Did You Know: Bees

Funny story, so I was walking Marty and Boo this past week a little after dinner and we passed these flower bushes we always pass by toward the end of our long walk and all of the sudden, something flew at my face. I immediately closed my eyes, thinking that whatever it was flew into my eye and felt this little creature on my face. I opened my eyes, threw whatever it was off of my face, and freaked out. Thank goodness my mom was with me and she pulled out the stinger that the little bugger had left right below my left eye. We aren’t even sure it was a bee because I recall the evil little flying creature being black and my mom pulled out a black and green stinger. That was definitely a painful experience and I hope I’m never stung by anything again. Honestly, I’m not even sure I did anything that would’ve appeared threatening to a bee, so why did it sting me in the first place??? My sister and I did some research and think it was a bee of some sort and for that reason, today you all are going to learn some things about bees.

-Bees’ brains defy time. When aging bees do work that is typically reserved for younger bees, their brains stop aging and actually the aging process reverses. HOW DOES THAT WORK?!

-Bees can recognize human faces. They put faces together the same way that we humans do, through configular processing.

-The queen bee is the only bee that lays eggs and can produce up to 1,500 eggs a day!

-Bees have been on earth for over 30 million years! There honey was even found in the tombs of mummies in Egypt and was still good.

-Honey produced by bees comes in many different colors. The different colors are a result of the different nectar gathered from flowers.

-A bee has an oval-shaped brain and its brain is only the size of a sesame seed. This is amazing because bees have the ability learn, remember things, make distance and travel calculations, and be extremely efficient in foraging.

-Each honey bee colony has a different and special odor for members’ identification.

-Honeybees are very clean creatures. If something dirties their hive, they freak out and do whatever they can to immediately clean the hive.

-Bees are responsible for 80% of the pollination that occurs. Even though many people hate bees, we actually need them to have all of the wonderful fruits and vegetables we have!

So whether this information is new or not, now you know a few things about bees. They’re actually pretty amazing creatures!

Did You Know: Bees

Did You Know: Earth’s Oceans

The Earth is covered in about 71% percent water. Most of life on Earth depends on water for survival. People travel to our oceans to swim in them, surf their waves, and explore them, but how much do we really know about the depths below our surface? Here’s a few things you might not know about Earth’s oceans.

– Our deep seas hold more antiques and treasures than all of the museums combined in the world.

-The Mid-Oceanic Range is the longest mountain range in the world and exists underwater. It runs for 35,000 miles. It has peaks higher than those in the Alps.

-We know more about the moon’s surface and Mars’s surface than the depths of Earth’s oceans. 12 people have stepped foot on the moon and only three have stepped foot in the Mariana Trench, which is the deepest part of the ocean, about 7 miles down.

-94% of Earth’s life is aquatic.

-The Great Barrier Reef spans over 1,600 miles and is the greatest living structure on the family. It can even be seen from space!

-Half of United States territory lies below the ocean.

-The average depth of the ocean is 12,400 feet. Light can only penetrate 330 feet, so most of our planet is in constant darkness.

-The water of Earth’s oceans takes around a thousand years to travel all around the globe.

-At the ocean’s deepest point, the water pressure is the equivalent of having 50 jumbo jets on top of you.

-Tamu Massif, the world’s largest underwater volcano is as big as the state of New Mexico.

There’s some much to be discovered about Earth’s oceans and it’ll be exciting to see how technology improves in the years ahead and our ability to explore our oceans improve as well. Whether or not this information is new, now you know something new about Earth’s oceans.

Did You Know: Earth's Oceans

Congratulations to the New England Patriots for grabbing the Super Bowl! Have a great week!

Did You Know: Fruit

Fruit is one of my favorite food groups. I really enjoy how sweet and delicious the many different types can be. The variety of the amazing food group available always keeps me on my toes and allows me to never get sick of it. There’s a lot people don’t know about the well-known food group, so here’s a few things you might not know about fruit.

-A strawberry isn’t actually a fruit, but a banana is.

