How to Be a Tennis Player

Congrats newly minted tennis player! You’ve decided to enter the wonderful world of tennis and become the top player in the world! Here are five easy-to-follow steps on how to be a tennis player. These five steps are guaranteed to make you the best tennis player in the world and give you pure awesomeness.

1. Don’t even consider getting a racquet. If you were one of the tennis players silly enough to purchase a racquet, you’d be putting yourself and others in danger and you could save a whole lot of money! You run the risk of hitting yourself in the shin or foot or even head if you get a racquet and it hurts! Not to mention, when you run around on the court and scrape your racquet on the ground to get a ball, your racquet gets banged up and strings break. Fixing these kinds of things can be expensive and you save the money by skipping out on a racquet.

2. Sportsmanship and honesty are not key. Some coaches and players say that having the right attitude and sportsmanship will get you far in sports. But you came to win didn’t you? So this means that lying will get you as far as you want to go. You need the point to get closer to win the game or even the match so use your best poker face and make it your call. If the ball hits the line or is even a little inside, call it out! You need the point! And at the end of the match when you go to shake your opponents hands don’t even think about it because you’re obviously much better than them.

3. “Are you sure?” needs to be the mostly commonly spoken words you use on the court. When your opponent makes a call you need to question them every time. This works well to get into their heads and manipulate them. Wouldn’t want your opponent making the wrong call right?

4. What you wear is very important. To catch the attention of recruiters and scouts and even other players, you want to wear the flashiest outfit you possibly can. This means neon colors, sequins, and very happy bright thoughts are words on shirts, if you are wearing one. Make sure to always mention who your outfit was worn by like Sharapova, or Nadal, or the Williams sisters, or Djokovic. This makes your outfit seem more fancy and expensive. Wearing something bright and flashy can also distract your opponent on sunny days. You’re a walking disco ball!

5. During water breaks after a game, take your time.  Go ahead and sit down relax and drink your water to stay hydrated. You need the time to get prepared for the next game and beat your opponent. Also, if you need to get your legs and arms massaged, now is the time to prevent cramping. This time can also be used to grab a quick snack and keep your stomach happy.

How to Be a Tennis Player

Good luck to you, tennis players! By using these tips, you’ll strive in your tennis career and be known by many internationally. Have fun and are you sure?


Patience is something very important that I’ve had to learn to use and work with for about the past four months since I was put in my boot after fracturing a pesky little bone under my big toe. It can be a tough thing to understand but in the long run, hopefully the results are good. Here’s a compilation of quotes and my own comments on what patience is.

P- “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” -John Quincy Adams

A- “Always remember: Your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come.” -Anonymous

T- “Two of the hardest tests in life: The patience to wait for the right moment and the courage to accept that you’ve waited for nothing.” -Unknown

I- “If our greatest hungers were to be granted as easily as our bodily needs, we certainly would never be able to achieve the noble feelings of friendship and love. Patience will make the banquet of life ever so much more resplendent.” -Anne Austin

E- Endurance under thorny circumstances and good-natured tolerance of difficulties define patience.

N- Never give up. July 1st was the day I had to put my big black boot on and it’s almost November. I’ll admit that sometimes I’ve wanted to take the boot off and go back to what I was doing or even just give up and become hopeless. All of this for a ridiculously tiny fracture?!? I do get frustrated and annoyed with it sometimes. From all of this I’ve learned that these things take time and I have to stay positive and trust that my sesamoid bone will eventually heal fully and correctly. I have to never give up.

C- C.S. Lewis once said, “Faith is the art of holding on to things in spite of your changing moods and circumstances.”

E- Everything. Patience is everything. If a person cannot learn to wait and let life take them on their destined path, then they cannot do anything at all.


A Setter’s Warm-Up/Workout

Volleyball setters usually touch the volleyball every time it’s on their side of the net. So this means that a setter has to work especially hard and they should look and feel ready to go, right? Here are a few ways your setters can feel warmed up before they play and get in some good reps while they do it. These exercises don’t require a court; all you need is a wall, some space, and maybe even a partner.

– 300+ mini sets on the wall. Make sure your setter’s arms are slightly bent and all of the work is in the wrists as the ball comes on and off the wall. Their right leg should be slightly in front of their left leg and their knees should be bent about a 165 degree angle. When doing this, setters should discipline good hands and stop after every ten to check on their hands. My sister and I try to get over 900 mini sets on the wall so do challenge yourself but don’t overdo it.

