My Personal Statement: How I Got into Dental School

Sorry for the not so exciting post this week. I have two big exams Monday and Tuesday. With these two monsters coming up, I haven’t had time to put together anything super special for this week so here’s the personal statement I wrote for my dental school applications! Enjoy!

My art journey began when I was very young. On my first day of kindergarten I was so proud of myself as I colored precisely within the lines of each illustration on my paper. In second grade, I rushed into my first art show, holding my mom’s hand so that I could keep up with her quick pace as we tried not to be late. I had drawn the faces of two children, one a fiery, angry, little boy and the other a sad, blue, little girl. Before I knew it, I was a sixth grader at my school district’s art show. My drawing of a vibrant playground with children of all backgrounds happily playing together had won second place. I knew that art was a personal passion and I was driven to be as skilled as possible. Throughout middle school and high school I continued to explore my artistic abilities and most recently finished the piece I am most proud of. This piece shows my own two hands set against my piano. When I look at this piece, it makes me proud. It brings me joy because I know it did the same for many others who viewed it at the local art show. 

In retrospect, I realized that art parallels dentistry and these parallels have enticed me to pursue art as a hobby and dentistry as a career. Both art and dentistry have been a part of my entire life. My mom received her doctorate of dental surgery from Tver State Medical Academy and currently works in the profession in Colorado. I have always been inspired by her work and the dental field as a whole. I learned so much regarding the inner workings of a dental office and the language of the dental field from spending time with my mom at the office growing up. On a more general note, both dentistry and art require precision and attention to detail. There is steadiness and a requirement of well-developed fine motor skills too. Art and dentistry also have ways of evoking a variety of emotions but based on my experiences, both bring out positive emotions the most. 

This is why I want to pursue a dental career. I am passionate about bringing out the positivity in others. If they are in pain, I want to share my knowledge and expertise to make their lives more comfortable. Similarly, if a person is lacking confidence in the way their teeth look, I want to help them regain confidence and certainty in themselves and their oral health. I have seen how art can impact people in a positive way and bring about feelings of joy and comfort and I have seen the same positive impacts in dentistry. One situation that left an impression was a nervous patient who was stressed and scared about having two fillings done. When appropriate, I talked with him to comfort him and make him feel confident throughout the entire procedure. He talked about his love for cooking and we talked a lot about food, soccer, and his heritage. He became more comfortable the longer we interacted. It felt wonderful to be able to help someone in what they considered a scary or stressful situation. In that moment, it was so special to see how a dentist can connect with a patient too. I was shadowing at the same office on a different day and that same patient came in and brought the dentist, dental assistant, and me each a jar of homemade pico de gallo. Dentistry is a branch of healthcare that provides such special, personal opportunities like this to interact with others. I would be honored to have the ability to serve as a resource and support system in any way that is needed. From my time as an artist, I have developed the patience, fine motor skills, and eye for detail that will help me be successful in the dental field. Like my art, dentistry will be something I can be proud of and will be a life-long learner in. I desire to feel pride in the work that I do, not only by the aesthetic appearance of my future patients’ teeth and gums, but also in the way that I see immediate and long-term health changes in my patients. The most important thing I have learned as an artist is that art connects people. Dentistry does the same. I am eager to share my skills with my colleagues and patients and also develop meaningful relationships that last for years to come.

And that’s what I wrote to help get me into dental school! With a personal statement you want to tell your story. You don’t just want to answer a question. You want to share your experiences and your personality! Really put the PERSONAL in personal statement. If you have any questions about dental school applications or the personal statement, feel free to reach out! I’d be happy to help and share more with ya! Have a great week and I’ll see you all next weekend! ❤️

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