additional symbol to remind me that it’s an appointment. There’s a lot you can do with a key, just stay consistent and actually use it.
  • Let your creativity run wild. Bullet journals are a fantastic way to express yourself and work on your artistic abilities. For those who aren’t quite art-oriented, Pinterest and the internet in general are great resources for inspiration. Some pages in your journal should be dedicated to doodling or coloring or drawing pretty pictures, and so let your mind do it’s thing.
  • Don’t stress over a bullet journal. Bullet journals are meant to be something you want to do and something you’re willing to spend time on. If you’re stressing about your bullet journal or freaking out about it, you might want to reconsider having a bullet journal.
  • Share bullet-journaling ideas with others. Several of my friends and I spend time weekly showing each other our bullet journals. This is a great way to bond and also a great way to see how others work through their bullet journal. I’ve gotten a bunch of creative and fun ideas from collaborating on my bullet journal. If none of your friends have a bullet journal, there’s Facebook groups for bullet journaling as well as plenty of ideas on Pinterest.

Organization is key when it comes to bullet journals and I strongly believe that they are a great way to help organize your life. There’s so much you can track in a bullet journal too, from your sleep habits to your mood and even the books you read and the movies you love. If you want something fun to do and a great way to get your life together, try a bullet journal. If you’d like additional information on bullet journals and even more on how to get one started, click here. Happy journaling!

Bullet Journal

Three Years Later, Thank You All So Much!

This is crazy. I can’t believe I’ve actually kept this up for three years now. Well actually on Wednesday it’ll be three years, but it’s fine. I’ll celebrate today. 😉

I’d just like to give a big hug and thanks to everyone that’s read my blog. Whether you’re just now reading this one or you’ve been around for a while, thank you. I’ve been able to share my opinions and my writing with you for the past three years and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve written about everything from my favorite soup recipe to recently my junior prom. I’ve posted videos of my sister and I making Dubsmashes and I’ve shared a variety of quotes and poems that make me happy. I hope all of this has also made you happy or given you something to think about or some information you maybe didn’t know.

Without my dad giving me this website, I might not have become the writer I am today. Thanks Dad! 🙂 I might not have had the confidence to write about some of the things I have on this blog and in school. I might not have become more open with my feelings and thoughts. Thanks to all you readers too for dealing with my feelings, thoughts, obsessions, and ideas.

As of right now, I’m above 5,000 views on this blog which is above anything I ever imagined and this will be the 155th blog post. That’s a lot of writing! Some weeks, it’s been difficult to come up with actual ideas and so I’ve had to dig deep and sometimes they turn out really good and sometimes you get something really random like a post about fruit or polar bears. Sometimes I’m really passionate about something and you get multiple posts on that topic like with all of the posts about JFK and tennis, especially when dealing with sportsmanship.

I hope this blog is something I keep up for years to come. It’s been fun to write and create posts for the past three years. It’s been fun knowing that people are out there reading my writing and hopefully enjoying it. Once again, thank you for allowing me to share my life and loves with you. Here’s to many more years of blog posts. Thanks again!

Love, Ana


JFK Assassination Vignette

If you’ve been a round for a while, you may have noticed that I have a slight obsession with the JFK administration and Kennedy’s presidency. In AP Lang, we had the opportunity to pick any event in time and write a short piece about that moment. I picked the JFK assassination and wrote from the perspective of Lyndon B. Johnson as they were getting ready to leave Texas and head back to Washington D.C. Enjoy.

The heat was unbearable. The crowd was unbearable. The news was unbearable. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson stood as a crumbling stone wall aboard Air Force One. Franticly searching around the stateroom, he cried, “We can’t leave Dallas yet. Please!” This was all happening too fast. The arrival at the airport, the breakfast, the parade, and then the gunshots. He turned to Mrs. Kennedy who stared blankly at the floor, covered in the brains and blood of her deceased husband. President Kennedy was dead, dead as the Camelot he had fought so hard for. Johnson trembled as he placed his left hand on the Bible then raised his right hand to recite the oath of office. He fought to hold tears from rushing down his cheeks. He had lost his co-worker, his friend, his president. Johnson finally pleaded, “So help me God.” and with these last words, he became the next fearless leader of the United States of America. With the tragic events of the past few hours, the country watched as a peaceful river turned into a raging, destructive torrent after heavy rain. Once the rain had cleared, the river calmed back down and left fertile, new land to grow on. The country would grow strong again and Johnson would lead the way.  