A Setter's Warm-Up/Workout

-100+ one-handed sets on the wall. These are similar to the mini sets above but you do them one-handed. If your setter’s arms are stronger, they can extend their arm fully but still bend their elbow slightly. If they are working on strength and wrist control a little more, then they should bend the setting arm at about an 80 degree angle and hold on to it with the other arm while focusing on using their wrist.

A Setter's Warm-Up/Workout
Working on right-hand one-handed sets.

– 6 circles to the right and left (12 total). Circles are similar to the first exercise but for this the setters are turning in a circle while still setting the ball on the wall. Have the setters turn to the right six times and then to the left six times. This one might be kind of tough when your setters start doing it but just watch and make sure they are adjusting to the different angles as they turn.

A Setter's Warm-Up/Workout
Getting to the back set part of a circle.

The first and last exercises can also be used with jump setting if your setters are working on jump setting. They go through the same steps if they were on the ground they just time it a little differently and jump to set instead.

– 50 rockers. For these sets, setters should move off of the wall but still set at the wall. These sets work mostly on their weight transfer from their left foot to their right foot so it’s okay of the set isn’t high or at a certain height for this exercise. The setter will toss the ball to themselves and then set at the wall exaggerating the weight transfer. The ball should come back and then the setter will continue this until they get 50.

A Setter's Warm-Up/Workout
Finishing rocker set, weight transfer, and bringing arms back up quickly.

-25 bouncers. Bouncers are an exercise is which the setter tosses the ball to themselves, sets at the wall with some power, lets it bounce in front of them, and then gets under the ball to set it back at the wall and repeat the process. This is a good exercise to work on footwork and getting low to set with the hands instead of bump-setting it.

A Setter's Warm-Up/Workout
-10 hot dog rolls. Hot dog rolls are a lot of fun. Your setter will lie down on the ground about a ball’s length away from the wall and start setting on the wall while on their stomach. They can then roll onto their side (right or left) and then eventually onto their back and the other side while still setting the ball to the wall.

A Setter's Warm-Up/Workout

So these are a few exercises that you can have your setters do to get some more reps in and come ready to work at a practice or game. Make sure to encourage your setters and challenge them. And also, practice makes perfect but it also makes permanent, so check on them to make sure proper technique is being used. Have fun and go setters! 🙂

Halloween is Coming Up!

Halloween is a holiday enjoyed by many throughout the United States. The yummy candies, the costumes whether they’re silly, scary, or pretty, the spooky stories, and so on, make October 31st a well-loved holiday.

My sister and I are going to be Anna and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen and we hope the night will be fun and filled with lots of sweets!

Since this great day is right around the corner, here’s a poem from 5th grade about Halloween. I just couldn’t wait so here it goes. Happy reading!

Halloween is Coming Up!

Put on your costume,

Tonight’s the night,

To trick-or-treat,

The moon is bright.


Snickers, Reese’s,

Give me more pieces,

Hubba Bubba Gum,

I got a Dum Dum!


Halloween is the best of the best…

Now I need some sleep and rest!


All material protected by © Copyright 2015 by

To everyone, I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween! 🙂

Halloween is Coming Up!


How to Have a Happy Dog

Dogs are a man’s best friend, or in my case, a girl’s best friend. Haha. In case you didn’t know, I have two silky wire-haired dachshunds named Marty and Boo. They are super energetic and the most adorable little dachshunds I’ve ever met. Dogs need to be loved, played with, and cared for. Happy dogs are the best kind of dogs. Here are a bundle of tips on how to have a happy dog:

