It’s Been a Bit

It's Been a Bit. This picture is from my white coat ceremony!

Helloooooo! It’s good to be back! I apologize for the long hiatus, but my first semester of dental school had me pretty preoccupied. So yes, it has been a bit! So let’s catch up then shall we?!

Let’s talk about my first semester of dental school! 19.5 credits flew by and things went well! Could there be improvement? Absolutely. And I plan to do even better this upcoming semester. But, I enjoyed it! I did very well in my wax lab and enjoyed getting to further develop my fine-motor skills. I took quite a few very basic level science classes again which were fine, but I am very excited to move away from talking about the mitochondria (which is the powerhouse of the cell by the way). My anatomy class was by far my favorite class this semester though. I’ve always enjoyed anatomy and it was good to review and dig deeper!

Outside of school, life has been pretty good. A while ago, I may have discussed that I was dealing with SIBO, and that is now cleared up for good (we hope!!). I am continuing to navigate this gluten-free, dairy-free life, and I’m enjoying that quite a bit actually! I’m feeling good and eating good food for sure. We actually started making gluten-free, dairy-free pizzas at home because I was really missing pizza more recently and I think it was a huge success. If anyone is wanting recipes, let me know!

While I’m on break from school, I PROMISE to be more active here again. Yes, it has been a bit, but I plan to be gone less in the months to come. I have some pretty fun things planned for the blog this upcoming year and I hope to continue providing you with good things to read if you’re all up for it. Next on my agenda is to relax and rest up, enjoy Christmas, and ring in 2023!

I’ll see you all next weekend. Much love! ❤️

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