Reviewing the New Beauty and the Beast

The new Beauty and the Beast came out recently and boy, do I have a lot to say about it! Just a warning, there may be some spoilers in here so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you may learn some things you may not want to yet. Here we go.

Emma Watson was a beautiful Belle. For many others my age, we grew up with her as Hermoine from Harry Potter. When I first discovered that she would be playing one of my favorite Disney princesses, I worried that I would only see Hermoine, but that wasn’t the case. Emma Watson fit the role of Belle perfectly and had an amazing singing voice. In addition to Watson, the rest of the cast was fantastic. Dan Stevens played the Beast and Luke Evans played Gaston and they absolutely killed it! I actually loved Luke Evans so much that I almost felt bad for Gaston when he died. Stevens and Evans both fit their roles so nicely and also did a great job singing and acting in the movie.

Reviewing Beauty and the Beast

The music was wonderful throughout the movie. I loved that Disney incorporated the music from the original cartoon but I thought it really made the movie different and even better from the cartoon by adding a couple of new songs in. They really fit into the movie.

In addition to adding a few new songs, there were a couple of new additions to the plot to fill plot holes not covered in the cartoon movie. In the cartoon, everyone in the town seemed totally oblivious to the fact that there was a castle and a beast lived in it. I thought that was somewhat confusing. In the live action movie, we learned that when the Beast was cursed, the enchantress that cursed him also cursed the town and erased any memory they had of the prince and his castle. On top of that, from the cartoon, it didn’t make any sense that the Beast had been cursed for many years and characters like Chip didn’t age. In the live action movie, I think the enchantress trapped the town in a time-loop and left them unable to age. That would explain why Mrs. Potts and Mr. Potts where still the same age when they were rejoined in the end and Chip, their son didn’t age as well. If this seems confusing in my writing, there are several other writers who share similar beliefs and ideas with the live action plot. I would suggest reading more about it.

Reviewing the New Beauty and the Beast

The special effects and CGI for Beauty and the Beast were also executed well. The Beast was extremely realistic and looked very, very real especially when around Belle. The Beast’s castle was also super cool and reminded me a lot of the one in the cartoon movie.

Belle’s dress in the popular dance scene was also gorgeous and I’m really happy that the costume designers didn’t recreate the dress Belle wore in the cartoon movie. This one appealed to the more modern age but was still classical and beautiful on Emma Watson.

Reviewing the New Beauty and the Beast

And one other thing, I thought that all of the characters were developed much better in the new Beauty and the Beast. We learned much more about Gaston and his sidekick, Le Fou, and also Belle’s father. We learned more about all of the characters in the castle too, and I think learning more about the characters also really helped build the movie’s background and setting overall.

If you haven’t seen the new Beauty and the Beast movie, I’m begging you to see it as soon as possible. I absolutely loved it and I’m so proud of Disney’s latest masterpiece. Bravo!

Reviewing the New Beauty and the Beast

Moana Knows the Way

Disney came out with it’s newest Disney Princess movie on November 23. Her name is Moana and I could definitely say that this was another amazing feat by Disney.

The movie Moana takes place in Ancient Polynesia on an island where Moana, the daughter of the island chief ventures out to save her island and restore the heart of Te Fiti. In order to do this she has to find Maui, a demigod who stole the heart many years ago, and take him with her. Together the two sail the sea, encounter many monsters and challenges, and grow as friends. As this happens, there’s a lot of singing and good action that Disney always does a fabulous job with. I’m trying so hard not to leave any spoilers!

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I really enjoyed the plot of this Disney movie as there were some twists that I honestly didn’t expect from Disney. They helped make the movie more emotional and intriguing.

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The animation was amazing and Moana’s hair has honestly become my goals. Haha. The settings were well put together and the entire movie was professionally and masterfully put together. I would expect no less from Disney!

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Moana, Maui, and the other characters who appeared more often in the movie were easy to relate to, had great stories behind them, and were so easy to get attached to. I absolutely loved Moana’s chicken, Hei Hei. Even though he couldn’t speak, his squawking and actions were hilarious and made him one of my favorite characters, easily.