JFK Assassination Vignette

Why I am a Self-Critic

Recently in AP Lang, we had a creative writing assignment inspired by a piece by Zitkala-Sa titled “Why I am a Pagan”. I chose to write about why I am so hard on myself and here is that piece. Enjoy.

Heavy breathing. Sweat dripping. Mind racing. There was no way I’m going to pull off this match. Two hours pass under the glaring sun and I’m still out on the battlefield. My back burns as the heat stabs into it. My feet burn as I dash madly from sideline to sideline in a frantic attempt to keep myself from raising that white flag. My heart burns as I watch the championship match against my nemesis go up in flames. No matter how many serves I sent penetrating the enemy’s walls or how many shots I fired evening the playing field it wasn’t enough. It never seems to be enough.

My last play haunts my mind as I walk up to the net. “You just had to miss it in the net didn’t you Ana? I can’t believe you just let that happen. It’s not like that doesn’t happen at least six or seven times in a match. You’ve been working on that! Get a grip!” My opponent and I may have ceased fire on the court but that ceasefire hasn’t reached the strident voice nagging me in my head. I hold back my frustration and overwhelming feeling of crying as we shake hands and head off the court to our families.  

I knew my family would be proud of me. They always are. They’ll see that I worked hard out on the court. Or did I? Was I good enough out there?

As I fasten my seatbelt in the car, a single tear rolls down my cheek. And then a second. And then a third. And then a flash flood rumbles down the hill. It seems like no matter how hard I push myself out there, I’m trapped swimming just below the surface of the ocean. I’m left to wander and explore the vastness of the watery depths. I’m breathless. It seems like no matter hard I work on the court, I’m doomed to endure the harsh conditions of a summitless mountain. Progress may be made but sometimes it feels like I’m headed nowhere. I see the same old trees on that horrendous mountain and every time I have to cross that river or climb over that boulder, I might vomit out of disgust. “We’re here again?! I thought we were over this already?”

I look out the window from the backseat of the car and watch as the cars, trees, and houses go by. As my dad navigates through Colorado Springs, my mom turns to me.

“Ana, you know not to be so hard on yourself. This is silly behavior. You are stronger than this. You made it to the championship, for goodness sake! Be proud of yourself for that! And who cares about some Jessica-messica Do not let that get to you, okay?”

My mom may be right. I shouldn’t let someone with poor sportsmanship like that get to me. I shouldn’t be my own worst enemy. I shouldn’t hate myself so much for losing a match in the championship of a tournament, but I have to.

Hating on myself and kicking myself in the butt for making mistakes motivates me to be better. Losing sucks, I’ll admit it, but it allows me to learn from my mistakes. I may never reach the summit of that awful mountain and I may never get to breathe the fresh, salty air by sticking my head above the water, but I’ll be able to learn from my experiences. Being critical of myself allows me to give flight to the strong, beautiful butterflies that were once weak and struggling caterpillars in my life. To some, being hard on yourself is detrimental. It’s pointless. It’s silly behavior. I don’t see it that way. I see it as an opportunity to educate myself and improve who I am. There is no limit to improvement and I am endlessly willing to become better in all I do. If this is self-improvement and growth, then forevermore, at least, I am a self-critic.

Why I am a Self-Critic
Credit to artist. Not my piece 🙂

On Fam: A Word I Absolutely Hate

It’s lit, fam. You’re the best, fam. There’s no better fam than my fam. Oh, I’m sure there is and I’m also sure that there’s a better word to describe those we refer to as family. Fam is a word I despise and every time I hear it, I cringe. It’s like hearing styrofoam rub against a cardboard surface, ever, so, slowly, making me shudder and causing the hairs on the back of my neck to rise. Fam strips away the elegant characteristics and harmony of the beautiful painting created by the word family, and transforms them into a disarray of ugly browns and greens.

Being the artistic catastrophe it is, the word is quite a hideous one. It can be understood that in a world drowning in technology and shortcuts to an easier, simpler life, people would want to shorten their speech. But to shorten words that carry importance and value? I don’t think so. Family, as a word, dances with grace and poise over those who know the word well. It makes us feel loved, supported, at home. Fam, on the other hand, is a lump of mystery meat handed to us by the lunch lady at school. Disgusting.

