A Few Things To Do on a Road Trip

This past Thanksgiving weekend, my family and I traveled 400 miles by car from Colorado to New Mexico. It can be hard to find something to do and stay entertained. Here are a few things to do on a road trip.

1. Take a nap. Sleeping in the car can be uncomfortable but it is very good for you. It can definitely help pass time and when you arrive at your destination, you’ll feel rested.

2. Watch movies. Prepare movies that you can watch to make the trip feel shorter. For this, you will need a car DVD player or an iPad or tablet that you can watch movies on.

3. Play a game, like the obstacle game. To play the obstacle game, you need to two people, your imaginations, some paper, and two different colored writing utensils. The objective is to stop your opponent from beating you to your goal. To do this, you create obstacles for them to overcome and they do the same for you. You can’t kill off their character and you can’t repeat an obstacle or way of escaping an obstacle. After that, anything else is fair game. This is a wonderful way to pass the time and in the end, you have pretty funny story to share.

4. Read a book. Reading a book is always an awesome way to eat up time, especially on a long road trip. Make sure you have several books handy, in case you finish the one you’re reading or you just want to read a different one. Just make sure you don’t get carsick!

5. Spend time talking to your friends or family in the car. Talk to them about all kinds of things. Just make sure to keep your mind off of the long journey ahead. By doing this, you don’t focus on the long amount of time you still have left in the car. Spending time in the car on a long road trip is a good time for family bonding so make the most of it!

To sum things up, here are a few things you can do on a road trip. These are just a few things off the tip of the iceberg, so explore with many other ideas to entertain yourself for the time-consuming journey. Have a safe trip and have fun!

A Few Things To Do on a Road Trip

Surviving in a World Surrounded by Body Image

In a world so focused on body image, it can be hard for people to get along with their daily lives. People get so paranoid and caught up in their appearance, how they dress, diets, exercise, and even their relationships. There are several ways to survive in today’s world by ignoring the media and society’s view on body image, being happy, and staying healthy.

To begin with, don’t allow the magazine ads, commercials, and society make you think differently about yourself and your body. Those magazine ads and commercials are mostly filled with fake images and false information. These false images and information are used only to attract the customers so that their product will be sold. According to dosomething.org, “Studies show that the more reality television a young girl watches, the more likely she is to find appearance important.” The “perfect” image of a person is always portrayed by these things and it makes people think that they need to look like that image to be accepted and liked by people. For women, this is visualized as a female with long legs, a flat stomach, and a very slim body. For men, this is idea of a “perfect male” is a guy with strong-arm muscles, a good-looking face, visible abs, and a buff body. These images are hard and nearly impossible to copy, so people have no need to spend their time trying to achieve the goal of “perfection”. You can still flip through magazines and like the pictures. You can still watch T.V. and enjoy the commercials, but do not take them too serious. Those ads are only trying to attract viewers.

Additionally, be happy and pleased with yourself. To be happy means feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. In terms of how you feel about your body, feel satisfied and proud to be who you are. Your body was made a certain way and that is unique so embrace it. For a person to feel happy about their body, they must have self-confidence and naturally possess how they look. When a person allows body image to play a major role in their life, they are putting themselves in harm’s way. A person that might not be very pleased with their body could develop a disorder, social problems, and many other terrible things that could eventually be life-threatening. Accepting who you are and how you look is best. It is natural and healthy.

Furthermore, a way to survive in a world surrounded by the pressure of body image is to stay healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally. By staying healthy mentally, you keep your mind in a concentrated and positive state. There are so many good things to focus on in life other than, “Oh, she’s really skinny and wears so much make-up. She’s so pretty. I wish I could be like her.” Staying fit and active is a wonderful way to improve or maintain your health physically. Physical activities can include sports, aerobics, walking, running, and mostly anything in which you get up and move around. “The benefits of physical activity are numerous. The obvious benefit is to burn calories while building a stronger body.  And now, there is new research ‘an active body results in a more active mind’.  Also, activity and fitness will prevent sickness and health issues.” says phitamerica.org. Physical activity helps control weight and strengthens muscles and your entire body. To add on, staying healthy emotionally is extremely important. Having the ability to control your emotions and share them is crucial. If someone is struggling with body image and self-confidence and they are not emotionally stable or healthy, they can inflict harm upon themselves and possibly others. A person can develop eating disorders like anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating, anxiety or nervous disorders, and the list goes on. They have to be emotionally strong enough to get help or get out of their situation.

All in all, with all of the false images and products and ideas portrayed by society and the media, it can be hard to escape the pressure of body image. To survive the pressure there are several things you can do. First, ignore the images and ideas sent out by the media and society. Next, be happy with your body. Finally, be healthy all the way around. Be who you are and love the body you were born with. “Body confidence does not come from trying to achieve the ‘perfect body’. It comes from embracing the one you’ve already got.” -Unknown

Surviving in a World Surrounded by Body Image

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Chili on a Chilly Day

This past week, we were hit by a cold front that single digit temperatures and snow. It was the first cold spell of the year! The bad news was that it was terribly cold, but the good news was that I got to break out the Crockpot. Here’s the recipe for the chili that warmed my spirits and my tummy for the cold, winter-like week.


La Paloma green chile enchilada sauce (2 cans- mild and hot)
505 roasted green chiles medium (28 oz. bottle)
Pinto beans (2 cans 15 oz)
Fresh mushrooms (any kind)
1 lb. of hamburger meat
2 lbs. of stew beef tips
2 Ziploc bags of frozen tomatoes from garden

TOPPINGS (some ideas for toppings- not all are required)
Sour cream
Mexican shredded cheese

Frying pan
Soup spoon
Can opener
Jar opener
Tasting spoons


Start early in the day! You want to make sure the chili is ready for dinner time!