How to Have a Happy Dog
My sister and I with our dogs Marty (right) and Boo (left).
  1. Keep your dog active. Take your dog for regular walks and let them enjoy get fresh air. Dogs love to be able to get up and out. This can also help keep your dog at a healthy weight and a dog at a healthy weight is much happier than a dog under or overweight.
  2. Play with your dog and give him/her attention. Our tail-wagging companions need attention. This can be several things like playing games with your dog, taking it to the vet for check-ups, brushing it, washing it, giving it belly rubs, rubbing behind their ears or neck, buying a new collar, and the list goes on. Your dog is a part of your family, so why not give it the same amount of love and attention that you give your mom or your sister?
  3. Give your dog treats. Dogs love treats, especially after good behavior, so why not reward them? Find what kind of treats your dog likes and give the treats to your dog when you can.
  4. If your dog is lonely, get them a friend. Having one dog works out well for some families and sometimes it doesn’t. Some dogs need another buddy to help them get through the day, mostly when they’re home alone for quite some time. From personal experience, this was true for my family. When Marty, our older dachshund, was about a year old, he got kind of lonely at home when no one else was there so we got his half-brother, Boo, the next summer, and they haven’t been lonely since then. Two dogs keep each other company and look out for each other and make the house a lot more fun.
  5. ALWAYS be friendly to your dog. Dogs can get upset when you’re upset or unfriendly to them. If you don’t like to be yelled at and treated poorly, then you should know that dogs are the same way. They love to be treated with kindness and by a friendly, happy person.

So I hope these tips can be used to help make your dogs happier. They deserve it! There are so many wonderful ways that can also help make your dog happy and they can be found in books, from other owners, and even online. Dogs are a part of your family and they should really mean a lot to you so why not make them as happy as can be?

How to Have a Happy Dog

A Step Into the Modeling Industry

My six months of hard work had all led up to this moment. It was always about an hour-long drive down to Greenwood Village and back every other Saturday. It was four hours of etiquette, runway walking, poses, workouts, and makeup. But finally September of 2013 had arrived and it was time to put my knowledge to the test. My first fashion show was about to begin in five hours.

Before any of this could happen, it all started when my mom and I were spending a Saturday wandering throughout the Flatiron’s Mall. A representative for Barbizon Model and Talent Agency pulled my mom and I over and handed me a small green slip.

She grinned and remarked, “We’d love for you to come and audition for our agency. We’re looking for new faces.”

I carefully scanned the pamphlet for Barbizon Southwest. It seemed pretty real and trustworthy to me. My mom nodded and replied, “Okay, if you want to try it,” and helped me fill out the audition slip.

The following weekend, I attended the audition and the director for the Southwest region was very eager when I walked up to meet her. The audition went very smooth and that same night a contract was signed with the agency and I began modeling classes in Greenwood Village at their facility a week later.

My mom and I pulled into the Embassy Suites parking lot at 8 A.M. I yawned, hopping out of the car to grab my outfits from the back and head into the dressing room.

Luckily, I was one of the first models there so I grabbed a good comfortable spot, prepared my outfits in an organized fashion, and touched up my recommended makeup for the day. We had some interesting themes for our outfits. There was the fall casual outfit which consisted of brick orange skinny jeans, a white blouse, brown leather jacket, peach scarf, and knee-high boots. Adding onto that my group had a high fashion or New York City model look. This outfit had a tight black and white stripped top with a belt slightly below the rib cage, black slacks, shiny, red pumps, and a ridiculously heavy coral necklace. The other group would be walking onto the runway with a “neon Tokyo” look.  The final outfit was our formal wear dress or the dress we planned to receive our graduation diplomas in. Mine was a long, sleek black dress with a halter top and sequins running all over the dress.

About ten minutes later, one of my friends strolled into the room. Her shoulder length brown hair was curled to perfection and for once we were the same height because she wasn’t wearing ridiculously high heels. She looked just as excited and enthusiastic about the upcoming event as I did.

Miss Michelle, my instructor for the classes, came striding into the room just as the last few people shuffled in. Loudly, she announced, “Alright ladies. We’ll start rehearsals now. Please get into your first outfit and we’ll run through everything and you’ll learn the choreography for your group dances.”

Those five hours were some of the most fun but stressful hours of my life. The show hadn’t even started and my feet felt like they were about to fall off. It’s hard wearing heels for over five hours!

Finally, 2 o’clock rolled around. Family members from all over packed into the ballroom where the runway and lights were all set up and ready to go. The fashion show was underway.

My heart beat a million beats per minute. In my head I thought, “Don’t fall off the runway. Look at the audience. No, look at the wall. No, try to find your family. Okay, okay, just don’t fall off or trip. Haha, it’s going to be alright.” And that’s when I took my first confident steps out onto the runway in front of over a hundred people in my fall casual outfit. It was an amazing feeling.

The next feeling was not all that amazing. The second I couldn’t be seen by the audience I sprinted back to the dressing room for a two-minute quick change into our high fashion outfits.