People want to show love and acceptance by those they hold close to them, but calling them fam is throwing them the weak, brittle twig to grasp onto when they’re waist deep in a bottomless pit of quicksand. Calling them fam is being the querulous toddler tugging constantly on his mother’s jacket at the grocery store, whining for his favorite chocolate bar. Calling them fam is being the person that won’t stop asking, “Are we there yet?” on a never-ending road trip. Calling them fam is finishing the bowl of popcorn while watching the big Sunday night football game and not having the “energy” to get up and go get more. Using this word makes a person sound uneducated and lazy because the word itself sounds lackadaisical, aggravating, and straight up ridiculous.

Then again, after a long day at school, when I’m feeling drained, I might turn to the more slothful side of me. When I trudge in through the front door I’ll greet my fam, tell my fam how lit my day was, and then head upstairs to make a dent in my pile of homework. Sounds like a plan? Absolutely not! The people I call family and the people I call friends deserve a more beautiful word, and a beautiful word like family deserves to be used for the people I cherish in life. Our friends and our families mean much more to us than an atrocious three-letter word, so we should use a more righteous word to demonstrate that.

On Fam: A Word I Absolutely Hate

My Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

There goes another year! This one’s been a good one, now that I’m not wearing that silly boot anymore! (We all know how much I enjoyed wearing that stupid thing.)

School has been hard this year but I think you already knew that based on the piles of homework I come home with and the lack of sleep I get. Yeesh! Despite that, school has been awesome and I’ve loved all of my teachers and classes this year. If you could though, I’d really appreciate if you found a way to get my teachers to give out less homework. Thanks in advance!

Tennis has been a lot of fun and I’ve really enjoyed spending all of the time I have on the court with my dad and sister. This past summer and winter have been a lot of fun. Can’t wait for more! 🙂

I’m really excited to go to D.C. in January and I also can’t wait for New York this summer. I hope I learn a lot and have fun. Please wish me luck there!

And for the record, two homecomings is a lot of work. I didn’t know that if you attend two separate homecomings, you have to buy TWO different dresses. There’s good stuff other than finding the area under a parabola and SAT prep vocab that you learn in high school.

Thanks for all of the amazing things you’ve done for my sister and I over the years and for being the amazing, magical person you are. Safe travels!

Ana Horvath

My Letter to Santa

Empowered Poem

I played in a tennis tournament yesterday that went really well. I feel like I’ve been struggling a bit lately to feel confident in my playing, but yesterday helped boost that. I may have won three of my matches and lost three of my matches, but everything I learned will help me improve my actual game as well as my mental game.

It’s also really awesome that fall is starting to actually show up on the trees here in Colorado. We had a nice, rainy day this week and I got to wear a cozy sweater and feel all bundled up. Winter is definitely my favorite season, but fall comes in at a close second.

Anyways, I’ve been able to do a lot of writing in my AP Lang class and we recently were able to write poems based off of pictures we took of words throughout the school. Here’s what I came up with. Enjoy!

No one can make you inferior without your consent
You don’t need a reason to help people,
Learn your weaknesses and fears.
Embrace them, then nobody will be able to use them.
Everyone is a genius,
so be kind and love others.
Your silent presence is more powerful than a million empty words.
You are worthy.
You empowered.

Sorry for such a short post this Sunday. Poems are fun to write and when you have an idea of what you want to write, they’re quick and easy to get done. Gotta love writing! 🙂 Have a great week!


Creative Writing Piece

In my AP Lang and Comp class, we’ve had creative writing time on Wednesdays since the beginning of school. I feel like outside of this time in class, I haven’t had much time do write because I’ve had a ridiculous amount of homework the past week or two. Yay for not going to bed until 1:30 on most nights! Not really, but anyway, here is my creative writing piece from class. Enjoy!

The character I was given was Angelica Barner, age 31. She is an astronomer. She enjoys tap dancing, playing her trombone, and has 14 pet ferrets all named after Harry Potter characters.