-Bananas are slightly radioactive. They are slightly radioactive because they contain potassium and potassium decays over time.

-Cucumbers AND tomatoes are fruits. Legally in the US, the tomato is dubbed a vegetable, but botanically it’s a fruit. WHAT?!

-Grapefruit can cause dangerous reactions inside the body with certain prescription medications. Yikes!

-Cranberries bounce.

-One pomegranate can hold more than 1,000 seeds! That’s a lot to eat!

-Despite the Ocean Spray commercials, cranberries do not grow underwater. Cranberries actually grow on trailing vines, similar to strawberries.

-The skin of fruit contains many valuable nutrients and vitamins good for the body, so sometimes it’s not a bad idea to leave the skin on!

I hope you didn’t go bananas after this post. Fruit is a great, healthy snack if you’re ever looking for something to munch on. There’s also some pretty weird fruits out there and those are always fun to try, so explore your options and go eat some peaches or apples!

Did You Know: Fruit

Did You Know: The Presidential Inauguration

With the second term of President Obama wrapping up here pretty soon and the inauguration of a new president, I thought it would be interesting to find some information out about the big event. On top of that, I found out recently that I will be going to see the 45th president sworn into office. Here are some things you might not know about the presidential inauguration.

-George Washington had the shortest inaugural speech at 135 words.

-All but six presidents were sworn into office in Washington D.C. George Washington, John Adams, Chester Alan Arthur, Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, and Lyndon B. Johnson were the six.

-The oath that the next president takes is taken with a hand upon the Bible and is opened to the passage of the president’s choice.

-The outgoing president leaves the Capitol immediately after the inaugural ceremony.

-For each inauguration, the platform the POTUS and about 1,600 other people stand on is built from scratch.

-The vice president and president are usually sworn into office by the Chief Justice.

-President Obama was the first African-American and Hawaiian-born citizen to be sworn into office.

did you know: the presidential inauguration

So whether or not this information is new, now you know a few facts about the presidential inauguration. Have a wonderful week!

Did You Know: Tennis

Tennis is an increasingly popular sport and just so happens to be one of my favorite sports. If you’re a person that plays or is wanting to learn some facts about the sport, here’s a few things you might not know about tennis.

-The longest match ever recorded was played between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut at Wimbledon in 2010. It lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes. John Isner won the match and occurred over three days.

-Wimbledon is the only major tournament played on grass. The Australian Open and U.S. Open are played on hard courts and the French Open is played on clay.

-The modern game originated from Birmingham, England in the late 1800s as “lawn tennis”.

-Prior to the use of rackets, people used to play using the palms of their hands.

-Tennis balls were originally white but then yellow balls were introduced at Wimbledon in 1986 so the players could see the ball on the court better.

-The  courts were originally hourglass shaped. The rectangular courts came into being in 1875 for the Wimbledon tournament. A standard tennis court measures 27 feet wide and 78 feet long. For double matches, the width of the courts is 36 feet. The net is 3 feet 6 inches high, and it divides the court in half.

-A tennis ball weighs 2 ounces or 56.59 grams.

-The Williams sisters, Serena and Venus became the first set of sisters to ever win gold medals in the Olympics. This happened at the Sydney games in 2000.

-After Roger Federer, a phenomenal men’s player, won his first grand slam, Swiss tennis officials gifted him a cow. He was the first man from Switzerland to ever do something like that.

Tennis is a wonderful sport that a person can play throughout their life. If you are a person looking for something fun to try, I would suggest giving this awesome sport a shot. It can be a lot of work but tennis is a great source of exercise. It really gets you moving and it’s also a great sport that’s fairly easy to learn and a great sport to explore with friends. And if you’re not into playing the sport, maybe try watching one of the major tournaments. Wimbledon is coming up so that might be something worth watching. So whether or not this information is new, now you know a few things about tennis. Have a great week and stay cool!


Did You Know: Disneyland

Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. Millions of people visit the park in Anaheim, California annually and it’s known for being a place that allows people to have fun and make good memories. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about Disneyland.

