Random Thoughts: Part 2

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a good weekend so far. This week I wasn’t really sure what to post so I’ve decided to dump a bunch more of my random thoughts into another blog.

Is it weird to have a favorite organ? I’m currently an anatomy tutor at my university and I was recently talking with my co-worker about all the different organs when we didn’t have any students and that made me wonder if I really have a favorite organ. Currently, the answer is no but I love learning about all the different structures and features of the human body and how it functions.

When is it considered weird to still have your Christmas tree up? In my family, we always leave our tree up past January 7th typically, which is Orthodox Christian Christmas. To me, that’s always been normal. I’m just curious if there’s a specific day where you might as well just leave it up because Christmas is coming again soon.

What do clothing stores do with all of the clothing that doesn’t sell? Do they keep it until it does sell? If they do, that seems impractical but also is much better than throwing away everything that hasn’t been sold. Do they sell it to other stores that will then sell it for cheaper?

How staged are the shows on TLC like My 500 Pound Life (or whatever it’s called), and 90 Day Fiancee? Shows on TLC especially have always seemed so fake to me but I just wonder how much of what people say and do is actually real on those shows. I’ve also always wondered what it would be like to be told to act completely normal and go about my day but then be followed by a camera crew throughout my entire “normal” day. That just seems strange.

I’ve found it really enjoyable to keep track of all of the super random thoughts that go through my head during the day. It’s kinda fun honestly. Never stop thinking big and never stop imagining! Have a good week and I will see you all next Sunday. 🙂

Fall Colors in Nederland

It’s October, everyone! Life is weird but the sun still comes up every morning and fall is in full swing. Speaking of fall, my family and I made a quick little trip up to Nederland last weekend to take in the beautiful fall colors of Colorado!

We didn’t see as much color as I had hoped, but things were definitely changing especially with the aspen trees. Regardless, it was really nice to be OUTSIDE and enjoy some fresh air with my family. We even brought our dog, Boo, with us and he really seemed to enjoy the new scents and the lake. We didn’t let him go in or really even let him get near the mud, but he was veryyy interested in the water. It was really cute actually. 🙂

There’s this lake not too far into Nederland that we stopped at and walked around for some time and it was really nice. There were other families out and we all just really seemed to be happy to be doing something other than sitting or staring at a computer screen. I’m not all sure what Nederland itself has to offer, but I personally felt that going to the lake and walking around was a good enough trip.

On our way up, traffic was disastrous through Boulder and then up into the mountains. If you’re planning a trip to see the fall colors, plan on at least being in the car for an hour heading up and then an hour coming back. Obviously, things will depend on where you’re coming from, but if you’re coming from the Denver Metro area like I was, it may take you awhile. Totally worth it though!

I feel like this weekend would have also been a great weekend to go. Fall is always so pretty. I’m especially a fan of the trees with the leaves that turn red on top and then a more orangey-yellow on bottom. So pretty!! I hope you have a chance to get out this weekend, wherever you are and enjoy the pretty fall colors too. Have a good week!

I Go to Argo and We Spend Time in the Mountains

This past week, my aunt and uncle visited from New Mexico and it was wonderful to see and spend time with someone other than my dad, mom, and sister for a change. While they were here, we spent some time in Idaho Springs and Georgetown and also at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. I go, you go, we all go to Argo! Let me share. 🙂

My aunt and uncle drove in Monday afternoon and that evening was a pretty chill one. We hung around the house and caught up with one another. After all, the last time we saw each other was around Thanksgiving! We usually see each other over Christmas break and sometimes spring break, but things were different this past year, and so those visits didn’t happen. Fortunately, we were able to make this work, with all of the craziness in the world, especially with this virus.

Tuesday morning, we drove up to the small town of Georgetown to catch the Georgetown Railroad Loop train ride. We were required to wear masks at the park, which was an experience in itself, but it felt wonderful to be with family and to be outside! We were the first on the train and it was fun to pick where we sat before anyone else got that chance. We chose to sit in an open top car, which was ultimately a great choice because we got to experience a little bit of a breeze and the sun which was nice. I didn’t realize how much I missed the beauty of the mountains until this train ride. Colorado is a beautiful state and I feel so lucky to call such a gorgeous state my home. Following the train ride, which was about an hour and fifteen minutes long, we stopped for lunch near a lake where some fishermen were hard at work. It was a pretty spot and the chicken croissant sandwiches were a perfect lunch that day. Side-note: If you’re ever looking for something yummy to try, I HIGHLY recommend the chicken salad and croissants from Costco. That’s a pretty good meal if you ask me.