“Oh Harry, I can’t tell NASA that I discovered an alien race. They’ll destroy them! Well I know they’ll find out eventually but this is too much to bear right now. I just found out I qualified for the International Professional Trombone Competition and this job with NASA is something I was hired for only a week ago. Now I know being the head of the Pioneer Telescope traveling into Galaxy XS3-1 is a huge responsibility and there’s other people’s jobs riding on my shoulders but is the destruction of another race worth my position at NASA? I don’t know what to do. I’m required to report new findings from the telescope to my director, but I can’t. I simply can’t. Snape, I don’t appreciate the sad ferret eyes right now. Now’s serious time. Something doesn’t seem right about Director Johnson’s whole mission into this new galaxy and if it involves knowing about extraterrestrial life, I won’t let him have it. My funded tap-dancing lessons may be taken away and my job could possibly be as well, but maybe that’ll give me enough time to figure out how to save this alien race. So for now, I’m going to sit here with all my babies on my lap, play a tune on my trombone, and figure out how I’ll protect this alien planet.”

Have a good week!

I Am a Baby Bird: A Personal Metaphor Poem

I haven’t posted a poem in a while and I feel like is about time for one of those. I was feeling really creative late one night and this poem was the product of that! I thought the idea of it was pretty cool and kind of deep and I like how it turned out. I hope you feel the same! Enjoy.

I am a baby bird,

so curious about the world.

I’m eager to learn all that I can

and become strong and independent.

I see so much, I feel so much,

I live all I can in the present.

Close to my family, and close to my friends,

I never feel alone.

I know what I need to do well in my life,

from my course I will never be blown.

I want to do the best I can

and fly all over the world.

Soon to spread my wings and fly,

I am a baby bird.

I am a Baby Bird: Personal Metaphor Poem

I hope you all have a great week and are looking forward to watching the Olympics which are coming up pretty soon here! Rio is a beautiful city and it’s going to be fun watching the athletes compete. Until next weekend!

Rising to Fulfillment

For the final project in my advanced language arts class this year, we had to create a new model for a person to reach self-actualization.  We had to argue why it was better than Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and explain the new steps of the model. The model my group created shows how a person must reach fulfillment as opposed to self-actualization. This post is going to be a long one, so be prepared to do a lot of reading! Enjoy!

After untying the ropes and releasing the sandbags, the beautiful and bright hot air balloon was released from the ground. Slowly and gracefully, the hot air balloon travelled farther and farther from the surface of the earth. As it reached into the clouds, its passengers could see the land below clearer than ever before. The journey to becoming a fulfilled person is like a hot air balloon in that the more needs a person satisfies, the clearer everything appears to them and the closer they are to becoming fulfilled. If someone allowed too much heat to fill the hot air balloon, it might pop or tear causing the passengers to come crashing to the ground. If a person is full of hot air or has a big ego, they may fail to meet their needs and never reach fulfillment. A person must satisfy their basic needs, communication, self-confidence, love, sense of accomplishment alongside benevolence, and be self-motivated to become fulfilled.
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has become irrelevant to the people of today because it was created so many years ago. Times have changed and so have the needs of the people. Maslow’s hierarchy also lacks communication, self-motivation, and self-confidence in its steps to becoming self-actualized. These three needs are crucial to a person’s understanding of themselves and the world around them. They are also needed in order for a person to reach fulfillment. Unlike Maslow’s model which appears to have a clear end, this hot air balloon model shows that a person can become fulfilled, however, their journey is never complete and they are always working to accomplish new things and discover even more about life. Similar to Maslow’s model, a person must first satisfy their basic needs to start their journey.

Whether it be shelter, food, clothing, or water these are basic needs that a person must satisfy in order for them to begin their journey to fulfillment. These basic needs are what help keep a person alive. Some people, like Shin Dong-hyuk, who had escaped from the internment camps in North Korea was deprived of his need for food (Harden 76) as well as a comfortable, spacious place to call home (Harden 15). In Camp 14, he was unable to become a fulfilled person because his basic needs were limited. A person can get by with enough food to keep them alive, enough water to keep them hydrated, and a small area to use as shelter but it may be difficult to survive. Even if a person is at a low on their basic needs, they still have the opportunity to become fulfilled. In order for a person to continue on their path to fulfillment, they must be able to communicate with others and have support systems present in their lives.

