It’s Every Day, Bro

every day bro
Grammarly, you couldn’t have said it any better!

Just to be clear Jake Paul, it’s not everyday bro. It’s every day, bro. Get it right… So I’m a big grammar geek for those of you that didn’t know or haven’t guessed by now based on how many of these blogs are written. One of the things that’s really been on my nerves lately is the incorrect usage of the word everyday. Let’s have a little grammar lesson this Sunday!

The word everyday is an ADJECTIVE and it means:

encountered or used routinely or typically: ORDINARY


Pay attention to the difference here people! It’s a big one! Here’s how every day, an adverbial phrase, is defined:

the adjective every and the noun day

When using every day, you’re saying that something gets done on a daily basis. For example: I sleep every day. Every day, I do physics homework.

When using, everyday, you’re describing something that is typical, ordinary, or a part of your daily routine. DESCRIBING WORDS ARE ADJECTIVES. DO NOT FORGET THIS. So if you were to use everyday in a sentence, you might say: A t-shirt and jeans with sneakers is considered an everyday outfit. My everyday routine for school mornings include getting dressed, brushing my teeth, washing my face, and eating breakfast.

I really hope you are all seeing the difference if you didn’t see it already. And there’s my little grammar lesson for the week. I hope you all learned something and can fix this grammar mistake that has become so prevalent in society. I see incorrect usage of the word everyday in writing, on social media, in songs (cough cough, one of Jake Paul’s ridiculous songs about himself), and all over the news too which is very disappointing. If we could all learn the proper usage of the words every day and everyday, I’ll be a very happy girl and I think a lot of other grammar geeks out there can finally sleep a little better at night too. See you all next Sunday!

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