-Disneyland doesn’t sell chewing gum or shelled peanuts purposefully. They want to keep the grounds clear of litter.

-The Matterhorn mountain is an 1/100th scale of the actual Matterhorn in Switzerland exactly.

-There are 68 horses on King Arthur’s Carousel and each of them is unique with their own name.

-Disneyland cast members never point with one finger. They will either gesture with an open palm or two fingers. This is because in some cultures it is considered rude to point with one finger.

-The water in most rides is tinted green or black to hide the tracks and filtration systems. The water is also really shallow.

-There are no 90 degree turns at Disneyland. Walt didn’t want the park to have a cold, amusement park vibe to it.

-Trash cans are strategically placed throughout the park. Guests are no more than 30 steps from any trash can.

-If you see a cast member with a blue name tag instead of a white name tag, that means that they are a recipient of the Legacy Award which is a special award given to cast members who are recognized for their exemplary service.

-Over 200 feral cats call Disneyland their home. They’re allowed to stay their because they keep the rodents under control.

-Whenever a body of water is drained and cleaned, the coins thrown into the water are collected and donated to charity.

So whether or not this information is new, now you know a few things about Disneyland.


Did You Know: Colorado

I was born and raised in the state of Colorado, and in my opinion, it’s the greatest state in the USA. There’s so much history, culture, beautiful sights to see, and great people in the state of Colorado. Here are some facts on my wonderful home state.

  • Colorado means “colored red” which comes from Spanish.
  • This state is also known as the “Centennial State”. It’s called the Centennial State because Colorado became a state during the hundred-year anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, 1876. It became the 38th state in the United States.
  • Colorado is home to 222 state wildlife areas.
  • This state is the proud home of the Denver Broncos. United in Orange!
  • The southwest corner of this state borders with Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. This is known as the Four Corners and is the only place in the United States where this occurs.
  • The U.S. federal government owns 1/3 of the land in the Centennial State.
  • The state motto is “Nil sine Numine” which means Nothing Without Providence.
  • Famous actor Tim Allen was born in Denver.
  • People from this colorful state are called Coloradans and also Coloradoans.
  • The state flower is the Rocky Mountain Columbine, the state animal is the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, the state fish is the Greenback Cutthroat Trout, the state bird is a lark bunting, the state tree is a Colorado Blue Spruce, and the state insect is the Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly.

So whether or not this information is new, now you know a few things about the colorful state of Colorado. If you haven’t been to Colorado, I highly recommend it. The snow is great for skiing and snowboarding, hiking is spectacular in the Rocky Mountains, and there are tons of fun and exciting places to visit like Mesa Verde, the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, the world’s deepest hot springs down in Pagosa Springs, Garden of the Gods, and so many more. I hope you come check out the colorful, wonderful state of Colorado.


Did You Know: Pica

Mental illnesses/disorders are very interesting and can be scary. There are many mental illnesses out there and some are treatable while others are not. Some of them can be classified as anxiety disorders or coping strategies and one of the illnesses that can be classified as both is pica. Here are some facts about pica disorder:

-The name of this illness comes from the Latin word for “magpie”. Magpies are known for their ability to eat almost everything.

-Pica is defined as the consumption of non-food substances. Some of these items may include buttons, hair, glue, screws, dirt, paint, and feces. This behavior has to continue for a month for it to be classified as pica.

-Pica is categorized as an eating disorder, anxiety disorder, and coping strategy for stress or other mental illnesses. People who eat non-food items on a regular basis usually eat them to satisfy their craving for a particular texture or taste. Eating non-food substances gives those who eat them comfort and relief.

-This illness is caused by nutritional deficiencies, dieting, malnourishment, parental neglect, developmental/mental health issues, and pregnancy.

-This illness is most common in children, pregnant women, and people with schizophrenia and OCD. Most children and pregnant women get over their cravings within months on their own.

