Top Ten Ways to Recover From Surgery

On Sept. 16th I had surgery on my ankle to create a groove for my peroneal tendons and repair my retinaculum which is the connective tissue that holds the peroneal tendons in place. My tendons actually weren’t torn but they were believed to be, so that was good news! The retinaculum was extremely stretched out though, so the doctor had to cut it and then sew it back together. I just wanted to let you know that in no way am I a doctor or professional in the medical field, all of these tips were created and based off of personal experience. Recovering from surgery can be a hard thing to do, so here are my top ten ways to recover from surgery.

10. Keep yourself occupied. Watch TV, play games, read a book, talk to people, and do whatever you can to keep your mind off of pain and the surgery. You’ll be in a much better mood this way.

Top Ten Ways to Recover From Surgery

9. Sleep. Sleep does wonders for your mind and body. It gives your body time to relax and heal.

Top Ten Ways to Recover From Surgery

8. Check on your blood circulation often. This tip applies mostly to people who are having surgery and will be in bed or unable to move a lot for a few days after. Move your legs around, massage yourself or have someone help you, stretch, and get up, IF YOU CAN. Please don’t hurt yourself when you do this. By doing this, you’re keeping your blood moving and preventing blood clots.

Top Ten Ways to Recover From Surgery

7. Take time off from work or school to recover. You should definitely not go to work or school a for a few days after surgery. You might be in pain and/or have very little energy and you don’t want to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation at work or school. Take all the time you need to feel good enough to return to work or school. It’ll still be there when you return.

Top Ten Ways to Recover From Surgery

6. Stay positive. It can be really hard to have a good attitude when you’re in pain, but keep a smile on your face and think about good things and you’ll feel better and help your body heal faster.

Top Ten Ways to Recover From SurgeryTop Ten Ways to Recover From Surgery

5. Eat food. Right after surgery, you might feel slightly nauseous because of the anesthesia; this varies from person to person. Make sure to take it easy on the food at first, maybe some soup or a smoothie. After a few hours or after the nausea goes away, eat whatever you want.

Top Ten Ways to Recover From Surgery

4. Drink lots of water. Drinking a lot of water will keep you hydrated and flush out all of the medication and anesthesia.

Top Ten Ways to Recover From Surgery

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Right after surgery, you’re in absolutely NO condition to do things all by yourself. Just let your friends or family know what you need and they should be supportive and willing to help you.

Top Ten Ways to Recover From Surgery

2.  Relax. This tip goes along with #10 and whether you’re lying             down, sitting, or even sleeping, do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Relaxation helps ease the pain and keeps your mind off of the surgery.

Top Ten Ways to Recover From Surgery1. Follow the doctor’s orders! This one should be a no-brainer, but for some people this tip can be hard to follow. Please do what your doctor tells you to do! Stay on top of ice, elevation, medication, go to post-op appointments, and whatever else you have to do. It’ll make you heal faster and feel better.

Top Ten Ways to Recover From Surgery
Ice and elevation 😉

I hope my top ten ways to recover from surgery have been helpful or will be helpful to you in the future. 🙂 To those of you who have had surgery or are going to have surgery, I wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery!

Summer’s End

The season of summer will end on Tuesday this week. Time flies by! My sister had this poem on her website not too long ago and I thought it would be good to use for this occasion. Here’s a poem to celebrate summer’s end, enjoy!

The season of school vacation and fun,
And the big and bright, big sun,
A time to relax and play,
Longer is the length of the day.

Walking on the beach,
Or eating a juicy peach,
Biking on a mountain trail,
Or aboard a cruise about to sail,

The grass and trees are beautiful and green,
When camping it’s a beautiful scene,
The thunder rumbles and the lightning crashes,
There are tennis matches and 100 meter dashes.

And even when the summer is gone,
It never stays away for long,
And even though the tan lines fade away,
The summer memories will always stay.

Summer's End

Goodbye summer, hello fall. I hope you all had a wonderful summer and look forward to the upcoming season. I hope school is also going well for all of you that are in school and you’re studying hard and having fun. Have a good week!

All material is protected © Copyright 2015 by

All material is protected © Copyright 2015 by

Out With the Boot, In With a Cast

Injuries can be tough, especially when you’re not quite sure what’s going on, or what to do. They can also challenge your patience and character. That was kind of the case for me last week. On September 2nd, it was bye-bye boot, and hello cast.