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The music for this movie was brilliant. After seeing the movie, I’ve listened to the soundtrack a little too much lately, but it’s honestly hard not to listen to it! The vocals and instrumentals were great and I really enjoyed listening to it. The music of Moana is different from any Disney movie, ever and I think that helps it stand out and really make it unique. My favorite songs from the movie are “Shiny” and “How Far I’ll Go”. They’re great.

Overall, I highly recommend Moana and hope that you all enjoy it or did enjoy it as much as I did. Moana is a beautiful princess and the message of the movie is very powerful and the different culture of Moana and her people is refreshing and interesting.

I can’t wait to see what else Disney comes up with!

Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters 2016 Review

The long-awaited return of Ghostbusters is now over. The new Ghostbusters movie hit theaters July 15th and since its release there have been mixed emotions and reactions about it. Even before the movie came out, many people were angry or upset with the new film and the trailer became the most disliked video on YouTube. What?! It only received a 5.4/10 from IMBd, a 73% from Rotten Tomatoes, and a 60% from Metacritic. When I first heard that a new Ghostbusters movie was coming out, I was really excited and looked forward to it and then when I heard all of the criticism and negativity towards it, I decided I needed to go see the movie for myself and prove people wrong. Here’s what I thought about the new Ghostbusters movie.

Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, and Leslie Jones are all very funny women and that can be seen in the shows and movies they star in however, the humor they tend to share is dirty and inappropriate for a younger audience. I was worried about that going into the movie, but once I had seen it, it was actually pretty funny. The jokes were clever and Chris Hemsworth, who played the receptionist, was hilarious. There were a few bad words and a scene where a man showed a certain finger but other than that, the movie was fine. The cast appeared to have great chemistry on screen and the characters were all well-developed and interesting.

The plotline loosely followed that of the original Ghostbusters movie and it was easy to follow. My family and I were entertained throughout the entire movie and it was awesome to see several of the original cast members making appearances in this movie. I’m doing my best not to spoil anything, haha.

As far as special effects went, the ghosts looked pretty cool however it was easy to tell that they were fake. The lasers from the proton packs and guns were also cool but they too looked fake. There was a scene where McCarthy and Wiig were in a portal and it was difficult to focus on the dialogue or take it seriously because the green screen effect was not as great as it could have been. Other than those few things, the special effects were well-executed.

With all of those factors considered, I would say that I enjoyed watching the new Ghostbusters movie. It was funny, entertaining, and a good time all around. To those of you who are Ghostbusters fans that haven’t seen the new movie or interested in sci-fi or fantasy movies, this is the movie for you. Happy ghost busting!

Alice Through the Looking Glass Review

During this past week, I heard a lot of criticism and negative reviews for the movie, Alice Through the Looking Glass. Being an avid Disney fan and someone who enjoyed the first movie, I was shocked when the media remarked that the movie had “flopped”. I had to go see it for myself and here’s what I thought.

Alice returns to the magical world of Underland, only to find the Hatter in a horrible state. With the help of her friends, Alice must travel through time to save the Mad Hatter and Underland’s fate from the evil clutches of the Red Queen and a clock like creature, known as Time (IMDb).

In my opinion, Alice Through the Looking Glass was well executed, the actors did a good job playing their roles, and the messages throughout the movie were motivational and inspiring. One of them was, “You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it”. This is true and it could be taken into consideration and applied to one’s life. Being able to learn about the past in Underland was very exciting and interesting. I loved finding out more about the White Queen and Red Queen’s past and relationship as young princesses. The costumes were beautiful throughout the movie and the animations for characters and scenes that required it were professionally and beautifully done.

While I did enjoy the movie for the most part, there were too many scenes where actors appeared closeup and the flaws of their makeup could be seen. It looked sloppy and unprofessional. This wasn’t that big of a deal, but if the actors were further back on screen, the movie would look neater.

Overall, I would recommend seeing Alice Through the Looking Glass if you enjoyed the first movie and like Disney movies. It’s filled with action, some laughs, and has a good story line. If you do decide to go see, enjoy!