Make sure to wash your hands before starting to make the chili. Also make sure to wash your hands after handling the raw hamburger meat and beef tips.

1. Plug in the Crockpot and clear away any items that are close or come in contact with it.
2. Open all of the jars and cans carefully using the can or jar opener.
3. Meanwhile, turn on the stove and put the frying pan on the stove. Put the hamburger meat and beef tips in the frying pan and break the hamburger meat into smaller pieces with the spatula. Cook the meat to your liking and then turn off the stove and leave the frying pan on it.
4. Place the contents of the hot La Paloma enchilada sauce and turn the Crockpot on and press cook for eight hours.
5. Put the hamburger meat and beef tips in with the enchilada sauce. Make sure the liquid is mostly drained from the meat. It removes the large amount of fat from the liquid.
6. Wash the mushrooms, drain the water, and then put the mushrooms into the chili.
7. Drain the liquid from the pinto bean cans and place the beans in the Crockpot.
8. Open the microwave and place the two bags of frozen tomatoes on a plate. Push the “sensor heat” button. Let the tomatoes sit in the microwave until they are somewhat warm and squishy.
Next, place the tomatoes into the chili and break them apart with the spatula.
9. Gradually allow the 505 green chiles into the chile. Empty the bottle using a spoon.
10. The fill up the rest of the Crockpot, pour the mild La Paloma sauce on top.
11. Slowly and carefully stir the chili using the spatula and then taste test the chili. It might be a little cold, but it will definitely heat up after cooking for eight hours.
12. Allow the chili to cook for eight hours and taste test it using your designated testing spoon throughout the cooking time.
13. After the eight hours are up, grab your soup spoon to pour your desired amount of chili into a bowl.
14. Add the toppings you want to your chili and enjoy!

Chili can be made many different ways but this by far, is the best way to make chili. It will keep you warm and happy on a cold winter day. Stay warm and happy eating!

Chili on a Chilly Day

Writing Letters

About two weeks ago at my church, there was a bulletin board up with a bunch of pictures and descriptions of children in Kenya that were a part of Global Hope. Global Hope is a humanitarian organization that works to promote care and love and support for kids that have been abandoned are orphans, and that are at risk. All of the kids at Spring Valley, which is a school, were a part of this letter writing event where you write a letter to as many kids as you like, and they have the chance to connect with you and respond.

Here are some brief descriptions of the kids that I am writing to:

Cyndrine- Cyndrine is an eleven year old girl in class seven. She lives with her younger brother and mom. She is safe at a nice dormitory where food and safety are provided.

Purity- This seven-year old girl lives with her parents, two brothers, and one sister. She is in class two at Spring Valley. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

Wendy- Wendy is fifteen years old and lives with her mother and younger sister. She is working hard to accomplish her dreams of becoming a lawyer.

Virginia- Virginia is sixteen years old. She lives with both of her parents. She is a wonderful musician and wants to be a musician in the future.

Getting the chance to write to these kids is very inspiring and makes you do a lot of thinking about life and friendship. From this, I hope to make a few new friends and get to know more about Global Hope and the world.

Writing Letters

For more information on Global Hope, here is their website link: globalhope.org

How to Be a Tennis Player

Congrats newly minted tennis player! You’ve decided to enter the wonderful world of tennis and become the top player in the world! Here are five easy-to-follow steps on how to be a tennis player. These five steps are guaranteed to make you the best tennis player in the world and give you pure awesomeness.

1. Don’t even consider getting a racquet. If you were one of the tennis players silly enough to purchase a racquet, you’d be putting yourself and others in danger and you could save a whole lot of money! You run the risk of hitting yourself in the shin or foot or even head if you get a racquet and it hurts! Not to mention, when you run around on the court and scrape your racquet on the ground to get a ball, your racquet gets banged up and strings break. Fixing these kinds of things can be expensive and you save the money by skipping out on a racquet.

2. Sportsmanship and honesty are not key. Some coaches and players say that having the right attitude and sportsmanship will get you far in sports. But you came to win didn’t you? So this means that lying will get you as far as you want to go. You need the point to get closer to win the game or even the match so use your best poker face and make it your call. If the ball hits the line or is even a little inside, call it out! You need the point! And at the end of the match when you go to shake your opponents hands don’t even think about it because you’re obviously much better than them.

3. “Are you sure?” needs to be the mostly commonly spoken words you use on the court. When your opponent makes a call you need to question them every time. This works well to get into their heads and manipulate them. Wouldn’t want your opponent making the wrong call right?

4. What you wear is very important. To catch the attention of recruiters and scouts and even other players, you want to wear the flashiest outfit you possibly can. This means neon colors, sequins, and very happy bright thoughts are words on shirts, if you are wearing one. Make sure to always mention who your outfit was worn by like Sharapova, or Nadal, or the Williams sisters, or Djokovic. This makes your outfit seem more fancy and expensive. Wearing something bright and flashy can also distract your opponent on sunny days. You’re a walking disco ball!

5. During water breaks after a game, take your time.  Go ahead and sit down relax and drink your water to stay hydrated. You need the time to get prepared for the next game and beat your opponent. Also, if you need to get your legs and arms massaged, now is the time to prevent cramping. This time can also be used to grab a quick snack and keep your stomach happy.

How to Be a Tennis Player

Good luck to you, tennis players! By using these tips, you’ll strive in your tennis career and be known by many internationally. Have fun and are you sure?