About My Time at Epcot


Hello, hello! I hope you are all doing well! Thanks for coming back. 😉 Let’s talk about Epcot, one of the four parks at Disney World! While I was in Orlando, we spent two days at Epcot, May 19th and 20th! We picked the perfect time to be in Epcot too! The Flower and Garden Festival was going on, and it was still the low season for the park (at least that’s what I saw and then also what we experienced!)

Our first day of Epcot was spent in Mexico, Norway, China, Japan, Morocco, Germany, Italy, and also France. We arrived at Epcot just before the park opened and were able to rush in just as the rope dropped. Immediately, we were off to the rides in World Showcase, starting with the Gran Fiesta starring the Three Caballeros. I’ve always really loved Donald Duck and so it was fun to see him there. Following that, we enjoyed the Frozen ride in Norway and then after that we rushed over to France to check out Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is relatively new to Epcot so we were worried the line was going to be super long, but when I checked the Disney World app, the wait was about 30 minutes! We booked it. By the time we arrived at the line, however, the wait had gone up to an hour, but I think we only ended up waiting about 40 minutes in the end. This ride would definitely have to be one of my favorites. We sat in the cutest little rat cars and it was as if we were the rats ourselves, sneaking around a restaurant in France. So so so much fun. There was one point on the ride where Disney even managed to make it smell like food was cooking. It was incredible!! After our ride with Remy, we stayed in France to get a small bite to eat. We had a reservation at a restaurant in Italy later that day so we didn’t want to eat lunch, but we did want something to hold us over for a bit. So, we stopped at the wonderful little French bakery, Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie. While I wasn’t able to stick to my gluten-free diet there, the quiche and strawberry tart that I split with my sister were wonderful.

We walked around World Showcase, sticking close to Italy, until around 3:15 pm and then we went into Tutto Italia Ristorante, the place we had our reservation at. The restaurant was very nice, there was good service, and the food was very tasty too! I had the steak with rosemary fingerling potatoes and green beans. While I enjoyed my entire meal, I would have to say the green beans were my favorite part. The food was pricey, but we were expecting that and purposefully booked a reservation there for a nice meal. We were too full for dessert otherwise I would let you know how their dessert menu was. In another time, in another time! The most special part of our first day at Epcot came after our meal. We were just walking around and my sister pointed out Stitch, and Chip, and Dale, and Meeko, and DONALD DUCK. So of course, I got a picture with him. It was pretty great. And that was a perfect ending to a perfect first day at Epcot!


Day 2 at Epcot started with a very relaxing boat ride on Living With the Land. Following that, we did the Finding Nemo ride and had a chance to see the wonderful aquarium that Epcot has! There were dolphins and manatees and so many colorful fish and other creatures. All the animals looked and seemed pretty happy too so that made me happy. Our next ride was Figment’s Journey Through Imagination (or something like that). I didn’t know who Figment was prior to this ride, but I came to love that cute, mischievous, purple dragon. After hanging out with Figment, we headed back to World Showcase and visited the countries we had missed the day before. We visited Canada and the United Kingdom! And with that, we had pretty much finished everything we wanted to get through at Epcot. On our way out, my aunt and uncle stopped for one more Dole whip and my sister and I tried out a wonderful desert violet lemonade that is exclusive to Disney World’s 50th anniversary. I highly recommend it if you’re going to be at Epcot any time soon!!

Dinner that night was near our resort at Ford’s Garage. The food was pretty tasty and they’ve got a lot of good looking burgers on their menu. If you’re big on cars too, this is the spot for you!

The next day, we sent my sister home and then the following day, my aunt, uncle, and I headed home. If either my aunt or uncle is reading this, thank you so so much for such a wonderful and special trip. We truly had a blast and I just can’t thank you enough. ❤️

Epcot was so much fun and Disney World, in general, was just so great. There are things I’d love to go back and do again and I look forward to my next trip to Florida, whenever that may be. I hope you all have a great week and I’ll see you next weekend!

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