First Week of Dental School!!

First week of dental school classes? ✅ What a week it has been, wow!! Lots of good things, for the most part!

My very first day of dental school started with class from 1-4 pm, and that was it! It was a nice slow way to start things off. My first classes were a part of what my school calls the body system series and that includes three classes: physiology, microanatomy, and clinical correlations (which ties clinical work into all the basic sciences, from my understanding at least!). It was just an hour of each class on Monday. Honestly, it was a great way to start off my dental school career. Nice and easy!

Tuesday was a tech lab orientation day where I got to wear my special navy-blue scrubs for the very first time. Very fun, very fun. I saw where I’ll be waxing up teeth this semester and got my bench all set up which I enjoyed doing. My second class on Tuesday was Intro to Community Public Health. I’m pretty excited for that class because I think it will provide some outreach opportunities and a lot of good information regarding working with the community.

On Wednesday, I had my seminar class called Intro to Dentistry. The professor for that class was one of the two that interviewed me prior to my acceptance, which I think is pretty cool. One thing I’m looking forward to is getting to work with professors throughout my time in school. I’ll have the same professors for many different courses and I look forward to the relationships I’ll build.

Thursday brought my first dental anatomy lecture and more microanatomy and then before I knew it, it was Friday and I was done! Friday, I had another microanatomy lecture and a loupes vendor fair. For those of you that aren’t familiar with what loupes are, they are the eyewear that dentists and hygienists will wear to better see what they’re working on. In a way, they’re like little magnifying glasses you get to wear. I haven’t ordered a pair yet, but I have a pretty good idea of what I’m going for. I feel very fortunate that my mom is in the dental field, so I have the chance to use a pair of her old loupes. I do also plan to get my own pair though, so I look forward to that little journey and shopping experience!

First week down and many more to go! I’m all organized and ready to go! I hope you all have a great week and I’ll see you next weekend. Stay happy and stay healthy!! ❤️

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