If you can recall, I was put in a boot in August due to peroneal tendon subluxation, which is the subluxing or dislocation of your peroneal tendons over the lateral malleolus. This subluxing can occur because of a loose or torn retinaculum (a sheath that hold the two peroneal tendons in place), a shallow groove in which the tendons sit, or something specific with the peroneal tendons.

Anyways, I saw the doctor on Wednesday and the tendons were still coming over the lateral malleolus and there was still a lot of pain. The next best thing to do was apparently put it in a walking cast. (No crutches at least, yay!) The cast will have to stay on for a month, and the intent of having my leg in a cast is to hopefully immobilize the tendons better than the boot did.

With the little amount of time I’ve had this cast on, I can tell you all that they’re pretty weird. When the technician first put it on it felt kind of soft and it was a little wet. After a few minutes the cast warmed up, hardened, and then I couldn’t move my ankle! I thought it was a really weird feeling. The thing I liked about wearing a boot was the fact that I could take it off to shower and scratch my leg if it was itchy. Those are things that I definitely cannot do with a cast on. Wearing a cast is a new challenge for sure.

Even with the many visits to doctors of all sorts, I was curious to know what was actually going on with the tendons, so to get an image of that, I had an MRI done on Thursday, the next day. The MRI showed that I had a longitudinal tear on one of my peroneal tendons. Longitudinal tears are not common. (Not good!)

The cast has been a huge struggle for the past week, and my family and I wanted a second opinion on the cast and my ankle. It’s so hard to do daily tasks like bathing and even walking! My mom and I went and saw a orthopedic surgeon this past Thursday. He informed us that there was a very unlikely chance that my tendons would heal in the cast, and surgery was the best way to go. I did get my cast off and my foot is back in a boot until the surgery.

So this upcoming Wednesday, Sept. 16th, I will be getting surgery to repair the torn tendon. The orthopedic doctor/surgeon looked at my MRI and noted that I had a shallow groove, which makes it more likely for the tendons to come out of the groove again, so he will shift one of my bones back 1 cm to trap the tendons where they’re supposed to stay. Then they’ll put screws in the bones so that they’ll heal together and then I’ll have to wait for six weeks, in a boot. I might even be able to walk five days after the surgery. (Woohoo!)

Never in my whole life did I expect to be excited for surgery, but I am truly excited to get this over with. I’ve been having issues with my left foot for about a year in a half,first the sesamoid and now the ankle issues and tendon, and I am really starting to get frustrated with everything that is going on. I want to thank everyone who has been supporting me and doing their best to help me get better and find answers. I look forward to a speedy recovery and hope to be back on the courts soon! 🙂

Out With the Boot, In With a Cast

Garden of the Gods

Yesterday, my dad planned a surprise trip to Garden of the Gods, in Colorado Springs. The ride in the car seemed to go on forever and ever but the long trip was definitely worth it.

IMG_5104 large rock 2v1

Garden of the Gods is a national natural landmark and public park located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The park is 2.136 square miles and to tour the park, you can take a segway, walk, or drive.

IMG_5076 welcome centerv1

On the way to Colorado Springs, my sister and I needed something to do to keep ourselves entertained, so we started looking at the license plates of every car that passed us. This eventually became pretty entertaining because there were a lot of cars from different states. I kept track of the different state license plates we saw, and in the end we counted 36 different state license plates! We saw, the Dakotas, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Indiana, Wyoming, Maine, California, Minnesota, Florida, Michigan, Utah, Pennsylvania, Washington, Montana, Illinois, Virginia, Kansas, Georgia, Missouri, Nevada, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Arizona, New Mexico, North Carolina, Louisiana, Alaska, Arkansas, Ohio, Iowa, Maryland, and New York.

IMG_5093large rock 1

When we finally arrived at the Garden of the Gods, it was amazing. There was this mini museum that showed what kind of animals live around the area and a very interesting and entertaining fifteen minute video on how the rocks formed the way they did. The formations of the rocks and the nature all around was majestic. Since I’m in a cast, it was probably best that we didn’t take the four-mile walking tour, so my family and I took our car and traveled around the park.

IMG_5114 balancing rock

Overall, the trip was wonderful. The views were great, spending time with my family was fun, the rock formations were beautiful, and the fudge at the trading post was delicious.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend! 🙂