I Survived Dental School Orientation

dental school orientation

Well I hope you all had a wonderful week! We are officially done with my first week of dental school! Well, dental school orientation, I guess. Does this actually count as my first week of dental school or is that next week? Anyway, looking back on this week, it brought up many emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

Some words to describe my emotional state this past week: happy, excited, nervous, scared, overwhelmed, tired, interested, motivated. I felt a lot of things this past week. Regardless of whether the things I felt were positive or negative, what I choose to do with those feelings is what matters most. Going into my first official week of dental school TOMORROW, I’m just going to take things day by day and make the best out of every situation. Things will be tough, but I’m tough too, so I know I can do it! I hope you all feel the same way about doing hard or challenging things in your lives. ❤️

This week started with a business professional day and a lot of lectures regarding all sorts of policies and general business on campus. We had an adventure day in Idaho Springs. We listened to more presentations regarding what to expect with our first semester in lecture and lab. We got all of our technology set up, iPads and MacBooks. We walked around campus a bit to find our classes and just see what was around. It was a really busy week!

Getting up at 5 am every day was not easy that’s for sure, but if that’s the new schedule for me, I’ll adjust real quick. This is all just a big adjustment period and I really appreciate that my university gave us this week to begin adjusting into our new normal.

Regarding my classmates, I think I have a very energetic and bright group to be working with for the next four years! I’m excited to get to know them all and go on this wild ride with them.

Well, with tomorrow being my first day of school, I’m going to head to bed soon now! I still can’t believe that I’m now already past dental school orientation and it’s on to the real deal now! See you next week with a week of dental school under my belt! Have a wonderful one. ❤️

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