My Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

There goes another year! This one’s been a good one, now that I’m not wearing that silly boot anymore! (We all know how much I enjoyed wearing that stupid thing.)

School has been hard this year but I think you already knew that based on the piles of homework I come home with and the lack of sleep I get. Yeesh! Despite that, school has been awesome and I’ve loved all of my teachers and classes this year. If you could though, I’d really appreciate if you found a way to get my teachers to give out less homework. Thanks in advance!

Tennis has been a lot of fun and I’ve really enjoyed spending all of the time I have on the court with my dad and sister. This past summer and winter have been a lot of fun. Can’t wait for more! ūüôā

I’m really excited to go to D.C. in January and I also can’t wait for New York this summer. I hope I learn a lot and have fun. Please wish me luck there!

And for the record, two homecomings is a lot of work. I didn’t know that if you attend two separate homecomings, you have to buy TWO different dresses. There’s good stuff other than finding the area under a parabola and SAT prep vocab that you learn in high school.

Thanks for all of the amazing things you’ve done for my sister and I over the years and for being the amazing, magical person you are. Safe travels!

Ana Horvath

My Letter to Santa

Simple Gift Ideas

Christmas is officially a week away! When getting a gift, remember that it isn’t always about the price, but the thought. As long as it’s something that you feel can be useful and meaningful, it will be a good gift. For those of you who aren’t quite sure what to get for someone special in your life, here’s a few simple gift ideas.

  • A handmade fleece blanket.¬†All you need for these are two large pieces of fleece, some open space, some scissors, and people to help you tie the blanket. These are always really fun to make and useful to the person you’re making them for! Finding fleece with something that the person enjoys or likes can help make the blanket a little more special.
  • A drawing or photo.¬†For this semester of school, my sister and I took a photography class and some the pictures could make great Christmas gifts! A pretty drawing that you did or a nice picture framed can also be special and easy gifts to wrap up and gift to someone.
  • A book or movie they might like.¬†Depending on the book or movie, the price can range, but these are always easy to find and can be used over and over again.
  • Candle or lotion.¬†Once again, depending on where you get these items, the price can range. A good-smelling candle or some nice lotion can be a great gift for a girl or woman in your life. You can never have too much of this stuff!
  • Giftcards or money.¬†Sometimes, a giftcard or money can seem impersonal. Sometimes though, they aren’t bad ideas for gifts because people can choose what they buy with the giftcard or given money. For someone preparing to do some traveling or a college student in need of some money, these two are never bad ideas.

You’re definitely not limited to this very short list of gifts to get someone for Christmas. Get creative and have fun with it! When shopping for gifts, don’t get to caught up in whether or not someone will like it. That can be important but people should learn to be grateful for all that they get, even if they don’t exactly like it. Happy Holidays to everyone and have a great winter break and Merry Christmas and New Year!

Simple Gift Ideas

Carpe Futurum

Carpe Futurum- seize the future. For my leadership conference I will be attending during the presidential inauguration, we had the opportunity to post a video on YouTube answering a question given to us. I chose to answer the question of “What does carpe futurum mean to me?”.

To me, carpe futurum means to take advantage of the opportunities you are given and never be afraid to take chances.

In my video, I mentioned the opportunity I have this summer to attend IMTA with my modeling and talent agency. Of course I took the opportunity because I know that it’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Attending IMTA will boost my confidence, help me gain different leadership skills, as I will learn how to observe and listen to people in a different way. I will also better develop my communication skills in a professional, more business-like manner. The opportunity with this leadership summit I will be attending also applies to carpe futurum. I know that I want to be in charge of my own dental or medical practice some day and the skills I’ve learned throughout my years in school and in student council as well as what I learn in this summit will prepare me to be the person I see myself as in my future.

This video is kind of embarrassing to me, but my mom insisted on me sharing it with everyone, so, if you feel like watching it, please go right ahead.

Have a good week everyone!

Moana Knows the Way

Disney came out with it’s newest Disney Princess movie on November 23. Her name is Moana and I could definitely say that this was another amazing feat by Disney.

The movie¬†Moana takes place in Ancient Polynesia on an island where Moana, the daughter of the island chief ventures out to save her island and restore the heart of Te Fiti. In order to do this she has to find Maui, a demigod who stole the heart many years ago, and take him with her. Together the two sail the sea, encounter many monsters and challenges, and grow as friends. As this happens, there’s a lot of singing and good action that Disney always does a fabulous job with. I’m trying so hard not to leave any spoilers!

Image result for moana

I really enjoyed the plot of this Disney movie as there were some twists that I honestly didn’t expect from Disney. They helped make the movie more emotional and intriguing.

Image result for moana

The animation was amazing and Moana’s hair has honestly become my goals. Haha. The settings were well put together and the entire movie was professionally and masterfully put together. I would expect no less from Disney!

Related image

Moana, Maui, and the other characters who appeared more often in the movie were easy to relate to, had great stories behind them, and were so easy to get attached to. I absolutely loved Moana’s chicken, Hei Hei. Even though he couldn’t speak, his squawking and actions were hilarious and made him one of my favorite characters, easily.

Image result for hei hei

The music for this movie was brilliant. After seeing the movie, I’ve listened to the soundtrack a little too much lately, but it’s honestly hard not to listen to it! The vocals and instrumentals were great and I really enjoyed listening to it. The music of¬†Moana is different from any Disney movie, ever and I think that helps it stand out and really make it unique. My favorite songs from the movie are “Shiny” and “How Far I’ll Go”. They’re great.

Overall, I highly recommend Moana and hope that you all enjoy it or did enjoy it as much as I did. Moana is a beautiful princess and the message of the movie is very powerful and the different culture of Moana and her people is refreshing and interesting.

I can’t wait to see what else Disney comes up with!