Georgetown Loop Railroad

Following lunch, we drove about twenty minutes back to Idaho Springs for a tour at the Argo Mill and Tunnel. This was a place that reallllly taught me not to judge a book by its cover. Driving in, I’m not going to lie, I thought the tour was going to be horribly boring and lame. It was actually quite the opposite. The Argo Mill was the only mill in the United States around the time of the gold rush to pump out any gold products with 95% efficiency, which is a REALLY high number, especially for its time. The Argo Mill was able to produce so much gold because they used a combination of mercury and cyanide to pump out A LOT of gold. The mill’s interior was built from the wood of EIGHT redwood trees and still stands today. Most if not all of the mill is maintained to this day and it was incredible to see how permanent, strong, and truly powerful the mill was. I can only imagine what it looked like in its glory days. While there, we had a wonderful tour guide, named Brooks, so if you ever get a chance to check out the Argo Mill and Tunnel, I recommend it and if you can get Brooks, he’s a super knowledgeable guy, both on mining and on the Argo itself!

Argo Mill and Tunnel

There were two stories I really enjoyed from our time at the Argo. The first was about a teacher. At a time when the mill worked consistently, women were not allowed to work there let alone travel in the mine. There was a young woman who could not get to teach at her school without traveling through the Argo Tunnel, so she took a mine cart to then get to a platform that would take her to her classes. There was one day where her skirt got caught on a part of the wooden platform as she was headed up from the tunnel and to escape doom, she twirled out of her skirt, exposing the wire hoop under. Luckily, someone was able to lend her another dress and she got to class. Now, THAT was dedication. The second story was about a water burst at the mill. There are a series of pockets or wells near or under or around the Argo Tunnel and while working in the tunnel, it was assumed that there was twenty feet of dirt and rock between the tunnel and wells, when it was actually only ten. There was a bunch of water in the wells and the pressure was so great that it burst through the layer of rock at an insane velocity. Four men working in that area were killed. Three miles down the tunnel, near the entrance, another man was working and heard the sound of the water coming. Fortunately, this man made it out, but the water had caught up to him by the time he made it to the mouth of the tunnel. I’m horrible, haha, I don’t remember any names! The water shot out of the tunnel at such a velocity that it crossed the valley and sprayed across the valley at the same velocity and with the same insane amount of force for six days. It was apparently, A LOT OF WATER. A really, really, really, strong and supported concrete wall now holds back all of that water.

Stories like these and more are some of the things you will hear about and learn about if you take a trip up to the Argo Mill and Tunnel. While the mill may really not be the most exciting thing in the world, it was certainly interesting and a good change of pace from what I usually like to learn more about.

The next day of my aunt and uncle’s visit we went up to Rocky Mountain Arsenal and walked around Lake Mary and Lake Ladora. It was pretty, but very dry. It was also hot because we made the foolish mistake of heading out around 10 am, when the sun was already really starting to beat down. Thank goodness for water bottles though, am I right? While the views were great, and the company was even better, let’s just say that I was really happy to get out of the heat. When we got home and when my mom got home from work, we had a really good dinner and then played Just Dance together on our Nintendo Switch. It was a lot of fun.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal

My aunt and uncle had to head out on Thursday morning which was sad, but it had still been great that they got to come. And if you guys are reading this, we look forward to having you again and I’m so glad we got to spend a couple of days with you!!

If you get a chance to and you’re in Colorado, check out the Georgetown Loop Railroad, Argo Mill and Tunnel, or Rocky Mountain Arsenal. Or all three! Do what you please. 🙂 Have a good week and I’ll see you next Sunday!

Random Thoughts

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

Hello everyone! I hope you’re staying healthy and doing alright. I honestly wasn’t too sure what I was going to post this weekend and then it hit me, let’s make it random! I’ve been writing down all of the random thoughts and questions I’ve been asking and thinking about lately and thought they would be fun to share. Here goes. 🙂

I heard someone saying their three year old was at the perfect age to go to Disneyland the other day and I just wonder, is that something they’ll even remember? My first time going to Disneyland was when I was 15 or 16 and I had a fantastic time and remember my entire trip! I get that a three year old might be more immersed in the Disney magic but that’s not a trip they’ll truly remember in a couple of years. So what is the perfect age to go to Disneyland? 

What is the out-of-bounds area in Animal Crossings? I keep hearing about it and I’m curious. What does it look like? If I were to somehow get into the out-of-bounds area, would my game break?