-Pica is treatable as long as it is caught early and the proper treatment is found. Sufferers of pica are commonly relieved of their symptoms after 1-2 months of treatment.

-Several forms of treatment for this mental and anxiety disorder are multivitamin supplements, medication, and aversion therapy which is praise for eating real food and consequences for eating non-food substances.

-The most famous case of pica was occurred in 1929. After a patient in the psychiatric ward of a hospital died, doctors found a total of 1,446 non-food items in his stomach. There were 453 nails, 148 seeds, 115 hair pins, 85 small stones, 63 buttons, and 42 small stones.

While pica is fairly uncommon, it is on the rise and there has been a 93% jump in hospitalization for sufferers of pica. If someone you know is suffering from pica, please assist them in getting help. This is a serious eating disorder if not treated and can cause serious damage to the body. In Colorado, the United States, and all over the world, there are many pediatricians, psychologists, and other doctors willing to help and treat pica.

This information is not meant to scare or worry anyone. It is here to inform you all about a mental/anxiety disorder that is serious and on the rise. So whether or not this information is new, now you know a few things about pica.

Did You Know: Pica

Did You Know: Pica

Did You Know: Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are very cute and playful creatures. They’re little, fun to be around, and becoming popular As pets. Here are a few things you might not know about hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs rely on hearing and smell because they have very poor eyesight.

Unlike porcupine quills, hedgehog spikes are not barbed, and they aren’t poisonous.

Hedgehogs can hibernate but most of them don’t. The African Pygmy hedgehog is well-known to hibernate.

When in water, a hedgehog can float on its back. If you own a hedgehog and it cannot do this yet, do not force your hedgehog to try and float on its back! You might hurt it!

Hedgehogs got their names from the habitat they most prefer- garden hedges- and the noises they like to make.

When these creatures are exposed to any types of pungent smells or tastes, they self- anoint their quills. Self anointing is where they rub frothy saliva on their quills to remember the taste or smell.

Hedgehog babies are called hoglets.

According to many people, bathing a hedgehog is on of the cutest things seen by man.

These little prickly bundles are lactose intolerant, so dairy is off-limits!

Hedgehogs make great pets although they require a lot of space to move around.

So whether or not this stuff is new, now you know a few things about hedgehogs! Have a wonderful week!

Did You Know: Hedgehogs

Did You Know: Dreams

Dreams are some of the most weird and interesting things we deal with while we are sleeping. They can be funny, sad, enjoyable, scary, relaxing, boring, short, long, and so on. There isn’t a whole lot of information on dreams but studies completed on sleep and dreams have been very interesting and are helping doctors, scientists, and all people in that realm learn more on dreams and sleep. Here are a few facts about dreams.

-Most if not all dreaming occurs in the REM sleep phase of the sleep cycle. REM is short for Rapid Eye Movement.

– You have 4-7 dreams a night, even if you don’t remember them. Dreams can be extremely short or last up to two hours.

– When dreaming, you only see faces you’ve seen before in real life.

– Most dreams tend to be negative. People do have positive dreams but a majority of them tend to be negative in some way. The most common forms of negative emotion felt when dreaming are sadness, anger, and fear.

– When men dream, 70% of the other people in the dream are male. When women dream, they see an equal amount of women and men.

– Dreams help us get our creativity. There are some people who suffer a rare REM sleep disorder and cannot dream at all. 🙁 Those people have significantly decreased creativity and perform poorly with creative problem-solving.

– When dreaming, you can’t read or tell time.

– There is a way of controlling your dreams. This is called lucid dreaming. You are in a subconscious state and you can control whatever is going on in your dream.

– Many inventions were thought up of or finished in dreams. Several of these include, Google, the alternating current generator, and the sewing machine.

– And let’s not forget about the animals! Dogs and cats and many other different animals dream too! Just watch your cat or dog while they are sleeping. Their paws twitch and they move their legs and even bark. Go catch that squirrel!

So whether or not this stuff is new, now you know a few things about dreams! Have a good night’s rest and sweet dreams.

Did You Know: Dreams