Bright and Dark: A JFK Poem

In my language arts class in school, we had to do a project based on a non-fiction book. I chose to read “The President Has Been Shot!”: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy by James L. Swanson. One of the projects I had to do was a creative piece and I was inspired to write a poem based on my reaction to the book, titled “Bright and Dark”. Here it is:

Bright eyes, bright mind,
Bright thoughts, bright future,
You would think he should always stay.

Dark eyes, dark mind,
Dark thoughts, dark future,
Destroyed one beautiful day.

Bright mind thought to make the world better,
The dark thought to get the fame.
For the future, in short time the bright shared his letter,
The dark thought he won but he lost his game.

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 Bright and Dark: A JFK Poem

The book about John F. Kennedy was a very fascinating and meaningful book and I would highly recommend it to most young-adult and adult readers. It has a lot of very good information and gives many details. JFK was a very special and good person in the world and he did good things and has inspired hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. “I look forward to a great future for America- a future in which our country will match its military strength with our moral restraint, its wealth with our wisdom, its power with our purpose.” -John Fitzgerald Kennedy