Why are pineapples called pineapples? They don’t resemble apples… Where’s the pine part of the name coming from? I really enjoy pineapple. That’s about it on that one, haha.

How different would our world be if modern-day technology, specifically smartphones, tablets, computers, and our methods of communication didn’t exist but all of our other modern-day amenities and ways of living did? How different would our communication still look? Would we still be relying on something like the Pony Express? That would be kind of fun. I wonder what it was like to not hear from family for like six months and then suddenly receive a letter and then have to wait a few more months to hear back again.

Why is it that adulthood seems to bring a lack of things we enjoyed as kids? I watched a video by Buzzfeed a while ago where adults tried gymnastics for the first time since they were kids and in the end, they all reflected on it and most of them mentioned how enjoyable their experience was. They wished that people in the “adult world” felt more comfortable letting loose, being silly, and having fun like they did when they were kids. It would be interesting to see how different society was if more adults found ways to express their inner child a bit more. I’m not saying that we should all start running around and acting like toddlers again, but maybe we need to feel okay having a bit more childish fun. 🙂

And one other thought I had lately, what’s the process like when it comes to making really detailed decisions for a house? Does it matter if the woods all match or is it okay if they don’t? I personally believe coordination is key and I’m satisfied when things match but I know that isn’t how everyone feels. And when it comes to cabinets, do you match all of those in your house or is it okay to change it up from room to room? The process of putting a house together seems complicated…

And that’s about it for this week. What are some random thoughts you’ve had? I’ve honestly really enjoyed jotting down all of the random thoughts that I’ve had recently and it would be fun to share those again if you’re interested! I hope you all have a wonderful week and I’ll see you next Sunday!

The Wonderful World of Animal Crossings: New Horizons

Animal Crossings

I hope you all had a good week and are staying safe. I know that things have been a bit rough lately and that the world has seemed a bit darker than usual, so I thought that I would share favorite game as of right now and that would be a good way to turn the focus to something a little different for at least a few minutes. Four words: Animal Crossings: New Horizons.

My sister and I have been big fans of the Animal Crossings franchise since we were really little and the Nintendo DS was a big thing. We started our Animal Crossings journey with Wild World and then from there, we played City Folk on the Wii when we got our Wii. Both games were really fun and we both put a lot of time into our towns.

For those of you that don’t know what Animal Crossings is, it’s a video game where you play as a person that lives amongst a bunch of animals in a town or on an island. It’s basically a life simulator. You catch bugs, dig up fossils, fish, plant trees, shrubs, and flowers, build relationships with your fellow residents, and are always pay your loans off to this evil raccoon (he’s not actually evil), Tom Nook. He’s always making the loan on your next house a RIDICULOUS feat to pay off. The game occurs in real time. Some may say that Animal Crossings is a boring game because it’s really repetitive. They’re not wrong in that the game can be quite repetitive but Allyson and I always find ways to keep it fun and that repetitiveness is also what makes the game so fun to both of us.

When the new game, New Horizons, came out, Allyson and I were there to get the game that day. And on that day, our cute little island, Burrito, was born. We both made characters and our adventures began. Our native fruit is the peach and our first two villagers or residents were Tank, a sporty little rhino, and Diva, this really freaky purple frog. Our goal was to get rid of both villagers pretty quick, not gonna lie, because they weren’t that cute to us. We successfully got Diva to move, but Tank, to this day has still loved living on Burrito. Other villagers we have include: Julian, Bangle, Stella, Kiki, Bam, Spike, Amelia, Annalise, and Agnes. They’re all a lot of fun.

Allyson and I worked diligently to get our island to a 3 star rating so we could bring K.K. Slider, a guitar-playing dog, to our island. After that, we worked to get our island to a 5 star rating, and to do that, we worked hard to terraform our island and dress it to the nines. It was all looking pretty cute and it still does look pretty cute. The tough thing about the game is that if you want to move a house or a different building, you have to pay 50,000 bells (the game’s currency) to move that structure and you can only move one building a day. The process is realllllly slow.

Some of the things we’ve included on our island include a cafe, garden showcasing our rare and hybrid flowers (including gold roses!), a carnival, a beach party, a campsite, a workshop, a bamboo forest, a rose forest/garden thing, and a special residential area. We’ve both really enjoyed being able to find various ways to terraform and decorate and make our little Burrito, the cutest island it can be.

