A Weekend in Colorado Springs

So remember that Colorado Springs trip I said was coming up? I’m just wrapping it up right now! The Springs is such a fun town in my opinion and if you’re ever looking for a true Colorado gem, please visit!!

My sister, dad, and I drove down on Friday morning, meeting my aunt and uncle for lunch at The Golden Bee. The Golden Bee is probably one of my favorite restaurants of all time. It’s a gastropub restaurant located near the Broadmoor (which is one of my favorite areas in Colorado Springs) and it has a bee theme to it, in a way. We usually sit inside on the first floor but this time around, I got to sit up top outside. It was incredibly pleasant up there and it rained (we were under a nice large cover though, so we were all good there) which I enjoyed. This time around, I ordered their shepherd’s pie which is gluten-free, by the way, and just asked that no cheese be put on it. It was very tasty. ๐Ÿ˜Š Good service, good food, and good company!

Colorado Springs

We then had planned to do Seven Falls because we haven’t done it yet but the weather wasn’t all that good so that didn’t happen. Instead, we checked in at our hotel, visited the National ProRodeo Museum/Hall of Fame, grabbed dinner, and then visited Helen Hunt Falls at North Cheyenne Caรฑon Park. The ProRodeo Museum was a cool little spot and it was interesting to learn a bit about a world I know very little about. Helen Hunt Falls was a lovely little spot in a pretty area of the mountains. The falls were small and there wasn’t a lot of water, but it was good to be outside and get a little hike in.

Colorado Springs Helen Hunt Falls

Saturday was Cheyenne Mountain Zoo day. I looooove the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. There’s a lot of walking at the zoo and it can be a pretty long day, but it’s so fun. We got there right at opening (9 am) were there til about 1 pm. I highly highly recommend ordering your tickets in advance because I actually think that’s the only way you can get into the zoo there now. So to save yourself any trouble, just get online and get those tickets. At the zoo, some of my favorites were the giraffes (DUH), elephants, mountain lions, and the wallabies. If you’re looking for some animal interaction, you can feed the giraffes ($3 for one thing of lettuce, and $5 for two things of lettuce), and I know that the zoo does a bunch of other different animal encounter things! The giraffes are my favorite though. They’re such interesting, cute animals!! We also rode the carousel and did the Sky Train (I think that’s what it’s called), which is basically just a ski lift up and around and then back down. You get a pretty good view of the zoo and Colorado Springs while you’re up there!

After the zoo, we visited the Will Rogers’ Shrine to the Sun which you can only get access to by having Cheyenne Mountain Zoo tickets. Again, there were some pretty great views from up there! The shrine itself was a beautiful building too. If you’re planning to see the shrine, make sure you check out Cheyenne Mountain Zoo first, and then also know that the last cars can go up at 3 pm MST. You can stay up there as long as you’d like, but they just don’t send cars up after 3.

So after our zoo and shrine adventures, we visited Panino’s for lunch where I got a delicious chicken and pesto panino and an Arnold Palmer. There are gluten and dairy-free options here and the food was good again! Our service was really good here too, so I highly recommend this spot in the Springs as well. ๐Ÿ˜Š Later that evening, we stopped at a fun, different spot for ice cream called Frozen Gold and I really enjoyed it!! They have a couple of really good looking non-dairy options, and I really enjoyed their Nutty Redhead coconut milk ice cream!

And today, we spent a wonderful half-day exploring Pikes Peak! We took a cog train up and down Pikes Peak and spent some time up top. More great views here for sure! And if you’re looking to see Pikes Peak’s summit, there’s also some great high altitude donuts at the visitor center. While I didn’t try them, my sister and dad thought the cinnamon sugar donuts were excellent, so I’ll take their word for it! A tip with the donuts- if you’re visiting the visitor center when coming off the cog train, don’t hop in line for donuts right away. The line will be pretty long and you don’t want to spend all your time in line! So take some time to look around, see the sights, and then when you have about ten minutes left of your forty minutes at the top of Pikes Peak, go get some donuts! My sister found that there was no line when we did it that way.

Colorado Springs Pikes Peak

Our Pikes Peak trip was followed by a late lunch at Black Bear Diner. There are two locations in Colorado Springs, that I’m aware of at least, and from what I’ve seen, both have pretty decent reviews! We visited the location closer to Garden of the Gods. The food here was pretty good. I ordered orange juice (which they hand-squeeze and make!) and their Shasta veggie scramble. I just wish that our service was a bit better and that my request for no cheese was actually honored. It’s not that hard to scrap off melted shredded cheese though so that’s not too big of a deal. Overall though, I would recommend a visit to Black Bear Diner. They have great orange juice and the atmosphere of the place is so cute!

The rest of our day yesterday was pretty low-key. We did visit the World War II Aviation Museum which was fun to see though. While I know absolutely nothing about planes, let alone aircrafts from WWII, this was a very educational museum. It was really cool to see the restoration processes with each of the airplanes too. Most, if not all, of the planes were recovered and put into working and flying condition! After our trip to the museum, we had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and stopped for ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Baskin Robins has a really tasty non-dairy mint chocolate chip ice cream, by the way, if non-dairy ice cream is something you’re looking for.

And that has been the trip! Sometimes I think it’s pretty fun to be a tourist in your own state. I love Colorado and it’s little trips like this that make me even more grateful to call this wonderful state my home. Colorado Springs is a lot of fun and I think that it’s a great spot to visit if you’re looking to come to Colorado.

Colorado Springs

Unfortunately, I’m still having issues posting pictures to my posts, but if you wanna check out a couple of pictures from this weekend, feel free to check out my Instagram anahorvathh. Hopefully I can get the picture issue fixed soon… I miss sharing photos here!! Well, I hope you have a wonderful week and I’ll see you all next weekend! โค๏ธ

Update as of 8/14/22: Pictures are now posted! The issue with me posting them has been resolved. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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