Volleyball Setters

Volleyball setters have many characteristics. They have to be leaders, accurate, positive, deceptive, creative, vocal, and so on. One way to gain appreciation for the many characteristics setters have, is to evaluate pictures that illustrate these traits.

Thank You Setters

My sister, Allyson, and I evaluated pictures that my father had taken at PAC 12 games and various volleyball coaching clinics. Based on our knowledge from Trisha Kroll and Jenn Pritchard, we added captions that describe what volleyball setters should do.

Setting Lessons in Pictures Tricky

This first presentation is about how tricky setters need to be. It features Nicole Edelman from Colorado University and Lauren Plum from Oregon University.

Setting Lessons in Pictures Consistent

This presentation is about setters and their consistency of sets and technique. Once again, Nicole Edelman and Lauren Plum are featured.

Setting Lessons is Pictures Hits and Misses

This is a mix of shots and points both good and bad. Nicole Edelman from CU and Lauren Plum from Oregon are the stars.

Setting Lessons in Pictures Out of System Passes

Setters have to be able to set the pass no matter where it is. Nicole Edelman and Lauren Plum show us how it’s done.