If you have the Switch and don’t yet have Animal Crossings: New Horizons, you should check it out! It’s so fun. 🙂 And if you’re interested in becoming friends, let me know in the comments or on my contact page and we can share friend codes. 🙂 Have a good week everyone!

Some of My Favorite YouTube Channels

favorite YouTube channels
Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

We’re continuing the trend this week after I broke it last week. This week, we’re talking YouTube! If you’re not big on TV or streaming and binging TV shows, maybe check out the wonderful world of YouTube during this COVID-19 lockdown. I think we’re hitting week 5 now? I’m not really sure. Anyway, here are a couple of my favorite YouTube channels and I highly recommend all of them if you’re bored or just looking for something different to watch. I’ll link one of my favorite videos from each of the channels if you’re looking for a sample too! 🙂

CARLY CRISTMAN– Carly is a big fashion and home decor YouTuber. I really like her aesthetic and sense of style. She also has a daughter who turned 1 in October and actually shares my birthday which is pretty cool.

SIMPLY NAILOGICAL– Cristine (Simply Nailogical) has always been one of my favorites and she’s really funny and also incredibly smart. She recently-ish started her own nail polish line, Holo Taco, and I’m a big supporter of it. 🙂

SCISHOW– This is a more educational channel, and considering that I’m a STEM major, I really enjoy this channel. If you know Hank Green, he’s one of the hosts!

PEWDIEPIE– In my opinion, he’s the king of YouTube. His channel offers a lot of variety and I’ve always been a fan of Felix and Marzia, his wife. His meme reviews are pretty good and I occasionally enjoy his gaming videos.

JENNA MARBLES– She’s just a lot of variety and is just an incredibly carefree, pure, wonderful being. Jenna does whatever she wants, whenever and I just love how little she cares about what others think. If you’re looking to laugh or just feel good, Jenna Marbles is the girl to visit. I’ve got quite a few favorite YouTube channels so far, can you tell? 🙂

GLAM & GORE– Mykie (Glam & Gore) makes a lot of makeup videos and tutorials, some glam and some gore. I find her SFX makeup stuff to be really fun to watch, but I’ve really enjoyed her health and fitness journey which she has shared on her channel as well. She’s just a really bubbly and likable personality in my opinion.

MICHELLE KHARE– Michelle has a series called “Challenge Accepted” where she takes on some big challenge that involves a lot of training and has some show or end test and it’s really cool to see all that she’s done. I really enjoyed her videos where she trained with the FBI, firefighters, and also her video where she trained to become a Disney Princess. She also trained as a professional ballerina for six weeks and that’s a good video too!

JACKSFILMS– Jack’s channel is a variety of things. It’s fun, it’s weird, and he really likes poking fun at a lot of the popular trends today, which I enjoy. If you’re looking for someone who dedicates a video series to grammar (like myself) or if you’re looking for something just a bit more silly, this is the channel to check out.

KAYLEY MELISSA– Kayley Melissa is the hair queen of YouTube in my opinion. She provides a bunch of wonderful and fun and beautiful hair tutorials for all occasions and events and she also provides a bunch of videos on more extravagant hairstyles that come from TV shows and movies, like Game of Thrones. Kayley is an extremely beautiful person inside and out, from what I can tell and her bubbly and lovely personality is a good one to keep up with on YouTube.

SAFIYA NYGAARD– Safiye is another person on YouTube who’s personality is really likable in my opinion. She’s a bit awkward but I feel like her awkwardness and quirks make her an incredibly fun and likable YouTuber. She’s the queen of bad makeup science and if you’ve ever wondered what putting all of the candles from Bath and Body Works into one candle would smell like, Safiya has the answer.

And that’s the tip of the iceberg on my favorite YouTube channels! Beside this list, I’ve also enjoyed videos by CallMeKevin, the Fisher family, the Labrant family, Colleen Ballinger, Anthony Padilla, Brad Mondo, Maddison Bush, Buzzfeed Multiplayer, the Rybka twins, and Tyler Rugge. If you’re interested, you should check them out too! There’s clearly a lot of variety here, so I hope you find something to enjoy from this bunch of YouTubers.

I hope you’re all staying healthy and taking care of yourself this week. See you next Sunday!

Quarantine is Real- Some Ideas for Free Time

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

It’s Palm Sunday everyone! Not going to lie, I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to post this Sunday, but then I got it. We’re all at home and some of us have nothing to do, so what’s better than a list of recommended movies and TV shows and other things to do to clear up those quarantine blues and boredom that may be growing?