Communication is crucial to a person’s growth and ability to become fulfilled. It provides a person with comfort and people to talk with. It gives people a support system too. Social interactions make people happy and give them something to look forward to in their days. According to the documentary titled Happy, “studies show that the happiest people have strong and close relationships with their friends and family”. Communication allows for support systems between others to be built. People rely on others to give them criticism, encouragement, advice, and guidance therefore communication is critical to a person’s journey to becoming fulfilled. In life, the job of parents are to help their children overcome setbacks, help them see their progress over time, and guide their children in making the right decisions (Merryman). A lack of communication or support can halt one’s progress towards reaching fulfillment. When someone a person loves shows disappointment or disapproval, it can be difficult to feel confident in one’s self especially when they are doing their best to please their loved one. The main character of Two Kinds wasn’t able to become fulfilled because her mother failed to communicate with her in a way that would allow her to understand why she was disappointed. The girl’s mother wasn’t willing to support the main character through her struggles of discovering herself and thinking positive. Even though body language can be considered a form of communication, verbal communication allows people to gain feedback that they will be able to remember and use to improve themselves. Social interactions and having a support system are important in helping to build one’s self-confidence which is the next step in this model.

Self-confidence, or being able to be happy with one’s body, knowledge, and accomplishments is the next step on the path to becoming fulfilled. It is critical for a person to be able to have faith in who they are and their abilities because it allows them to continue gaining confidence in themselves. In today’s society, especially in schools, students are pressured to achieve good grades, particularly A’s so that they will feel good about themselves. Receiving a B in school is still a good grade to receive, however, most students feel that receiving a B in class doesn’t make them look as intelligent and doesn’t make them feel as accomplished as receiving an A does (Lieberman). In order for a person to achieve self-confidence, they must stop measuring themselves to others. They must “stop gauging [themselves] and comparing [themselves] with others’ accomplishments and possessions” (Green). A person must realize that only they can control their actions, feelings, thoughts and worry about themselves. When someone has faith in their abilities and has a plan for themselves in a sport, school, or life in general, they will be successful and ultimately become fulfilled, like Novak Djokovic, #1 men’s singles tennis player in the world. Starting at a very young age, not only did his coaches and parents know that he had potential to be an amazing tennis player, but he too knew he could be great. In order to do that, he worked extra hard, trading in his recess time for tennis practice and now Djokovic dominates the men’s professional tennis tour (Novak: Novak Djokovic). Believing in one’s own potential and and abilities assists them in becoming fulfilled and having loving relationships can back up one’s self confidence and journey to fulfillment.

Love can be defined as a strong feeling of attraction for someone, whether it be a friend, family member, or a significant other and it is beneficial to one’s happiness and sense of security. Not only this, but love allows a person to get closer to reaching fulfillment. When a person is in a loving relationship with someone else, they are willing to sacrifice their time and strength, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Oog from I Love Girl, spent every night he could moving rocks to form a path for Girl, whom he loved very much. He wanted Girl to be safe and have a more efficient way of getting to the river from her cave (Rich). Love is important to have in one’s life because it helps people “get through tough times and [allows them to] reach [their] peak potential” (James), as long as it is a healthy loving relationship. Some people struggle to form healthy loving relationships. They communicate poorly, are rude to one another, or forget to support their loved one. Hamlet and Ophelia, for example, loved one another, however, they struggled to deal with their negative emotions in a way that would not damage each other. Hamlet upset Ophelia by rejecting her love, and with the death of her father still fresh in her mind, she drowned herself in a river (Shakespeare). Hamlet and Ophelia may have been in a loving relationship, but since it was a damaging relationship, the two lovers weren’t able to become fulfilled. Love allows a person to feel as if they have accomplished something good in their life. It gives them a sense of accomplishment, urges them to be the most helpful, generous person they can be, and brings them closer to fulfillment.

Doing good things for others and wanting to be able to help other people learn is pivotal to one’s development towards reaching fulfillment. Having the satisfaction of helping others, getting good grades in school, receiving awards in sports, and recognition in one’s community are not only important to the confidence and security of a person, but their sense of accomplishment. Men’s #1 singles tennis player, Novak Djokovic, has had a successful tennis career and this has given him confidence as well as a strong sense of accomplishment. Not only does he have a sense of accomplishment with his career, but he has had success with his foundation, the Novak Djokovic Foundation, which raises money for poor children throughout Serbia in order to build and create safe, nurturing, and fun environments for them to learn and play in. So far, his foundation has helped over 10,000 children in Serbia (About Us: Novak Djokovic Foundation). Djokovic has been willing to give back to the people of his country and this has added to his sense of accomplishment. Others may not be as successful as Djokovic or have a wonderful tennis career like he does, but they may still be willing to perform helpful acts for others. However, some people may not have a sense of accomplishment because they haven’t been successful in anything or don’t have the motivation to accomplish something like the main character of Two Kinds. She was constantly pushed to try new hobbies and activities with hopes of becoming a prodigy in at least one. Since she wasn’t successful in any of the activities she tried, she had no sense of accomplishment and was unable to motivate herself to feel as if she had a sense of accomplishment let alone fulfillment.