I got to the dressing room and got everything but my shoes on. I frantically searched. They weren’t anywhere near my stuff! Just then my friend also came dashing into our little area. From her bag, I spotted my red heels.

“Hey, um, I think those are my shoes.” I pointed towards her bag, keeping an eye on the time.

“Oh, oops! Sorry! They looked a lot like mine.” My friend exclaimed handing me my shoes.

“Thanks. You’re good, it happens.” I smiled back and quickly shoved my feet into the heels.

Turns out we made it just in time. We were ready to go and made it onto the runway for our high fashion walk. Shortly after, we surprised the audience by dancing to “Harlem Shake” in our high fashion outfits. It was absolutely crazy, but so enjoyable.

The last part of the fashion show, the diploma ceremony, had finally arrived. I stood just behind the curtain anxiously awaiting my chance to walk solo onto the runway and receive my diploma. My name was called and I glided out from the curtain in my long beautiful black dress. The Barbizon director gave me a warm hug and shook my hand. I glanced down at the diploma. I had just taken my first step into the modeling industry.

From this wonderful experience there was so much to learn about myself, body image, models, and the industry. With models, they aren’t just the perfectly toned women or men. They are the people with a strong work ethic and an outgoing personality. When a person actually experiences the modeling industry, all of the stereotypes of modeling vanish. Body image is important in this world and it is something to be aware of but it shouldn’t control and destroy lives. People need to work to keep the good body structures they want and need. If I could do another fashion show or become more involved in the modeling industry, I would definitely do it. I got the chance to meet so many outstanding people and the experience brings you a sense of catharsis, in a way. From this, I got to learn more about my confidence and what I can do to become stronger and lift up others too.


Fall is Here

Fall is here and it’s finally that time of year when the leaves change into those beautiful, warm colors of red, orange, and yellow. It’s the time when the days get colder and the air gets crispy. Don’t forget the pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving and football!

All of those wonderful things that autumn brings reminded me of a poem I wrote not too long ago about fall. Enjoy!


Leaves are falling to the ground,

Making colors all around,

The wind is light and cool and crisp

The sky is foggy with chilled mist.


The plants have begun to go to sleep

To hide away from winter’s creep,

The smell of baking pumpkin pie

As the geese take off and freely fly.


This time of year brings warmth and joy,

The leaves crunch beneath me like a broken toy,

Summers memories shall now be survived,

And welcome fall, it has arrived.

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Fall is Here



Having the Right Attitude in Sports

“I can’t do it.” “That team’s too good. We’ll never beat them!” Does this kind of talk sound familiar? It could be in your head or actually coming out of your mouth or a fellow teammate’s. Those two quotes sounded pretty negative, huh? Saying those kinds of things might not seem like a big deal but in the long run they could be. It could mess up your attitude in not just sports, but life. Here are five thoughts about having the right attitude in sports.

  • First off, what is the right attitude? Well, being optimistic in low times or moments when your team is down and having that competitive, classy, and fiery personality is the right attitude. Thinking smart about your options and the future is also having a good attitude in sports. Respecting your opponents, teammates, coaches, refs, parents, fans, even yourself, and so on contributes to this as well.
  • Losing is something that a lot of athletes take harshly. Some take it seriously, calmly, and some don’t even care. When you lose, you shouldn’t take it as the end of the world or the end of your athletic career. You also shouldn’t just brush it off of your shoulders like you could care less as to what just happened. When you lose, you need to take it as a learning experience, forget about it for that day, and then briefly reflect on it the next day at practice or whenever you can. Use losing to make you stronger, not bring you down.
  • Some sports like volleyball, for instance, require a team. Team is a part of the word teamwork.  Now when girls on a team start up drama and turn their backs on each other, that’s not teamwork or a team at all is it?! This goes back to respecting everyone and everything around you. You might have issues with a girl on your team and you might not have very nice things to say to her but the second you step in that gym or step on the court, you are friends. You guys are teammates. You love each other and work together as if you are best friends. You win and lose and work together as a team. Your attitudes towards each other are caring and respectful and you are willing to help them. And then the second practice is over and you are out of the gym, you don’t have to be friends. You don’t have to hang out or even talk to each other. You still have to respect that teammate as person and you can go your separate ways. Your attitude can go back to whatever it was before you stepped on the court but you still have to respect them.
  • Believe! When you believe in your training and your skills, you can almost do anything! I had some friends that went to a sand tournament to qualify for a bigger tournament and they were playing two girls from one of the top clubs in the state. They put their minds to it, believed in their skills, and went out and beat that team, getting third in the tournament, and qualified to go to the bigger tournament. They believed in what they could do and got pretty far!
  • Lastly, before you go out to compete. Prepare yourself mentally, and physically. Let yourself visualize yourself having a good game or time or shot. Warm up by stretching or jumping or getting some last minutes reps in so you can get yourself into a positive, confident, ready-to-go mindset.