As far as movies go, here’s a couple of movies I recommend. If you’re not really into chick flicks and rom-coms/comedy and Disney movies, this may not be your list. And if that isn’t the case, maybe this is a list of movies that you consider? I was going for a feel-good, happy, something-to-make-you-laugh bunch of movies with this list, so if that’s something you’re looking for, here are my recommendations:

  • Clueless
  • Mean Girls
  • Miss Congeniality
  • Police Academy (1, 2, or 3)
  • Parental Guidance
  • Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter is Dead
  • Bad Hair Day
  • Adventures in Babysitting
  • Storks
  • Boss Baby
  • Wreck-It-Ralph
  • Ralph Breaks the Internet
  • Cinderella (live action and animated)
  • Frozen
  • Frozen II


As far as TV shows go, I was going for a similar, feel-good, pick-me-up vibe for the most part. I’m not really all that big of a TV person, considering that school is typically my entire life, but when I do have time for TV, there are a couple of things I watch. If you’re gonna watch a TV show, binge watching can be a lot of fun, but I’d try to limit it to an episode or two, for health’s sake.

  • 9-1-1
  • Game of Thrones– definitely NOT a happy show to watch though, heads up
  • Lego Masters
  • The Good Place
  • Schitt’s Creek
  • Saturday Night Live– I recommend watching older seasons. In my opinion, they were just more funny then.


I’ve been reading a lot more lately, and honestly, I recommend that you all do the same. I’ve always loved reading but school literally sucks up so much of my time and it’s sad how little I’ve read over the past year and a half. This quarantine has given a lot of people so much free time. You are free to do whatever you want with your free time, but I’ve really seen this as an opportunity to develop (or redevelop) some new and more healthy habits, involving less screen time. One of those habits, has been reading, and so I’ll share some of my favorite reads of all time and as of lately that may interest you:

  • The Selection series by Kiera Cass
  • The Siren by Kiera Cass
  • Heartless by Melissa Meyer
  • The Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard
  • The Jewel series by Amy Ewing
  • The Winner’s Kiss trilogy by Marie Rutkoski
  • The School for Good and Evil series by Soman Chanani
  • The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins- she’s making a prequel to the series!!
  • Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling – these are good movies to watch as well
  • Unstoppable by Maria Sharapova
  • Rafa by Rafael Nadal
  • With All Due Respect by Nikki R. Haley
  • Driven: A Daughter’s Odyssey by Julie Heldman

And if you’re looking for something else to read, this blog is another option. 🙂 I’ve been posting for the past five years on this blog and I update it every Sunday, so if you’d like to receive email notifications when I post, you can subscribe at the link below! I promise you won’t receive any annoying emails, just notifications for when the next post goes up!

Make of the most of this quarantine and good health and time with family. Most importantly, I hope you are all taking care of yourselves, friends, and family. Despite the fact that I just shared a bunch of books and TV shows and movies for you to enjoy during this quarantine, I encourage you to get outside if you can and get some fresh air and enjoy nature. We all need it. If you feel like you need someone to talk to or want to see your idea as a blog post, you can always reach me on my contact page and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 🙂 Stay happy and stay healthy. I’ll see you all next week.

Videos that Make Me Smile

I feel like I could use a laugh and need to smile, so if you’re also feeling like that’s something you need this Sunday, then this is the blog for you. So on that note, I’ve decided to collect a couple of videos that I know that make me smile and share them with you all. Enjoy. 🙂

Minecraft anyone? Here’s something really cute that I randomly found one day. It always makes me happy. 🙂 So here’s some dancing parrots from Minecraft.

This next video comes from a dance I had to make for my honors seminar last spring. That was a really fun class and by no means was this meant to be something super serious. We were messing around with some more traditional dance moves as well as many of the modern moves seen in pop culture. See how many you can find! Haha. I’m the one in the blue shorts.

Another bird video. This one is just cute.

I’ve always been a fan of Jenna Marbles and this is one of her older videos but the music they create in this video just always makes me laugh. It’s a loud video and it’s an obnoxious video, but I love it.

For those of you that remember Vine, here’s a compilation that contains a lot of the classics and many of my favorites.

And if you’re still looking for something to make you laugh or smile, I highly recommend looking at cat videos (yes, I’m that person), or dog videos. Sometimes a video from FailArmy makes me laugh. I don’t enjoy watching people get hurt but some of the stupid stuff that people do does make me laugh. Bird videos are always really cute too. Just look up whatever animal you’re interested in and I bet you something funny or cute will pop up.

