Birthday Celebrations: Feeling 22

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22! This past Wednesday was my 22nd birthday! Birthday celebrations can be so much fun and I will definitely be the one to say that these celebrations were not limited to October 20th. 🥳

Last weekend, I celebrated a bit early with my family. Beside releasing the baby squirrels, I also worked out, played tennis, and got to do some birthday shopping with the help of my mom and sister. We also went to one of my favorite restaurants for a pre-birthday dinner. My dad and I both got the knife-and-fork chili cheese burger at Ted’s Montana Grill and that will forever be one of my favorites, so I wanted to throw that out to everyone if you’re looking at the menu there!

On Tuesday night this past week, one of my friends surprised me with roses while I was at work which I thought was the sweetest thing ever. If you ask me, it’s the little things that are super special. And then on Wednesday, my actual birthday, I had 22 by Taylor Swift stuck in my head all day- no joke. It was a really good day though! I started my day with a good workout and then went to dinner with two of my friends and sister. Torchy’s Tacos has been a tradition up to this point, so I definitely kept that tradition going. The trashy trailer park taco is the best there in my opinion. Let me know if I’m missing out on something else though!!

birthday celebrations

And then this weekend, the birthday celebrations still did not end. Something I’m starting to realize is that birthdays are not limited to the day they occur on. Birthday celebrations can last a week and I have no problem with that! Before going out to dinner, I went and got my nails done at this place called Nailbar in Fort Collins. I like getting my nails done but sometimes I find it a bit stressful, especially when the place is really busy and kind of hectic. They were definitely also pushing me to get dip done instead of just gel and I don’t appreciate being pressured like that. My manicure looks fine though and it was fun overall.

After that, my friend group went out with me last night for dinner at the Union Bar and Soda Fountain and then we went to Social after. The spicy chicken tenders at Union were SO GOOD and their fries were also pretty yummy. Shoestring fries hit different than steak fries for sure. After dinner, we went to a speakeasy called Social and it was a very cute!! I do not drink and while this place was definitely a bar, it was a very sophisticated and fun sit-down place. They also had a really good non-alcoholic beverage menu and I really liked the Neutral Karma drink they had.

If I take anything away from this past week of birthday celebrations, it’s that I have such an amazing group of people that surround me and I am so incredibly grateful to them for everything. ❤️ My friends and my family make me feel so special and I love each and every person so so much. Here’s to being 22!

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