Did You Know: Dreams

Dreams are some of the most weird and interesting things we deal with while we are sleeping. They can be funny, sad, enjoyable, scary, relaxing, boring, short, long, and so on. There isn’t a whole lot of information on dreams but studies completed on sleep and dreams have been very interesting and are helping doctors, scientists, and all people in that realm learn more on dreams and sleep. Here are a few facts about dreams.

-Most if not all dreaming occurs in the REM sleep phase of the sleep cycle. REM is short for Rapid Eye Movement.

– You have 4-7 dreams a night, even if you don’t remember them. Dreams can be extremely short or last up to two hours.

– When dreaming, you only see faces you’ve seen before in real life.

– Most dreams tend to be negative. People do have positive dreams but a majority of them tend to be negative in some way. The most common forms of negative emotion felt when dreaming are sadness, anger, and fear.

– When men dream, 70% of the other people in the dream are male. When women dream, they see an equal amount of women and men.

– Dreams help us get our creativity. There are some people who suffer a rare REM sleep disorder and cannot dream at all. 🙁 Those people have significantly decreased creativity and perform poorly with creative problem-solving.

– When dreaming, you can’t read or tell time.

– There is a way of controlling your dreams. This is called lucid dreaming. You are in a subconscious state and you can control whatever is going on in your dream.

– Many inventions were thought up of or finished in dreams. Several of these include, Google, the alternating current generator, and the sewing machine.

– And let’s not forget about the animals! Dogs and cats and many other different animals dream too! Just watch your cat or dog while they are sleeping. Their paws twitch and they move their legs and even bark. Go catch that squirrel!

So whether or not this stuff is new, now you know a few things about dreams! Have a good night’s rest and sweet dreams.

Did You Know: Dreams