Sometimes, it’s good to just spend some time talking with other people too to smile or make yourself happier. Exercising or just going for a walk to get some fresh air and space to think is good too. I hope something from this post made you smile today and I hope that you all have a wonderful week. See you next Sunday!

Anastasia Takes on Anastasia and Gets Ready to Go Back to School


Once upon a December, your gal (that’s me) was ordering tickets for a show coming to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. That show was Anastasia, the new Broadway musical based off of the 1997 cartoon Anastasia. I love that movie by the way. I intended to order tickets for Sunday, August 18th (today) but somehow managed to mess up BAD and ordered tickets for last Sunday, the 11th. I didn’t realize that until my family and I were already driving down for the show today at 2 o’clock. I don’t think I’ve EVER messed up that bad in my entire life. My parents keep telling me not to worry but I feel HORRIBLE about the situation. I’m typically not the type of person to make that kind of mistake…

When we arrived at the DCPA, I was already in tears because there goes $400 and great seats to a great show, but fortunately, we were able to snag four tickets at half-price to sit in the balcony and still get to see the show. We ended up going to the 7:30 show instead of the 2 o’clock show and had to spend practically the entire day in Denver waiting, but that’s okay!

My family and I killed time by walking around the Denver Pavilions in addition to the 16th Street Mall, which has gotten SO WEIRD. There’s plenty of excitement along that strip, let me tell ya. One of my friends from school was actually at the 2 o’clock show that my family and I were supposed to be at and we had plans to get gelato after it finished so once her and her family got out, we went and got gelato with them. If you’re looking for good gelato in Denver, Amore Gelato is the place to go. Good flavors and it’s a very cute little shop!

By the time we had chatted and eaten gelato, it was time for my family and I to head back to the theater to actually get into see Anastasia. Our seats weren’t the greatest (in comparison to the seats in the mezzanine that I had originally selected), but we still had a good view of everything and my family and I really enjoyed each other’s company.

The costumes were absolutely gorgeous and the show was just phenomenal. If you have a chance to see it while its on its national tour or even on Broadway, please do. You will not be disappointed. Russian history and culture has always fascinated me and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. I might be kind of biased in that my mom’s side of the family comes from that part of the world, haha. The fact that the last Russian grand duchess and I also share names is pretty cool too. 🙂

I hope you all have a fantastic week and remember to double and TRIPLE check the dates and times for tickets you decide to purchase. You do not want to make the same mistake I did. Tomorrow, I head back up to Fort Collins and my summer will officially be coming to an end. Before I know it, I’ll be sitting in my organic chemistry class wishing I was out on the tennis courts again!

This summer has been a great one, and I hope that you all have had great summers too. If you’re moving off to college or helping your kids or friends move off to school, best of luck to you. Have a great week everyone! 🙂 See you next Sunday.

Pool Days are Cool Days

Pool days are cool days

Allyson and I have been going to the pool a decent amount this summer but since that’s really all I had going on this past week, I figured I would share our pool adventures. 🙂

My family and I are members at a country club in our area and that’s where we play tennis, eat sometimes, work out, and also take advantage of their wonderful new pool and poolside grill! The weather was finally perfect this past week and neither Allyson nor I had work or class on Wednesday, so it was a perfect pool day.

Of course swimming happens while you’re at the pool but it’s also fun to just chill in a chair in the shade while letting your feet tan in the tiny bit of sun in your area. Allyson and I will typically be in the pool for about 30 minutes to an hour and just mess around, splashing each other, and also just relaxing. I can’t ever convince Allyson to go into the deep end with me, but I think I’ll get her one of these days.

Allyson and I have also really enjoyed the food served by the poolside grill whenever we go. This past time, we ordered smoothies when we first got there and then later ordered buffalo chicken tenders and what our country club calls the Cali Chicken pizza which has chicken, avocado, lettuce, bacon, cheese, golden cherry tomatoes, and ranch on it. It’s a really good pizza. After eating all of that and swimming for a bit, we also ordered a skillet cookie with ice cream. Yummy!

I’ve really enjoyed being able to just relax and spend more chill time with Allyson this past summer. I wish we were able to go to the pool more often than we have, but the times we have been were totally worth it. We’re trying to squeeze in a few more trips to the pool before we both go off to school. It’s coming up so soon! AHHH!

I hope you all have a great week! Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and take a hat. 🙂

I would also like to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the shootings in Ohio, California, and Texas. Let’s be good to each other and take care of one another. ❤️