I really hope that all of you athletes can use some of these ideas to better yourselves and teammates so that you all can have a good or better attitude in sports.

Having the Right Attitude in Sports

It’s Your Choice

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” In other words, no one can make you feel worthless or weak unless you give them your permission. This is a quote that most of us can relate to on a daily basis whether it’s at home, in school, on the streets, or at sports practices.

As humans, many of us pick up the negative things that others say about us and we take their words as insults. For example, your math class took a test and you got back your results. After analyzing your graded test, you found out that you received the lowest grade in the class. Some of your peers remarked, “That test was so easy! You must’ve been pretty dumb not to get at least a B on that test!” You were insulted by this. You had studied and prepared so much but none of that helped. The words that your unkind peers threw into the air were taken very personally by you. From this, your self-esteem and confidence decreased extremely. When someone says something that could be insulting or hurtful, people have the choice to let it go and move on or take it in, lower their own ranks, and destroy themselves. If you know who you are as a person, your goals in life, and your achievements so far, even if they are small, you should be strong enough to ignore frustrating comments.

Certain situations with family, living conditions, environment, and so on can make a person feel inferior as well. You might have a rough life with many obstacles to overcome or a financially free but hard-working, famous life. In either situation, you have the choice to make the best of what you have and keep a positive attitude about your life.

A very knowledgeable volleyball coach once told me that your confidence is your confidence. Your coach might yell and scream and throw their clipboard at you, but they can’t take your confidence away. That’s something that only you can take away from yourself. You can also build up your confidence.

I do support Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” It’s truly your choice to let someone’s silly actions or words bother you and become inferior. You also have the choice to let it slide, remember who you are, and maybe use their words to motivate you to become a better person. It’s your choice.

It's Your Choice

One Delicious Cupcake Recipe Review

Three words, cupcakes are amazing. There are so many wonderful and delicious recipes out in the world to make mouth-watering cupcakes. On the show “Cupcake Wars” on the Food Network, my sister and I found an amazing recipe called “Toodee Fruity-Blueberry Cheesecake Cupcakes”. Now this is one delicious cupcake recipe. This is my review for the cupcake:

One Delicious Cupcake Recipe Review
The cupcakes that my family and I made. Yummy!
  • This cupcake was so much fun to bake! Even though these cupcakes took a little over an hour to prepare, they were really fun to make. Creating the eyes with the fondant and the batters for the cupcakes was just very entertaining and it created a pretty light, happy mood for everyone helping out.
  • It had a unique and yummy taste. With the combination of blueberry cheesecake and pound cake, the cupcake had a very unique taste. It tasted unlike any other cupcake. It was mouth-watering, light, and just delicious!
  • It became pretty popular. My friends and I had a cupcake baking contest at school. This cupcake was rated most favorably. Most of the teachers really enjoyed it and so did many other kids.
  • It was moist. When a cupcake is moist, it is more easy and enjoyable to eat. A dry or heavy/thick cupcake is usually not as good, but these Toodee Fruity cupcakes were just right.
  • The cupcakes looked pretty cute. In the end, after the cupcakes were done baking and they were fully decorated, they looked adorable! Their eyes were silly but fun to look at. The cupcakes also looked like a pretty happy bunch of cupcakes.
  • One Delicious Cupcake Recipe
    VanDeraa, Kevin. Toodee Fruity-Blueberry Cheesecake Cupcakes. 2011. Food Network. Web. 31 Aug. 2014. <>.

To sum it up, this “Toodee Fruity-Blueberry Cheesecake Cupcakes” recipe was wonderful. I highly recommend it. This recipe can be found on the Food Network website and it’s a great cupcake to make. Why don’t you give it a try?