Before a person can finally become fulfilled, they must have self-motivation. Self-motivation is a person’s drive to push through difficult times and get work done on a day to day basis. If a person wants to become wealthy, lose weight, or meet a certain goal, they have to create a plan and follow it. According to a surfer interviewed in Happy, a documentary, “If [a person] wants to be a surfer, they will be, and if they want to be a doctor, they will be”. A person should do what they enjoy and want to do so that they will be the happiest they can be and have the most insight on their life. If someone wants to perform better in a sport or academics they need to push themselves to work hard and accomplish their goals like Peekay in The Power of One. Despite the beliefs of most people in his life, Peekay believed he could become the welterweight champion of the world. With long, hard hours of work and training over many years, Peekay managed to stay undefeated in his boxing matches and “earned an exaggerated reputation as a boxer” (Courtenay 342). Peekay was motivated to prove everyone in his life wrong and accomplish something great in his life. Even when a person is in a position of strength or at the top of their game, they need to be motivated to stay on top and become even better so that they can remain in their position. In an interview with Djokovic about being in the #1 position, Djokovic said, “I believe that all guys that are out there are fighting each week to get to number one and I know that… I think that you need to work twice as hard when you’re up there” (Stutchbury). When someone is lacking motivation, they struggle to accomplish goals or succeed in many things. The main character of Two Kinds had no motivation to try to become the next Shirley Temple, an expert pianist, or even succeed in school after failing in many activities. Even though her mother would persuade her and find ways to motivate her daughter to become successful, they would never motivate the poor girl (Tan). A parental figure or a friend could be doing whatever they can to push or force someone to become good at something but this will usually never motivate the person to accomplish a goal. In the end, it is the individual being pushed that has to force themselves to practice and succeed. Once a person is able to motivate themselves to accomplish goals, be successful, and find happiness within themselves, they can become fulfilled.

After a long journey filled with positive and negative experiences, a person finally can become fulfilled, realizing all that they are able to do, what their potential is, and that they are as happy as they are. Fulfillment is the satisfaction or happiness as a result of accomplishing something in a career, school, sports, or anything in life that comes from becoming a fully-developed being. In life, a person will experience many ups and downs, successes and failures. They have to learn to overcome the negative aspects of their lives and watch as their successes slowly become bigger and more important in their lives. When a person believes that they have enough accomplishments to quit trying in life and finally relax, but they continue accomplishing goals, they have become fulfilled (Gordon). Becoming fulfilled means that one is happy with who they are and all that they have accomplished (Cort) and in order to do this, a person must embrace change as well as the unknown. They must enjoy the process of reaching goals and discovering how to reach fulfillment. When a person reaches fulfillment, they are humble, have a purpose to life, are motivated by growth, and aren’t bothered by the little events in life (Sze). Even after a person is fulfilled, their work is never done and they continue to set and accomplish goals. A fulfilled person knows that there is always room to improve and learn, so they are eager to try new activities and hobbies that will keep them satisfied and happy with their accomplishments and life. This new model gives a person unlimited room to continue accomplishing goals and improving themselves once they have become fulfilled.

The hot air balloon travelled over luscious, green pastures and fields of wildflowers. The passengers inside excitedly waved down at cars, which appeared as ants in a long line from high up in the sky. The people could see so much from their halcyon place in the sky. They felt happy, truly happy. The ride up into the sky gave them a sense of excitement as well as accomplishment in life, giving them motivation to keep trying new things and be successful. This new model with the analogy of a hot air balloon is more fitting in modern times than Maslow’s old model. It touches on several traits and needs that Maslow missed with his model. It also allows a person to continue growing and improving, unlike Maslow’s model which abruptly ends after one becomes self-actualized. In order to become fulfilled, a person should satisfy their basic needs, need for communication, have self-confidence, love, and a sense of accomplishment. A person must also be benevolent and have self-motivation. Only after a person has acquired all of these traits and satisfied their needs, can they reach fulfillment, allowing them to truly be happy and see the world in a new, bright, and encouraging light.

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